Africa is where the first domestic cats were seen in the history. So African cat names are only appropriate. Let’s take your kitty back to its roots.

If you have an African cat breed, African cat names can be even more meaningful. Did you know that we, humans did not actually domesticate cats like we did to dogs or horses? Cats chose to live with us and in time they domesticated themselves. Of course, in the last few hundred years humans contributed a lot to cat breeds all around the world but original African house cat breeds such as Egyptian Mau or Sokoke still exist without much change.

Just like most of our other cat name lists, we split African cat names into three categories for your convenience. These categories are:

African Kitten Names
160 Amazing African Cat Names 6
  • Female African Cat Names,
  • Male African Cat Names,
  • Gender-Neutral African Cat Names.

Before you start reading the list, we have a couple of suggestions for you to choose the perfect cat name that suits your new little friend best.

First of all, consider the physical attributes or the character of the kitty. Choosing a name that reflects those traits might be both funny and meaningful. Also, choosing names that completely contradicts those traits can be sarcastic but when cats are involved, it just becomes adorable.

Second, note the names you like as you read the list. This way you will have the chance to see all your favorite names in once place which makes choosing the best one easier. If there is more than one person involved in the naming process, keep your separate lists and compare them when you are both finished reading and check your lists to see if there is any common name in order to avoid conflicts.

Female African Cat Names

African Cat Names Female
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Female African cat names sound elegant and powerful just like the continent itself. The items here include names from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. Therefore, you may encounter names from a lot of places and cultures.

  1. Chidinma
  2. Nala
  3. Hibo
  4. Amina
  5. Lulu
  6. Samaki
  7. Imani
  8. Asha
  9. Ada
  10. Siri
  11. Nia
  12. Jina
  13. Amara
  14. Taraji
  15. Adana
  16. Shani
  17. Nyika
  18. Zola
  19. Kali
  20. Zuri
  21. Kubwa
  22. Lusaka
  23. Sasa
  24. Makena
  25. Nampa
  26. Shona
  27. Mimi
  28. Mayotte
  29. Wingu
  30. Abeba
  1. Sanura
  2. Semira
  3. Feechi
  4. Nailah
  5. Leal
  6. Jamila
  7. Fayola
  8. Upendo
  9. Kalahari
  10. Ashanti
  11. Amadi
  12. Sabra
  13. Nyota
  14. Dalia
  15. Maji
  16. Ama
  17. Tamala
  18. Zoya
  19. Aziza
  20. Amma
  21. Yeye
  22. Uma
  23. Sauda
  24. Adanna
  25. Alika
  26. Malkia
  27. Sisi
  28. Hasina
  29. Maha
  30. Ruaha

Male African Cat Names

African Cat Names Male
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Male names of Africa are strong and reflect the struggles of the continent but they are also full of hope, love and light. We hope that you find the perfect name for your kitty so it also becomes strong, full of love and compassion. No matter what name you pick, you have found your “Chale” for sure.

  1. Jamba
  2. Asante
  3. Shaka
  4. Ekon
  5. Gunab
  6. Kendi
  7. Kokola
  8. Idir
  9. Jafar
  10. Femi
  11. Naiser
  12. Tau
  13. Abeeku
  14. Kellan
  15. Shango
  16. Rudo
  17. Jaleel
  18. Mosi
  19. Ode
  20. Yared
  21. Msia
  22. Vino
  23. Omari
  24. Amare
  25. Taji
  26. Mufasa
  27. Scar
  28. Sefu
  29. Hodari
  30. Saber
  1. Hakim
  2. Mtoto
  3. Kasim
  4. Zain
  5. Kofi
  6. Dugbo
  7. Palla
  8. Akongo
  9. Chumvi
  10. Kheri
  11. Kidogo
  12. Heviosso
  13. Akil
  14. Bumba
  15. Adae
  16. Lagba
  17. Guruhi
  18. Simba
  19. Zaki
  20. Jamal
  21. Zane
  22. Aslan
  23. Bongani
  24. Agassou
  25. Chale
  26. Bobo
  27. Issa
  28. Omumbo
  29. Tarzan
  30. Amma

Gender-Neutral African Cat Names

African Kitten Names Male
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Especially country or city names suit kitties really good. Also when we talk about Africa we can not ignore the beautiful rivers and peaceful deserts. In addition to all these great names, there are actual gender-neutral human names so you have options.

  1. Borneo
  2. Anansi
  3. Kalumba
  4. Calypso
  5. Bambara
  6. Nile
  7. Amani
  8. Liwonde
  9. Jordan
  10. Jata
  11. Ntungwe
  12. Zanzibar
  13. Oman
  14. Kenya
  15. Sahara
  16. Zambia
  17. Kidepo
  18. Casablanca
  19. Tripoli
  20. Uganda
  21. Oncilla
  22. Chaus
  23. Baridi
  24. Hoanib
  25. Siku
  26. Doha
  27. Liberia
  28. Nairobi
  29. Ishasha
  30. Mali
  31. Namiri
  32. Cairo
  33. Angola
  34. Chad
  35. Lagos
  36. Karibu
  37. Malawi
  38. Giza
  39. Congo
  40. Kamari

Whatever you name your cat, always keep in mind that all your little friend needs from you is your love and attention. So don’t forget to take it to a veterinarian regularly to prevent any health issues before they get serious.

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