Although we love our little trouble makers, the truth is some of them can be annoying. For those needy, loud and destructive cats, we have annoying cat names.

All people who lived with a cat for some time know that cats can really be annoying when they want to, some of them more than others. The issue with cats being annoying is, you can’t really prevent whatever annoying thing they are doing. If they want to do it, they will do it or if they want something from you, they will meow it out of you. These kitties deserve annoying cat names, although we just keep loving them.

I categorized the the cat names for annoying habits into two sections:

  • Annoying Cat Names For Loud Cats
  • Annoying Cat Names For Destructive Cats
Names For Annoying Cats
150 Annoying Cat Names For Loud and Destructive Cats 6

The first category is pretty clear. It is for vocal cats who just don’t give you peace no matter what time it is. Some of them just wake you up and when they are sure you are up, they just go to sleep on your pillow. I love cats (otherwise why would I write a cat blog?) but I have to admit, cats can be jerks.

The second category is for the unending gravity experiments run by cats or the little speed demons who just don’t care where they step or what they break. They even use their humans as live trampolines. There some names in the list for furniture destroyer cats and aggressive cats, too.

Annoying Cat Names For Loud Cats

Some cat breeds are more vocal than others such as Siamese, Bengal, Turkish Van Cat, Sphynx or Peterbald. The list goes on and there are some things you can do to have a relatively quieter home but you can’t really prevent them from talking.

When you get home from work and all you want to do is to calm your headache because you are exhausted, they just want to talk about your day, their days, the ever increasing cat food prices or local politics… What do I know, I don’t speak cat language.

Annoying Kitten Names
150 Annoying Cat Names For Loud and Destructive Cats 7
  1. Ani
  2. Babbles
  3. Bandit
  4. Beethoven
  5. Blabbermouth
  6. Blebbier
  7. Boca
  8. Bock
  9. Calliope
  10. Chatter
  11. Chatterbox
  12. Cheeky
  13. Cheyenne
  14. Chichi
  15. Chirp
  16. Clywd
  17. Coo-Coo
  18. Crackles
  19. Cricket
  20. Crybaby
  21. Decibel
  22. Easy
  23. Echo
  24. Elvis
  25. Elwood
  1. Flurry
  2. Gabriella
  3. Gala
  4. Gossip
  5. Howler
  6. Joplin
  7. Kiki
  8. Liddell
  9. Lothar
  10. Mahaswar
  11. MauMau
  12. Meow
  13. Metallica
  14. Mew Mew
  15. Mimi
  16. Murmur
  17. Nadanu
  18. Nashashuk
  19. Natter
  20. Noisy
  21. Olyote
  22. Phineas
  23. Pitty Pat
  24. Prattle
  25. Purrbox
Names For Annoying Kittens
150 Annoying Cat Names For Loud and Destructive Cats 8
  1. Rannen
  2. Rant
  3. Rosie
  4. Rufus
  5. Screamer
  6. Shriek
  7. Siren
  8. Skype
  9. Speaker
  10. Squawky
  11. Squealy
  12. Squirt
  13. Talker
  14. Tarnad
  15. To-ku
  16. Utter
  17. Vihal
  18. Vinnie
  19. Wally
  20. Whimper
  21. Whiny
  22. Whipper
  23. Yahzee
  24. Yodel
  25. Zephyr

Annoying Cat Names For Destructive Cats

You must have seen the cat videos where cat looks at its human and starts pushing something valuable and breakable to the edge of the table. It looks right into their eyes and just keeps pushing the object really slow. And at some point the human feels a vain hope thinking the kitty just changed its mind because the kitty stops for a moment. And then the china vase gets shattered into pieces beyond any kind of repair.

Destructive Cat Names
150 Annoying Cat Names For Loud and Destructive Cats 9
  1. Crash
  2. Wrecker
  3. Trouble
  4. Dynamite
  5. Chase
  6. Quake
  7. Deadpool
  8. Verve
  9. Lash
  10. Riot
  11. Derby
  12. Boogie
  13. Ricochet
  14. Loco
  15. Mayhem
  16. Thunder
  17. Wild Thing
  18. Havoc
  19. Mustang
  20. Tremor
  21. Snap
  22. Chaos
  23. Bane
  24. Rascal
  25. Rogue
  1. Whirl
  2. Catnado
  3. Whammy
  4. Stoked
  5. Typhoon
  6. Nytro
  7. Clash
  8. Rebel
  9. Pandora
  10. Bang
  11. Explosive
  12. Atom
  13. Loki
  14. Bullet
  15. Dash
  16. Collateral
  17. Melee
  18. Blizzard
  19. Inferno
  20. Bolt
  21. Armageddon
  22. Tigger
  23. Apocalypse
  24. Sassy
  25. Calamity
  1. Gremlin
  2. Diesel
  3. Hammer
  4. Boomerang
  5. Tsunami
  6. Calypso
  7. Gollum
  8. Storm
  9. Cyclone
  10. Aftermath
  11. Smasher
  12. Hooligan
  13. Ballistic
  14. Go-Go
  15. Apollo
  16. Vandal
  17. Dr. Doom
  18. Smoke
  19. Zeal
  20. Blaze
  21. Buster
  22. Draco
  23. Maverick
  24. Mischief
  25. Dolos

Whatever you name your little feline friend, please don’t forget to take it to a veterinarian regularly because a lot of diseases and disorders can be diagnosed early in their lives and early diagnosis can give you a few more years to enjoy together.

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