All cats are cute but some breeds are a little more on the dark side. But don’t be mistaken, aggressive cat breeds are still affectionate and amazing felines.

The aggressiveness in cats depend not only on genetic but also on behavioral factors. Actually there are so many factors causing a cat to be aggressive, it is difficult to choose the aggressive cat breeds. This being said all cat breeds get aggressive when cornered or angry and when they are excited during playtime they may look aggressive although they are not. But some cat breeds are more incline to be aggressive than other breeds.

These aggressive cat breeds are known to bite, nip and sometimes scratch and these behaviors are the most common problems in domesticated cats. The reason behind aggressive behaviors may even be a hunger to attention. Our list of aggressive cat breeds will help you out to choose the cat breed you want if you want a sassy cat that is full of attitude or what breeds to avoid if you don’t want such a cat.

1 – Siamese

Aggressive Siamese
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 12

Siamese cats are famous for being territorial and one of the most aggressive cat breeds. You should know that they bond to one of their humans so much that it turns into an extreme jealousy. They also tend to lash out if you don’t give them enough attention. Here we should note that when we talk about “enough attention”, the Siamese is the walking definition of the word “needy”.

The Siamese is also very playful and sometimes it might get carried away.

2 – Bombay Cat

Aggressive Bombay
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 13

There are two reasons behind the aggressiveness of the Bombay cats; lack of attention and sudden, loud noises. These fearless and aggressive cats have small to medium bodies so when they are overexcited during playfights they may surprise you with their strength.

Other than that, they are very affectionate cats that develop strong bonds with all family members, love playing fetch and can be trained to walk on leash

3 – Korat

Aggressive Korat
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 14

Just like the Bombay cats, Korat doesn’t like loud noises and such an environment can cause them to show aggressive behaviors. They also love attention very much and when their humans fail to give the attention they want, they tend to lash out. So the aggressiveness of the Korat is caused by the environment and their humans for the most part.

Otherwise, they are playful and quite kitties who love peaceful environments.

4 – Bengal Cat

Aggressive Bengal
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 15

Bengal cat is a cross-breed between (wild) Asian Leopard cat and domestic cat breeds. Its leopard like coat is a constant reminder that you don’t want to get it angry. It is a high energy breed and needs lots of playtime to spend that energy. If its basic needs are not met such as playing, that extra energy can turn into aggressiveness, territorial spraying or play aggression. Their wild heritage also contributes to the reasons why Bengal cat is considered as one of the aggressive cat breeds.

They are extremely intelligent and curious cats that can open drawers or cabinets if left alone for long times just to satisfy their curiosities. They hide things and love to climb to the highest points in the house. They are also very affectionate toward their families.

5 – Singapura

Aggressive Singapura
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 16

Singapura never loses its hyperactivity even when they are at the prime of their adulthood. They tend to show their aggressiveness by pawing, scratching and by being extremely vocal. They also get aggressive when they fell they are in danger and this feeling might come even by mere presence of a stranger. Bonding with these cats early on carries great importance.

If properly socialized early in their lives and have the proper bond with their humans, these kitties become fun-loving felines that just don’t stop playing with you.

6 – Sphynx

Aggressive Sphynx
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 17

Sphynx is not just one the most famous cat breeds but also one of the meanest ones. They are hyperactive and very intelligent cats which is a deadly combination if you don’t give them enough playtime. So if the Sphynx is bored, expect aggressive behaviors.

The Sphynx is also a very affectionate and loving breed that wants attention from its humans all the time. If you don’t want a cat that sleeps next to you, you should better stay away from getting a Sphynx. Since it doesn’t have any fur it is one of the cat breeds that shed least but for the same reason they are also one of the most cuddly cats.

7 – Egyptian Mau

Aggressive Egyptian Mau
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 18

Egyptian Mau is known for its dog-like personality. It is loyal, affectionate, trainable and friendly but when they are bored, they tend to lash out. Combined with their intelligence these lash outs can be quite the ones that you want to avoid.

These cats also bond strongly with their humans but are shy around strangers. When backed into a corner, they can be really fierce. They are very territorial and possessive, too therefore if a child or another cat tries to take something that they consider theirs, they may get very aggressive.

8 – American Wirehair

Aggressive American Wirehair
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 19

American Wirehair is not hyperactive but it has high energy. It is not too needy but it is affectionate. It is good at entertaining itself but doesn’t like staying alone for too long. This might be your definition of a perfect cat but on the negative side, if you bother an American Wirehair when it wants to stay alone, it may get aggressive.

Also they may feel uncomfortable around strangers so it is best to let them come to you rather than risking bothering them. They are also really good hunters and they have the necessary tools to put up a fight if cornered.

9 – Pixie Bob

Aggressive Pixie Bob
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 20

Pixie Bob is confident and sociable in addition to being intelligent and vocal. But they don’t just meow like other cats, they also growl and chirp even more so if you are a stranger. They are named after resemblance to bobcats due to their short tail and they share some common character traits, too.

Although they are not great with strangers, they tend to be very friendly and loving towards their humans and they like playing and being active. So if you don’t want to find out why Pixie Bob is on a list of aggressive cat breeds, meet its basic requirements.

10 – Cymric

Aggressive Cymric
Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds 21

Cymric is a muscular, medium-sized cat that lacks a tail but has a powerful back-end. Their hyperactivity, curiosity and strength might be to much to handle for some cat-lovers. Actually Cymric is not considered a separate breed but rather one of the Manx cat varieties.

Most of the time they adore the people they live with have really sweet personalities but if they can not spend their energy it might turn into aggressiveness.

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