Not all cats are suitable to all environments. Choosing the right cat breed for your region is very important especially for the wellbeing of the kitty.

If your childhood revolved around reading classics like Puss in the Boots or watching Garfield and friends, taming a cat can be an automatic response. These feline friends can be the most silent but best companions, irrespective of age. However, if you are wondering taming a cat needs less effort, you might be ridiculously wrong. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Cats of Pennsylvania
5 Popular Cat Breeds That You Are Likely to See in Pennsylvania 9

There are several conditions to remember while selecting the best cat breed. For instance, you must choose a breed that can survive in the temperature conditions of the place where you live, etc. Hence, cat breeds popular in Pennsylvania might differ from that in Arizona. So, what are the most popular breeds you can consider in Pennsylvania? Find it out.

1 – Domestic Shorthair

Pennsylvania Domestic Shorthair
5 Popular Cat Breeds That You Are Likely to See in Pennsylvania 10

The domestic shorthair breed is quite popular amongst most people residing in Pennsylvania. You would come across several of these playing around in the backyard of many houses in the country.

Domestic short hair has a mysterious history of evolution. While the origin and genetics of this breed is yet to be traced, they are one of the oldest breeds dating back to the Egyptian Civilization. Domestic shorthairs were famous for hunting rodents and tiny pests during this era.

However, the Domestic shorthair has been highly domesticated in recent times, which led to an evolution of their ferocious nature. If you are expecting to adopt one of these, you can expect a round, thin-furred gorgeous four-pawed creature brushing it against you.

2 – American Shorthair

Pennsylvania American Shorthair
5 Popular Cat Breeds That You Are Likely to See in Pennsylvania 11

If you are looking for a lovey-dovey cat, that will roll itself up with you in a blanket, the American shorthair can be the best. They top the list of cat breeds in Pennsylvania owing to their royal look with an almond-tinged eye that adds to their elegance.

Fierce as they look, these cats were popular amongst European pilgrims or migrants to North America and were mainly used for killing pests and rodents. No wonder their ferociousness still reflects on their looks.

Unlike most cats, which are independent, the American Shorthair is particularly fond of human attention and very social. Thus, you can take your feline friend to meet your other friends, and they would absolutely enjoy each other’s company.

3 – Maine Coon

Pennsylvania Maine Coon
5 Popular Cat Breeds That You Are Likely to See in Pennsylvania 12

People fond of ferocious and large cats instead of timid ones prefer a Maine coon at home. History claims the breed is native to North America and has been spotted since colonial times. However, with several other breeds becoming popular in America, the Maine coon lost its significance, and animal activists declared them extinct by the 1950s. Evidently, they weren’t and soon marked a grand entry into the most popular cat breeds in present-day America, influencing most cat lovers to adopt them.

The Maine coon is a gorgeous breed with a thick furry coat, large paws, and a robust physique. Quite similar to many breeds, they are midway between being social and reserved. While these cats can be pretty friendly with your family members, they might distance themselves from social gatherings or new people. Hence, it is quite difficult to spot a Maine coon in public places or parks, playing around with the kids or their owners.

4 – Siamese

Pennsylvania Siamese
5 Popular Cat Breeds That You Are Likely to See in Pennsylvania 13

Heard of classic stories of Siamese cats exchanged as gifts during weddings? Well, they derived their name from the native name of Thailand and walked into Europe around the 1800s.

These cats have distinct sharp features with perfectly triangular ears. Their light blue toned eye color with their cream-colored soft and thin fur all add to their beauty. However, Siamese cats are distinctly different from most of the breeds mentioned above. They have a sleeker physique and always prefer human company. Thus, it’s never a rare sight to spot a Siamese cat in parks, backyards, or on the streets of Pennsylvania.

5 – Russian Blue

Pennsylvania Russian Blue
5 Popular Cat Breeds That You Are Likely to See in Pennsylvania 14

Short, stout, thick-coated; that’s the Russian Blue for you. Their highly distinct yellowish eye color with a doubly striped coat is a rare find in other cat breeds. And if you look closely, you might find faint stripes or patterns on their furry coats.

Lazy as they are, these feline species seldom like socializing and prefer curling up on a rug in the corner of rooms. Thus, you might seldom find them elsewhere other than a friend who tamed one of them.

Taking Care of Your Feline Friend

If you are planning to adopt a cat instead of a dog because it requires less care and attention, you are just a step away from a shocking reality check.

The truth is cats, too, require enough attention, care, and medical help. Just like other pets, your cat too needs to visit the vet regularly, eat healthy cat food, and undergo regular checkups to maintain good health.

If you are avoiding regular health checkups because of their excessive costs, you can consider cat insurance in Pennsylvania. These insurance policies cover your cat’s medical expenses and help you avoid draining all your resources.


Pennsylvania Cats
5 Popular Cat Breeds That You Are Likely to See in Pennsylvania 15

Petting a cat can be a good option only when you can commit enough time. Additionally, make sure you adopt a cat that matches your temperament. Imagine taming a quiet and introverted cat and forcing it to socialize all day; it could turn the pet-human equation topsy-turvey.

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