People for some reason don’t want to adopt blind cats because they don’t know how loving and cute they are and these blind cat names are just for them.

Blind cats are special and there are very special blind cat names that are just right for them. There are many people who want to adopt a cat that is just perfect with its coat, eyes, color and whatever traits you can think of. I know this because they ask me. The answer I always give is “It doesn’t matter how your cat looks or what special needs it has. What you are getting is a friend, not a furniture.” I convinced a lot of people to get blind cats and now they all say they wouldn’t have any other cat.

Cat Names For Blind Cats
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I separated blind cat names into two categories:

  • Male Blind Cat Names
  • Female Blind Cat Names

Before we begin our list, I have a few suggestions for you to pick the perfect name for your new friend. First of all, note the names you like as you go further in the list because probably there will be more than one name you like. After you finish reading the names, take a look at your notes and pick your favorite name among the names you like.

Also, if more than one person will decide the name, keep your separate notes and compare them after everybody is finished with the list in order to check if there is any common name in all lists. This way everybody will be happy with the chosen name.

Without any more delay, let’s find the perfect name for your kitty.

Male Blind Cat Names

Names For Blind Cats
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From historical figures to mythological characters to famous archers, this list has it all. It doesn’t matter of your cat has only one eye or can’t see at all, there is a name for every kitty in our list of male names for blind cats.

  1. Iris
  2. Rufus
  3. Julgus
  4. Lutador
  5. David
  6. Keeper
  7. Ajax
  8. Cassie
  9. Poppy
  10. Aloysius
  11. Stevie
  12. Nasu
  13. Mut
  14. Peter
  15. Scout
  16. Frank
  17. Ghost
  18. Basil
  19. Andre
  20. Kelvin
  21. Steropes
  22. Allen
  23. Chaplin
  24. Bizirik
  25. Garrett
  26. Malcom
  27. Ray
  28. Pit
  29. Nikita
  30. Churchill
  1. Paris
  2. Cedric
  3. Alastair
  4. Flash
  5. Reo
  6. Coco
  7. Eros
  8. Opal
  9. Will
  10. Shinon
  11. Harold
  12. Arges
  13. Dustin
  14. Hanzo
  15. Daryl
  16. Plucky
  17. Tulelo
  18. Louis
  19. Lens
  20. Ullr
  21. Fred
  22. Appie
  23. Anakin
  24. Hou Yi
  25. Legolas
  26. Mel
  27. Cupid
  28. Mike
  29. Ushindi
  30. Bear
  1. Apollo
  2. Kahlo
  3. Horace
  4. Hawkeye
  5. Alex
  6. Cayden
  7. Sigur
  8. Pugnator
  9. Robin
  10. Kodak
  11. Miles
  12. Roselle
  13. Feliciano
  14. Brontes
  15. Cyclops
  16. Odysseus
  17. Link
  18. Keller
  19. Buddy
  20. Niedobitek
  21. Willow
  22. Bokie
  23. Lux

Female Blind Cat Names

Blind Cat Names Male
166 Blind Cat Names For Little Wonders 8

Just like male blind cat names, female names for blind cats consist of names from many categories such as mythology, history, sports, fiction, etc. I am sure that you will find a name in this list that will suit your cat daughter perfectly.

  1. Arjuna
  2. Pocahontas
  3. Charlotte
  4. Lady Lux
  5. Iris
  6. Gaia
  7. Ellie
  8. Lindsey
  9. Melissa
  10. Poppy
  11. Glory
  12. Lensy
  13. Dottie
  14. Lux
  15. Owasinda
  16. Merida
  17. Griselda
  18. Skadi
  19. Jessica
  20. Miroslava
  21. Kimberly
  22. Feliciana
  23. Bella
  24. Imelda
  25. Oorlewende
  26. Abigail
  27. Lexi
  28. Flora
  29. Natalia
  30. Daisy
  1. Heloise
  2. Dorothy
  3. Elda
  4. Marketa
  5. Gertrude
  6. Moonbeam
  7. Reimi
  8. Argent
  9. Judy
  10. Lara
  11. Cecil
  12. Meredith
  13. Neytiri
  14. Rama
  15. Lucy
  16. Olivia
  17. Elizabeth
  18. Hannah
  19. Roselle
  20. Kiara
  21. Kahlo
  22. Susan
  23. Diana
  24. Alison
  25. Belle
  26. Hope
  27. Alexa
  28. Helen
  29. Pixel
  30. Aida
Blind Cat Names Female
166 Blind Cat Names For Little Wonders 9
  1. Lenka
  2. Opal
  3. Chloe
  4. Wonder
  5. Nikita
  6. Khatuna
  7. Lily
  8. Caroline
  9. Katniss
  10. Odwaga
  11. Luna
  12. Cassie
  13. Andrea
  14. Sylvanas
  15. Bellatrix
  16. Ashe
  17. Michaela
  18. Deepika
  19. Artemis
  20. Louis
  21. Amazon
  22. Miles
  23. Naomi

Keep in mind that all cats need regular veterinarian visits for early diagnosis of any preventable disease. Blind cats need a little more attention since they have special needs so visit your veterinarian regularly for a long, healthy joyful life with your kitty.

If you want to have different options or alternative names such as spring cat names or may be even space cat names take a look at our other lists as well. Having a cat name that suits your cat’s character is also an option so you may also want to check lists defining a cats character such as quiet cat names.

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