There are some amazing Arabic cat names because one word describes a lot of things. You will surely find a name with a deep meaning in this list.

Not everybody likes the usual cat names, sometimes people want a unique name that is so special and meaningful that noone else picked before. These Arabic cat names have deep meanings due to the deeply rooted verbal culture in the Arab peninsula. Did you know that many names in Christianity and Islam share the same roots including Christmas names?

Arab Cat Names
435 Great Arabic Cat Names With Their Meanings 8

Actually, the meanings of some of the Islamic names for cat can only be explained with a full sentence. Also there are several stories I heard from my Muslim friends about the Propher Muhammad and his love for cats which made the affection for cats a part of the faith. It is no surprise that there are so many amazing cat names in Islam.

Now before we head on to our list of Arabic cat names, I want to provide you a few tips to make it easier to pick a name. Since there are so many great names that can be perfect matches for your kitty, I strongly recommend to note the names you like as you read the list. This way you will prepare a list of arabic names for cats that consists of only the names you like.

After you finish reading the list, go back to the list that you prepared and pick your favorite name for your new friend. This makes it a lot easier to name the little rascal.

Also if there are multiple people involved in naming the cat, prepare your lists separately and compare them after everybody finishes reading. This way you will be able to quickly pick a name that is on all lists.

For your convenience I also divided our list Arabic cat names into 3 categories:

  • Arabic Names For Female Cats
  • Arabic Names For Male Cats
  • Gender-Neutral Arabic Cat Names

Now, let’s start and find your kitty a name that is just perfect for it.

Arabic Names For Female Cats

Arabic Names For Cats Male
435 Great Arabic Cat Names With Their Meanings 9

Most names here in this list may sound like Muslim cat names but actually the names go way back even before Islamic era began. The name for a female cat in Arabic sounds amazing no matter you are Muslim or not. Also, Arabic names for persian cats are great matches.

  1. A’ishah: Life, vivaciousness
  2. Afifi: Chaste or modest
  3. Malak: Angel
  4. Fatinah: Captivating, alluring, intelligent
  5. Ojala: Light, sunshine
  6. Habiba: Beloved
  7. Eshmaal: Bunch of red roses
  8. Eisa: God is salvation
  9. Yelda: Dark night
  10. Ramsha: Beautiful, face like moon
  11. Rasheeka: A ray of light
  12. Sabirah: Of great patience
  13. Bakht: Luck
  14. Rabab: White cloud
  15. Dabab: Morning mist
  16. Rowa: Lovely vision
  17. Alzena: Woman
  18. Amal: Hope
  19. Taiba: One who refrains from evil-doings, repentant
  20. Lulua: Pearl
  21. Minaz: Sweet, wish, desire, love of God
  22. Saina: Princess,reflection of Sai
  23. Kedar: Powerful
  24. Afreen: Friendly
  25. Nour: The divine light
  26. Kaarina: Chaste, pure
  27. Faeema: Strong Women, self sacrifice
  28. Loza: Almond
  29. Zurah: Venus
  30. Saba: East wind, breeze
  31. Aneeza: Happiness and green valleys
  32. Bassira: Wise
  33. Dunya: Worldly life
  34. Naailah: Earner, winner
  35. Inshirah: “When the heart becomes open”, relief, cheer
  36. Amra: Princess
  37. Enam: Gift
  38. Bibi: Lady
  39. Mariam: Drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved, Mary
  40. Ghazale: Gazelle
  41. Asfiya: Pure ones, just ones, holy ones
  42. Juveria: Damask rose
  43. Nasmat: A breath of life
  44. Azucena: Lily
  45. Najya: Victorious
  46. Najma: Star
  47. Sadaf: Sea shell
  48. Kalila: Beloved; sweetheart
  49. Aala: Blessing
  50. Nafasat: Purity, refinement
  1. Almira: Princess
  2. Zurie: Beautiful, white, light
  3. Chanda: Bright, moonlight
  4. Rafa: Happiness, prosperity
  5. Ada: Grace, Expression
  6. Haleema: Gentle or mild-mannered
  7. Fadila: Virtuous, outstanding, superior
  8. Asfoureh: Bird
  9. Leem: Peace
  10. Kala: Art, miracle
  11. Elma: Apple
  12. Iklil: Crown, garland, wreath
  13. Gulbano: Princess of roses
  14. Afra: White, colour of Earth
  15. Jala: Clarity, elucidation
  16. Shauntia: Dream
  17. Nada: Generosity, dew
  18. Tamanna: Desire,wish
  19. Bibiana: Righteous, obedient
  20. Samira: Night-companion, entertaining companion
  21. Keyah: In good health
  22. Anjum: Star
  23. Ihsana: Favour
  24. Anisa: Pleasant companion
  25. Hamama: Dove, pigeon
  26. Sally: Princess
  27. Najia: Saved, liberated
  28. Anbar: Perfume, ambergris
  29. Luma: Sunset
  30. Lina: Small, young palm tree
  31. Layla: Night
  32. Ezzah: A person who gives the honour
  33. Alvan: Sublime
  34. Adila: Righteous, fair
  35. Heyam: One of the many levels or degrees of love
  36. Amira: High born girl
  37. Minhat: Gift
  38. Nazifa: Pure, Clean, Neat
  39. Tala: Little palm tree
  40. Malika: Angel
  41. Asile: Noble
  42. Vardah: Rose
  43. Nabila: Noble, excellent
  44. Varisha: Lightning
  45. Sabah: Morning, dawn
  46. Banan: Delicate, finger tips
  47. Nadirah: Precious, rare
  48. Inas: Friendliness, cordiality, sociability
  49. Talitha: Young girl
  50. Zada: Prosperous, fortunate
Arabic Names For A Cat
435 Great Arabic Cat Names With Their Meanings 10
  1. Ghaydaa: Gentle and delicate
  2. Karima: Generous
  3. Aya: Wonderful, amazing, miracle
  4. Kayla: Crown,laurel,wise child
  5. Sabburah: Very patient, enduring
  6. Zaiton: Olive
  7. Sabina: Small sword
  8. Fayza: Victorious
  9. Ijlal: Honor, respect
  10. Adara: Virgin; beauty; noble
  11. Ayat: The verses of the Quran
  12. Dua: Prayer to God
  13. Arub: Loving to her husband
  14. Akide: Firm, certain
  15. Imani: Belief or faith
  16. Roya: Vision or dream
  17. Zulima: Peace, tranquility
  18. Zayna: Beauty, grace
  19. Faryal: Angel
  20. Guadalupe: River of the wolf, wolf valley
  21. Rima: White antelope
  22. Talia: Girl/woman who recites the Quran often
  23. Bayda: A desert without water and grass
  24. Tohfa: Present, gift
  25. Erina: Beautiful lady
  26. Taalia: Rising star
  27. Lazize: Sweet, pleasant
  28. Sana: Brilliance, radiance
  29. Romaisa: Bunch of flowers
  30. Hadiya: Guide to righteousness
  31. Sagirah: Little one
  32. Parvina: Shining star, fairy girl
  33. Lujain: Silver
  34. Hana: Bliss
  35. Jemimah: Little dove
  36. Tamarind: A tree and spice name
  37. Amina: Honest, faithful
  38. Saadat: Happiness
  39. Nyla: Winner, one who achieves
  40. Ghitbah: Narrator of hadith
  41. Khalisa: Pure, true, clear
  42. Yara: Little butterfly
  43. Ameera: Princess
  44. Rana: Eye-catching, glittering, mesmerising
  45. Erum: Heaven
  46. Jemima: Little dove
  47. Adira: Strong
  48. Fitnat: Seduce, tempt, lure
  49. Rabeea: Garden
  50. Hira: Powerful, diamond
  1. Bahira: Dazzling, brilliant
  2. Ayisha: Life, vivaciousness
  3. Huda: Right guidance
  4. Hadia: Leader, guide
  5. Maysa: Graceful
  6. Aamal: Hope, aspiration, expectation
  7. Finjan: A small cup
  8. Keya: A monsoon flower
  9. Ghaniya: Rich, wealthy, prosperous
  10. Zahra: Bright, shining
  11. Ujala: Light of the universe
  12. Kanza: Hidden treasure
  13. Farah: Happiness, joy, gladness
  14. Rahila: One who travels
  15. Kinza: Hidden treasure
  16. Kas: Glass
  17. Widad: Love
  18. Negma: Star
  19. Sahara: Desert
  20. Hasna: Beauty
  21. Cala: Castle,fortress
  22. Sameh: Forgiver
  23. Zena: Moon, fame, news
  24. Amani: Wish
  25. Soumra: Brownish color
  26. Badra: Full moon
  27. Qaraja: Living under the power of Allah
  28. Rahimat: Grace
  29. Aida: Visitor of the sick
  30. Na’eemah: Joyful
  31. Zayda: Fortunate, prosperous
  32. Zaara: Blossoming flower
  33. Idrak: To comprehend, to understand
  34. Nahla: First sip of water
  35. Muneeza: Flawless
  36. Janan: Heart, soul
  37. Ghaziya: Successful woman
  38. Aden: One who happily resides somewhere for eternity
  39. Bushra: Good news, omen
  40. Mayyadah: To walk with a proud swinging gait
  41. Sabuhi: Morning star
  42. Hadil: The voice of a dove
  43. Zaria: Princess
  44. Nazli: Delıcate, capricious
  45. Yasmeena: Jasmine flower
  46. Iba: Exalted, sublime and superb
  47. Banafsaj: Violet flower (Some sources say “Violent” but that is not true at all!)
  48. Hawa: Arabic form of Eve
  49. A’idah: Visiting, returning; reward
  50. Minsha: Independent, determined
  51. Lamhat: A glance
  52. Arzu: Hope, wish, desire
  53. Rafa: Happiness, prosperity
  54. Khulud: Immortality
  55. Azia: The rising sun

Arabic Names For Male Cats

Cat Arabic Name
435 Great Arabic Cat Names With Their Meanings 11

Islamic names for cats are a lot more in Arabic male cat names because there are so many great historical male figures in history that you just can not ignore them. Actually, I don’t know what makes a Muslim cat name but Muslim names for cat friends sound really good.

  1. Zahir: Apparent, evident
  2. Naji: Survivor, saved person
  3. Ehan: full moon
  4. Fazli: Kind, bountiful, graceful, virtuous
  5. Yameen: Oath
  6. Mahmud: The praised one
  7. Zair: Pilgrim, visitor, guest
  8. Fawwaz: Winner
  9. Daud: Beloved, dear friend, equivalent of David
  10. Absi: To frown
  11. Azraf: Intelligent, eloquent, elegant
  12. Jasim: One who is of good health
  13. Sadiq: Friend
  14. Khamis: Thursday
  15. Zoolal: Clear, pure, cool water
  16. Akif: Focused, attached, intent, devoted
  17. Hilmi: Gentle, calm
  18. Ruhi: Spiritual
  19. Hasan: Handsome
  20. Bahij: Splendid, handsome
  21. Raad: Model, leader, pioneer
  22. Damurah: Fire, sparkle of light
  23. Azhaire: Luminous
  24. Faiz: Successful and victorious
  25. Jamil: Handsome, good-looking
  26. Negm: Star
  27. Ghaffar: An attributive name of Allah, most forgiving, merciful
  28. Latif: Kind, gentle
  29. Hafiz: The one who remembers
  30. Yazdan: Merciful, kind
  31. Labib: Understanding, sensible, intelligent
  32. Jabir: Comforter
  33. Kutaiba: Sensible, intelligent
  34. Laheeb: A fiery man
  35. Nazeh: Virtuous, honest
  36. Sihr: Magic
  37. Ejaz: Miracle
  38. Zaki: Intelligent, pure
  39. Sayad: An accomplished hunter
  40. Fazlallah: God’s bounty, God’s excellence
  41. Rafi: Exalter, glorifier, raiser
  42. Anwar: Brighter
  43. Abbas: Lion
  44. Dhiya: Splendour, light
  45. Amin: Trustworthy
  46. Rafiki: Friend
  47. Tarik: Morning star
  48. Nimatullah: Blessing of Allah
  49. Gadiel: God is my wealth
  50. Yakout: Ruby
  1. Bourkan: Volcano
  2. Numair: Panther
  3. Izz: Glory, honour, prestige
  4. Kaia: Chaste, stability
  5. Qudamah: Courage
  6. Rabi: Breeze
  7. Rafik: Intimate friend, companion
  8. Bari: From Abd-al-Bari (The servant of the creator)
  9. Khayri: Generous
  10. Halim: Patient
  11. Isa: Jesus
  12. Chadli: City of Chadlia
  13. Shareek: Companion, partner
  14. Sami: One who hears
  15. Ajmal: Most beautiful
  16. Ekram: Honour
  17. Ghulam: Servant, assistant
  18. Salman: Obedient, disciplined, humble
  19. Tahawwur: Temerity, rashness, intrepidity
  20. Jarrah: Vessel
  21. Mansur: Aided by god, victorious
  22. Abba: Father
  23. Zarrar: Brave, courageous, a great muslim warrior
  24. Ghaith: Rain
  25. Maher: Skillful
  26. Talal: Nice, admirable
  27. Tahir: Pure
  28. Akeem: Intelligent, judicious, wise
  29. Tali: Rising, ascending
  30. Zakariyya: God has remembered
  31. Ali: High, elevated or champion
  32. Adnan: Settler
  33. Aladdin: Nobility of faith
  34. Bakhtawar: Fortunate, lucky
  35. Ziad: Abundance, growth
  36. Jahm: Sullen
  37. Nazeem: Arranger, adjuster, organiser
  38. Raamis: The good looking one
  39. Bahaa: Cost, price
  40. Taj: Crown
  41. Adham: Black
  42. Zayan: Graceful, Beautiful
  43. Zaim: Leader, chief
  44. Lamaan: Shine
  45. Fatin: Intelligent, clever
  46. Bruhier: Name of a Sultan
  47. Gamil: Beautiful
  48. Hashim: Crusher
  49. Fikri: Thoughtful
  50. Jafar: Small stream, creek
Cat Muslim Names
435 Great Arabic Cat Names With Their Meanings 12
  1. Selim: Safe, undamaged
  2. Aziz: Powerful, respected, beloved
  3. Wafiq: Successful
  4. Eblis: The principal evil spirit or devil
  5. Omar: Flourishing, long lived
  6. Abdullah: Servant of Allah
  7. Fairuz: Turquoise, precious stone
  8. Hamza: Lion, strong, steadfast
  9. Bahir: Brilliant, lucid, renowned
  10. Barraq: Shining
  11. Sabir: Patient, tolerant
  12. Ektibar: Experiment
  13. Kaashif: Uncoverer, pioneer, discoverer
  14. Fassed: Spoiled, bad
  15. Jamal: Beauty, grace
  16. Antar: The name of the hero in a story of chivalry
  17. Qadir: Almighty
  18. Bilel: Full moon, water, refreshing
  19. Badawi: Bedouin
  20. Zubayr: Strong, brave
  21. Haroun: Form of Prophet Aaron
  22. Nahyan: Courageous, brave
  23. Fakir: “Poor”, refers to man’s spiritual need for God
  24. Salim: Safe, secure
  25. Karif: Born in Autumn
  26. Kahlil: Friend
  27. Najair: A small or tiny star
  28. Izaz: Honour, esteem, regard
  29. Nabil: Noble
  30. Riyad: Gardens
  31. Habib: Beloved, friend
  32. Guljul: Little bell
  33. Tawseef: Praise
  34. Shams: Sun
  35. Rald: Famous leader
  36. Ikram: Honor, hospitality, generosity
  37. Badr: Full moon on its fourteenth night
  38. Faris: Knight, cavalier
  39. Atiq: Old or ancient
  40. Darwish: Status name for a Sufi holy man
  41. Idris: Studious, smart, or to learn
  42. Abu Bakr: Father of a young camel
  43. Maneet: One who wins hearts
  44. Mukhtar: Chosen
  45. Basir: Wise
  46. Nashat: Liveliness, vigour, cheerfulness
  47. Matin: Strong, powerful
  48. Emir: Prince
  49. Baki: Eternal
  50. Ferran: Baker
  1. Naadir: Scarce, precious
  2. Hud: Those who ask forgiveness
  3. Tawil: Tall, long
  4. Nasri: Winner of victory after victory
  5. Kazem: Tolerant
  6. Zafir: Victorious
  7. Owais: Little wolf, a companion of the Prophet
  8. Fathi: Victorious, triumphant
  9. Akmal: Complete, perfect
  10. Mamdouh: One who is commended
  11. Batal: Brave, hero
  12. Eyab: To return
  13. Surur: Joy, pleasure
  14. Nasser: Victorious, protector, triumphant
  15. Abdalrahman: Servant of the merciful one
  16. Zaigham: Lion
  17. Amadi: Much praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad
  18. Boulboul: Nightingale
  19. Raahil: Path guider
  20. Asil: Of noble decent
  21. Mustafa: One of the names of the Prophet Muhammad, chosen, selected, appointed
  22. Moubarak: Who or which is blessed
  23. Dabir: Teacher
  24. Imran: Prosperity, host
  25. Malik: Owner
  26. Husain: Handsome
  27. Azzam: Very determined
  28. Kaliq: Creative
  29. Haji: Someone who has completed the Hajj to Mecca
  30. Loay: Adversity, hardship
  31. Taimur: Made of iron, Strong
  32. Kadar: Strong, powerful
  33. Mahfouz: Kept or protected
  34. Kardal: Mustard seed
  35. Dinar: Shining gold coin
  36. Fahd: Panther
  37. Yacoub: Form of Jacob
  38. Nusrat: Victory
  39. Gadi: My wealth
  40. Sadeem: Haze, mist
  41. Rasheed: Well-guided, wise
  42. Zaroon: Visitor, traveller
  43. Ubaid: Servant (domestic)
  44. Borak: The lightning
  45. Anis: Genial or close friend
  46. Iyad: Support, reinforcement, pigeon
  47. Qais: Lover, desperately in love, mad in love
  48. Wasim: Good looking, handsome
  49. Dastgir: “Holder of the hand”, helper
  50. Wathik: Reliable
  51. Zayd: Growth, abundance
  52. Laith: Lion
  53. Ahmar: Red Coloured
  54. Qaseem: Distributor, divider
  55. Rakkas: Dancer
  56. Asad: Lion
  57. Hafs: Collecting, gathering
  58. Yavin: Understanding
  59. Bishr: Joy
  60. Daif: Weak

Gender-Neutral Arabic Cat Names

Persian Cat Names in Arabic
435 Great Arabic Cat Names With Their Meanings 13

There are not many gender-neutral Islamic cat names or cat Muslim names that I could find in Arabic. Maybe I could have found more if I spoke Arabic but the low number does not prevent these Arabic cat names from greatness.

  1. Rayan: Luxuriant, plentiful or “Heaven’s gate”
  2. Abeer: Fragrance, aroma, perfume
  3. Rida: Approval, perfect contentment with God’s will or decree
  4. Nawwar: Blossom, flower
  5. Sultan: Ruler, king or queen
  6. Mishmish: Apricot
  7. Isra: Night journey
  8. Sukkar: Sugar
  9. Ara: Embellishing, adorning
  10. Adab: Good manners, decency
  11. Akmal: Complete, perfect
  12. Diya: Light, shining
  13. Layl: Night
  14. Lawz: Almond
  15. Mashaal: Light
  16. Shoukran: Gratitude
  17. Nahar: Daytime
  18. Samar: Evening conversations
  19. Fajr: Dawn, morning prayer
  20. Jawhar: Jewel
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    I will name my kittens Fejr and Mueezha. They are both girls. I will name my male cat Asr. Thanks guys.

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      Wow, you’ve picked some unique and meaningful names! Fajr and Mueezha both have Islamic origins and beautiful meanings, while Asr refers to the afternoon prayer. Your kittens will have names that are not only cute but also rich in history and culture.

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