Beer might be the second most popular drink in America after water. So your new friend might be as popular. Check out our list of beer names for cats.

Did you know that there are beer companies that named their products after cats? There are even beer names with the word “cat” in them. If beer can be named after cats, cats can also be named after beers. Beer names for cats are fun and there is surely a name that fits your new friend perfectly.

Cats with Beer Names
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Before you start reading the list of beer names for cats, I have a few suggestions for you which will make it easier to pick the right name for your kitty.

Have a pen and paper or your phone ready! Note the names you like as you go. In the end you will have a list of names that consist of only the names you like. This way it will be easier to pick your favorite name.

If there is more than one person involved in name-choosing process, have your separate lists. When you are all finished reading the list, compare your notes to see if there is any names existing in all lists. This is a very effective way to choose a name that everbody likes.

Keep your cat’s character or physical traits in mind. The names that fit your friend’s character or physical traits are much better.

Ale Names For Cats
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Without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of beer names for cats

Beer Names For Cats

I explained why I chose each and every name so it will be a lot easier for you to choose. Some of the names are beer brands and some other are picked after the breweries. There are also a few after beer types. I am confident that you will find one that is just perfect for your new friend.

Lager Names For Cats
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  1. Cherry or Adam: for Cherry Adam by Hair of the Dog Breweries in Portland.
  2. India: For India Pale Ale.
  3. Foster: America’s favorite Australian beer.
  4. Heineken: America’s most popular Dutch beer.
  5. Schlitz: From Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  6. Doc Perdue: After Doc Perdue’s Bobcat beer by Cowbell Brewing Company
  7. Snuggles: After Kitten Snuggles beer by The Unknown Brewing Co.
  8. Citra: Pipeworks Brewing Company.
  9. Avery: For Avery Brewing Company in Colorado.
  10. Sierra: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.
  11. Kolsch: Obviously for the German Kolsch.
  12. Moretti: An Italian brewing company which is a subsidy of Heineken Breweries.
  13. Rogue: For Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout.
  14. Dale: In 2005, Dale’s Pale Ale was named “Best Pale Ale” by the New York Times.
  15. Fat Cat: After Fat Cat Beer Company
  16. Serenity: From Wicked Weed Brewing in North Carolina.
  17. Blondie: For blond ales.
  18. Dunkel: For the German dunkel beers.
  19. King Kitty: After King Kitty Red Ale by Coalition Brewing Company
  20. Rumpkin: After Rumpkin beer which is made with pumpkin.
  1. Fancy: Fancy Lawnmower sticks to its German roots.
  2. Paddock: After Paddock Wood Brewing Co. that produces Black Cat.
  3. Gose: After German Gose.
  4. Hoppie: For the hop in the beer.
  5. Ridge: After Ridge Brewing Company that produces Pussy Cat Blonde.
  6. Murphy: After Murphy’s Irish Stout.
  7. Bass: The Bass Brewery is one of the largest brewery in the world.
  8. Colt: For Colt 45 malt liqueur.
  9. Busthead: After Old Bust Head Brewing Co. that produces Wildcat.
  10. Banger: Focal Banger by The Alchemist in Waterbury, VT.
  11. Stella: Stella Artois from one of the world’s largest brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev in Belgium.
  12. Rasputin: Old Rasputin received several awards at the World Beer Cup and won gold medal in the Stockholm Beer Festival in 2012.
  13. Crawford: Beamish and Crawford Brewery (Subsidy of Heineken Breweries).
  14. Sculpin: By Ballast Point Brewing Company.
  15. Beamish: Beamish and Crawford Brewery (Subsidy of Heineken Breweries).
  16. Rossa: For the Italian La Rossa.
  17. Porter: After porter style beers.
  18. Molson: After the quality Molson Export ale.
  19. Trappist: After Trappist breweries.
  20. Deschutes: For Deschutes Brewery in the Great Northwest.
  1. Carver: By Full Steam Brewing Company. It is made from sweet potatoes.
  2. Miller: Well, who doesn’t know The Miller Brewing Company.
  3. Oskar: After Oskar Blues Brewery in North Carolina.
  4. Honey: Because your kitty is as sweet as it is.
  5. Snowcat: By Crazy Mountain Brewing Company.
  6. Schatzi: A Hefewiezen style beer from Chelsea, Vermont
  7. Amstel: It will always be one of the most popular in Europe.
  8. Milky: After Tough Kitty Milk Stout by Boulevard Brewing Company.
  9. Uncle Jacob: For Uncle Jacob’s Imperial Stout.
  10. Buddy or Bud: After America’s most popular beer, Bud Light.
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