People generally divide domestic cats in 2 categories: indoor cat breeds and outdoor cat breeds. This list is all about the best outdoor cat breeds.

Personally, I don’t want to restrict my kids to indoors, but some environments have too many risks for them to be outdoors such as big city centers and busy urban areas. However, there are safer areas for the best outdoor cat breeds like farms or most suburbs with little vehicle traffic.

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Most cat breeds can live both indoors and outdoors and come home whenever they are hungry, or they want to. But some cat breeds are more suited to outdoor life. These kitties are full of energy, very curious and love running or climbing. Let’s see why the cats in our list are the best outdoor cat breeds.

1 – Norwegian Forest Cat

Best Outdoor Cat Breeds Norwegian Forest Cat
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Norwegian Forest Cats are adapted to harsh weather conditions so good that they don’t mind being outside in weathers where you don’t want to move from your couch. Also, the name gives you a hint about whether they are one of the best outdoor cat breeds or not.

They have a long and thick, water-repellent top layer and a woolly undercoat so its coat keeps this kitty both dry and warm. These are also intelligent cats which comes in handy during risky situations or hunting. The friendly and loving character of the Norwegian Forest Cat makes sure that it always finds its way back to its family.

2 – Maine Coon

Best Outdoor Cat Breeds Maine Coon
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One of the America’s most popular cat breeds also happens to be the official state cat of the state of Maine. Maine Coon is an intelligent breed so it will avoid traffic in most cases, but this also depends on the cat’s familiarity with cars.

Since Maine Coons are more territorial cats, they instinctively scratch trees and scent their territories. This is a natural instinct for them just like hunting which is another area of expertise for a Maine Coon and yes, this is also only available outdoors.

3 – European Shorthair

Best Outdoor Cat Breeds European Shorthair
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European Shorthairs are not on this list for nothing. They actually prefer being outdoors. Although it is very outgoing with its family members, most European Shorthairs are shy around strangers and try to go somewhere where it feels safe if there is a stranger around which is good for it if it goes outside.

This is a very intelligent kitty that needs to be stimulated both mentally and physically since it is also an excellent mouser. Combined with its mentioned traits, its ability to adapt to the new and unfamiliar environments rather quickly makes it earn its place in our list of best outdoor cat breeds.

4 – Abyssinian Cat

Best Outdoor Cat Breeds Abyssinian
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Abyssinian cats are very active, playful, curious, acrobatic and agile. In addition to all these traits, they love exploring their surroundings. Remember, these cats are with us since the ancient times and considered one of the oldest cat breeds in existence. After all these millennia, they are still amazing hunters.

Abyssinians are not just excellent climbers and jumpers; they also love doing these things! Not all houses are equipped to provide it with the facilities it needs to get the busy life it naturally wants. Due to their high energy levels, there is no boring times around them, that’s why they are called “clowns of the cat world”.

5 – Turkish Van Cat

Best Outdoor Cat Breeds Turkish Van Cat
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Although their numbers are decreasing due to their values, there are still Turkish Van cats living freely around Lake Van in Eastern Turkey. This cat is considered a national treasure in Turkey and for good reason. Turkish Van is an excellent hunter, and has a strong, muscular, large body that reminds the body of an athlete.

It has a water-proof coat that is just excellent for its lifestyle because it is not just fond of water, it LOVES swimming! In addition to being a very energetic and athletic cat, it is very intelligent, too. This drives some Turkish Van to be mischievous if they can’t spend that extra energy.

If you think of adopting one, you may want to prepare a Turkish cat name for it.

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