Who doesn’t like to receive some love? Naturally cats can’t express their love with words and the best lap cat breeds are not shy on showing their affection.

Some people just seem to be cold but I believe that deep inside everybody wants to be shown love. Some like it verbally and some like it physically but in the end love is love. Since cats can’t give you verbal compliments or tell you how much they love you, they show it with cuddles and physical interaction. The best lap cat breeds are the ones that just can’t get enough of their humans. If you love a good hug or to feel the warmth of pure love, one of these kitties may be just right for you.

1 – Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair Lap Cat
6 Best Lap Cat Breeds And The Most Affectionate 8

Appropriate nicknames “lazy man’s Persian”, Exotic Shorthair has the sweet looks of a Persian cat without the constant grooming needs. To be honest, Exotic Shorthair and Persian is huge topic of discussion in CFA for many, many years. Although they are playful and energetic, they don’t say no to a good nap on your lap. Exotic Shorthair has a musical and pleasant voice but it is generally a quite cat.

Its soft and plush coat combined with its docile and gentle nature draws a picture of elegance. Be careful though! When you feel the softness of its coat, you may not want to let it go.

2 – Birman

Birman Lap Cat
6 Best Lap Cat Breeds And The Most Affectionate 9

Birman has a silky coat and amazing blue eyes that penetrate into your soul. It is one of the most affectionate cat breeds and it loves to be petted. Birman has a big heart and it is so full of love that it doesn’t stop with people when it comes to cuddling although it is known for being a people-oriented breed. Birmans are known to cuddle up with dogs and other pets in the house.

They are smart, loving, friendly and quiet cats that are not aggressive even when they are territorial. They like to be involved in everything their humans do. These cats love cuddles and being held.

3 – Maine Coon

Maine Coon Lap Cat
6 Best Lap Cat Breeds And The Most Affectionate 10

Generally we tend to think of small to medium sized cats when someone says lap cat but Maine Coon is a huge kitty with weights reaching up to 18 pounds (8 kg). The plus sized Maine Coon has a heart of gold that is as big as itself. It gets along well with other cats, children and dogs.

As you may imagine it is a calm and affectionate cat but doesn’t beg for attention. Maine Coon is content with laying on your lap while you watch TV or read a good book. It is also highly intelligent and loves to play.

4 – Persian

Persian Lap Cat
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With their calm, docile and loving nature Persian cats are one of the most popular cat breeds. Their long coat may be high maintenance but they are not demanding or very active. They prefer to lay on your lap or the sofa in a serene and quiet environment but they are also good with people of all ages from seniors to children provided they are gentle.

Persian’s soft voice and cute face may force you to do things you wouldn’t imagine yourself doing. These felines are real heart warmers.

5 – Siamese

Siamese Lap Cat
6 Best Lap Cat Breeds And The Most Affectionate 12

Siamese is one of the best lap cat breeds that is definitely worth mentioning. They have strikingly good looks, are intelligent, talkative, extremely social, highly energetic and among all things they love cuddling. It is not a surprise that they are one of the most popular cat breeds in America.

Although some consider them “troublemakers” or “aggressive“, they do it only when they can’t receive the attention they want from their humans. Keep them entertained, play with them, keep them company and in the evening they want nothing else but to snuggle on your lap.

6 – Burmese

Burmese Lap Cat
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Burmese is an athletic cat that likes a good playtime and due its intelligence and dog-like nature, it can even learn playing fetch, hide and seek or tag. They are also very affectionate kitties that thrive on attention but doesn’t like being left alone for long. They are also talkative cats so expect a “good talk” if you leave them alone for long hours.

Burmese is a natural entertainer that even checks its humans while it plays to see if they are watching. This highly social and loyal cat gets along well with people of all ages and other pets.

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