Not all cat breeds are energetic space shuttles that are ready to take off. There are some calm cat breeds that prefer to hang out with you on the couch.

Most people like the playful nature of the cats when the cat is playing with anything but anyone beside themselves because humans are more playful when they are kids but when they grow up they are less playful and playing with a cat for a long time is not their favorite activity. Because let’s face it, we get lazy. The cat breeds I am listing today are calm cat breeds that are not very energetic. Well, there is a cat for everyone.

Not all cats in a given breed are the same, they all have their own personalities so a calm cat breed might have some cats that are energetic and vice versa. So if you are looking for a calm cat, you don’t really need a specific breed of cat. Instead, you may head to your local shelter and adopt a cat or a kitten that is known to be calmer.

Calm Cat Breeds in Shelters?

Calm Cats
5 Calm Cat Breeds That Will Increase The Peace In The House 8

Why am I telling this before I list some special and rare breeds of cats, right? I don’t hold any grudge against honest breeders that are taking care of their cats really well but to be honest this is not always the case. There are so many breeders that overbreed their cats and make them live in really poor conditions. So choosing to own specific cat breeds increase the demand and more and more breeders enter the “market”.

These irresponsible breeders are not trying to preserve a breed while earning money. They are using cats like machine parts in a factory. So be responsible and adopt a cat or kitten from a shelter. If you really want a specific cat breed for any reason, choose one of the responsible breeders, ask them if you can visit their facilities and see the parent cats and the kittens. If they are honest and responsible breeders, they will probably will not refuse this request.

1 – Selkirk Rex

Calm Selkirk Rex
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If you see the term “Rex” in a breeds name, it means that the breed has curly hairs. Selkirk Rex is no exception. With its curly and soft hairs and gentle soul, this cat breed is one of the most lovely calm cat breeds. They are incredibly relaxed and docile cat that love being held and cuddled with. These little felines are loving, social and out-going that are also very good with kids. As with most cat breeds that are as social and affectionate as Selkirk Rex, they don’t like staying alone for long hours so if you are not at home for long hours during the day, it is better to have another pet to keep it company.

2 – Birman Cat

Birman Cat
5 Calm Cat Breeds That Will Increase The Peace In The House 10

Birman is a slightly larger breed with even a bigger heart full of love. Birman wants to give and receive love. They are not shy even with strangers and generally greets them personally. They are also smart cats that can be easily trained. They can even learn walking on a leash if the training starts early. As you may expect from a cat in this list, they are not very energetic cats so children who are more active do not get the playtime they want from them. However, Birman is recommended by experts for children who needs to practice their reading skills as these felines are excellent listeners.

3 – Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail
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One of the most famous calm cat breeds is Japanese Bobtail. It is also one of the oldest domestic cat breeds there is. Japanese Bobtail is believed to bring good fortune and success to its humans. They are smart, affectionate, good-natured and sociable cats that are also good with children. They enjoy spending time with their humans but are not really lap cats. Their most distinctive physical trait is their short, rabbit-like bobbed tail. Japanese Bobtail can have short or long hairs. It is important to note that Japanese Bobtail is a playful cat but it is not too energetic and playtime is actually a joy.

4 – Ragdoll

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This one might be the most huggy of the calm cat breeds. Ragdoll loves to be picked up and carried around and when you pick it up, it goes limp like a ragdoll. It is so affectionate, loyal and forms such a bond with their humans that it follows them around and waits for an opportunity to snuggle on their laps. While they love the attention, they don’t demand it. If you start training them early, they can learn walking on a leash and tend to enjoy a walk in the neighborhood.

5 – Persian

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In my opinion Persian is the most elegant cat in the list of calm cat breeds and not just for its looks. It is a loving, easy-going cat and is loyal as long as it receives love. Cuddly, fluffy and quite; Persians are not one of the most popular cat breeds of all time for nothing. In addition to being well-behaved, it is also playful and curious but not over-energetic. It has such a soft and melodious voice that it makes you want to listen to it all day long.

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