Living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to your furry friend. There are cat breeds for apartments that do well in small spaces or are quiet.

From hairless breeds such as Sphynx for people who don’t like cat hairs to quiet cat breeds for apartments like Russian Blue! Although all cats are amazing, some people may need cat breeds with some specific traits. Here are 7 cat breeds for apartments:

Cat Breeds For Apartments
7 Best Cat Breeds For Apartments 10

1 – American Shorthair

Cat Breeds For Apartments American Shorthair
7 Best Cat Breeds For Apartments 11

American shorthair is perfectly suited to apartment life as long as it has its humans around to meet its social and physical needs. But this doesn’t really mean that you need to be at home all the time because American shorthairs are also perfectly capable of staying alone at home.

These are easy-going kitties that can get along well with even kids and other pets as long as they are socialized early. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your cat running around the house and starting fights with no apparent reason and wreaking havoc causing your neighbours coming at your door.

2 – Sphynx

Cat Breeds For Apartments Sphynx
7 Best Cat Breeds For Apartments 12

Sphynx cats are a great option for apartment living for a few reasons. Firstly, their small size means they won’t take up too much space in your home. Secondly, Sphynx cats are known for being very quiet creatures – perfect for apartment dwellers who don’t want to deal with noisy pets!

Finally, these cats are known for being very affectionate and loving, making them great companions. These lap loving kitties feel the need to stay close to their humans. In addition to all the apartment-friendly qualities of the Sphynx, it is also one of the hairless breeds, so you don’t have to worry about the hairs.

3 – Birman

Cat Breeds For Apartments Birman
7 Best Cat Breeds For Apartments 13

If you’re looking for a cat that will be content spending most of its time indoors, the Birman is a great choice. This beautiful breed is known for being gentle and loving. They are also perfect furry companions for small apartments because they love spending time with their humans anyway.

Birmans are also relatively quiet compared to other cat breeds, so you won’t have to worry about too much noise coming from your furry friend. This being said, Birmans love to play with other pets so they may run around a little and make some small noise.

4 – Russian Blue

Cat Breeds For Apartments Russian Blue
7 Best Cat Breeds For Apartments 14

When it comes to finding the best cat breeds for apartments, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. The Russian Blue is a perfect example of a great breed for an apartment dweller for a few reasons.

First and foremost, the Russian Blue is an incredibly quiet breed of cat. If you’re looking for a feline friend that won’t make too much noise, this is the breed for you. Additionally, the Russian Blue is known for being very loving and affectionate towards their humans.

Finally, the Russian Blue is also known for being one of the more low-maintenance cat breeds out there. They don’t require a lot of grooming and are content to lounge around the house all day. If you’re looking for a laid-back feline friend, the Russian Blue is definitely worth considering.

5 – British Shorthair

Cat Breeds For Apartments British Shorthair
7 Best Cat Breeds For Apartments 15

The British Shorthair is one of the most popular cat breeds in Britain that is known for its short, dense coat. This coat helps to protect the British Shorthair from the cold weather. The British Shorthair is also a very calm and relaxed cat, which makes it a great choice for apartment living.

This is also a very adaptable kitty that can really do well in apartments. British Shorthairs also prefer laying on a sofa rather than running all around the house which is another reason why they are in this list of best cat breeds for apartments.

6 – Persian Cat

Cat Breeds For Apartments Persian
7 Best Cat Breeds For Apartments 16

Persian cats are one of the best breeds for apartment living. They are calm, quiet, and loving creatures that enjoy being around people. They are also very clean and do not require a lot of grooming. They don’t climb to high places or jump around so a peaceful apartment is possible with a Persian cat.

Persian cats also tend to love being around their favourite humans however they are fine with spending time on their own, too without you needing to worry about them being mischievous.

7 – Maine Coon

Cat Breeds For Apartments Maine Coon
7 Best Cat Breeds For Apartments 17

If you’re looking for a feline friend to keep you company in your apartment, you can’t go wrong with a Maine Coon. These large, lovable cats are known for their gentle dispositions and affectionate nature. Maine Coons are also one of the most low-maintenance cat breeds when it comes to grooming, so you won’t have to spend hours brushing them.

However, Maine Coons do require plenty of space to roam and play, so make sure your apartment is spacious enough for your new furry friend. Also, keep in mind that Maine Coon is one of the biggest cat breeds so “the gentle giant” itself is not suitable for very small apartments.

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