Black smoke cat breeds can include a lot of breeds because – although rare – black smoke just refers to a color. But we picked the most striking ones for you.

Black smoke cats are rare but when you see one you understand that there is something about them that enchants people. A black smoke cat has a black fur with white roots. This is how they get their unique color and the shadow-light plays on their fur when they walk. Since this coat trait can be seen in almost any breed of cat including the domestic shorthair which includes almost 90% of all the domestic cats in the USA, we can not say that there is one specific cat breed that has this color. So we called 6 breeds that are the most likely to have this color “black smoke cat breeds”.

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Black Smoke Cats
6 Amazing Black Smoke Cat Breeds 10

What makes these kitties rare is nobody actually knows how to breed a cat with such a color. There are theories about the subject and people who claim they solved the puzzle but in reality nobody knows how to obtain the color. Sometimes one kitten out of a litter of cats can have black smoke coat and sometimes all the kittens in the litter can be black smoke. Either way, the result of the mating can not be repeated even with the same parent cats.

1 – Black Smoke Maine Coon

Black Smoke Maine Coon
6 Amazing Black Smoke Cat Breeds 11

Maine Coon is one of the natural cat breeds that are native to North America however recent genetic studies found that their roots go back to Norwegian Forest Cat and a mysterious extinct domestic breed therefore it is considered that their ancestors might have arrived to North America with Viking sailors.

Maine Coon is the official state cat of the “Pine Tree State”, Maine hence the name. These cats are called gentle giants as they are huge cats reaching an average of 18 lb (8.2 kg) with a height of 16 in (41 cm) and a length of 38 in (97 cm) including the tail. They are also very sociable kitties with dog-like personalities. Maine Coon’s coat is interestingly water-resistant and they are fascinated by water.

2 – Black Smoke Egyptian Mau

Black Smoke Egyptian Mau
6 Amazing Black Smoke Cat Breeds 12

Egyptian Mau is one of the few naturally spotted domestic cat breeds and are rare. However black smoke Egyptian Mau’s natural spots are not as obvious as the other colors of the breed because their spots only occur on the tips of their hairs. These are medium sized felines with shorthair.

Egyptian Mau is the fastest domestic cat breed ever measured. An Egyptian Mau was measured to run 30 mph (48 km/h) and holds the Guinness Record. They are playful, loyal and friendly cats with unusual vocalizations that can only be described as musical.

3 – Black Smoke Persian Cat

Black Smoke Persian
6 Amazing Black Smoke Cat Breeds 13

Having been declared the 4th most popular cat breed in the world in 2021 by Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), Persians are as popular as they have always been. These long-haired cats with round faces and short muzzles are so ancient that it is not clear when they first appeared.

Persian cats are known to be quite and sweet cats that are very docile, relaxed and easy-going. When treated as a royalty which they are, they become very affectionate lap cats that can return the love they receive tenfold. They are not very demanding cats and are happy to crawl on a sofa or bed when you are busy.

4 – Black Smoke Siberian Cat

Black Smoke Siberian Cat
6 Amazing Black Smoke Cat Breeds 14

Siberian cat or with the official name Siberian Forest Cat is a natural cat breed that is ancient. As the name suggests this kitty is from Russia and is the national cat of Russia. Although long haired, Siberian cats are known to produce less Fel D1 protein compared to other cats and therefore is less allergenic.

Siberians are very intelligent cats that can even solve problems in order to get what they want. They are also fascinated with water and like dropping their toys in water. These affectionate cats are very people-oriented and will meet you at the door when you arrive home to be the first to tell you about their day and will definitely love to listen yours.

5 – Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat
6 Amazing Black Smoke Cat Breeds 15

Norwegian Forest Cat is a natural breed that is centuries old and often associated with Vikings and later Crusaders of 14th Century bringing different cat breeds to the region and letting them mate with local farm and feral cats. These kitties are very sturdy cats that adapted to very cold air. Norwegian Forest Cats are muscled and athletic cats with an interest to climbing.

Since they are fully matured at about five years of age they carry their playful nature for a very long time. They are also friendly and family oriented cats that are very loving towards their humans. These cats love to cuddle and when they purr during these cuddles, they make sure that you hear it.

6 – Black Smoke Turkish Angora

Black Smoke Turkish Angora
6 Amazing Black Smoke Cat Breeds 16

Turkish Angora or Ankara cat is another ancient and natural breed of cat. Having originated in central Anatolia and specifically the city of Ankara, Turkish Angora has its own breeding program started by Ataturk Farm Forest and Zoo in Ankara. This breeding program specifically breeds odd-eyes cats since it is officially accepted as the distinguishing trait of the breed.

Turkish Angora is an intelligent, playful and athletic cat that generally selects one human to be its favorite and is very protective of that individual. Their extremely high intelligence that involve even problem solving skills and their willingness to be involved in human activities makes their training rather easy. These active kitties can be found on top of refrigerators, bookshelves or top of doors due their energetic nature and love for climbing.

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  • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar

    I have a one it is similar cut and fan and homfull i love him my baby (tiger)

  • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar
    Debbie Hampton

    I was so happy to have this information today. We live in a wooded area in Montana and a small tiny featured cat just popped in. We reassured her and socialized her over a few months. Then she decided to stay and be our cat permanently. She has a white undercoat and a black top coat I found very unusual. I love it. She has a long thick coat that requires a lot of maintenance. Especially when spring came ! We named her Smudge because her undercoat sometimes shines through
    looking like white smudges. I wish I knew her history.

  • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar
    J stone

    Black smokes are not rare or difficult to breed. It’s merely the inclusion of the silver Inhibitor gene in one of the parents.