Bologna is unhealthy for humans although it is specifically produced for human consumption but is it OK for cats? Can cats eat bologna?

Bologna is a cheap, readily available and delicious product but as we all know it is not the healthiest meat product in the market. Nevertheless, it is a staple food in a lot of houses so cats have access to it or at least have a lot of opportunity to grab some. So naturally the question is “can cats eat bologna”.

Is Bologna Safe For Cats
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Can cats eat bologna?

Although bologna is basically meat and it has no immediate effects on cats if they eat it in small quantities, it is better to not give bologna to cats at all. Since bologna has seasonings, additives, and salt which are unhealthy for cats, and myrtle berry which is toxic to cats, cats SHOULD NOT eat bologna.

The seasonings inside bologna are typically black peppercorns, sugar, corn starch, mustard, coriander, and paprika. Actually none of these are in the natural diet of cats and they are hard for cats to digest because cats are obligate carnivores which means that they get their main nutrition from animal meat.

These seasonings deteriorate a cat’s health in the long run but in some cases cats may consume too much of them or have food allergies which may lead to digestive issues such as diarrhea, vomiting or lethargy. If you see any of these symptoms consult your veterinarian without losing time.

Can Cats Have Bologna
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Also myrtle berry is in almost all bologna recipes and since it is toxic to cats, too much bologna has the potential to poison your cat. Another poisoning hazard for a cat having bologna is salt poisoning. Cats need only a very small amount of salt in order to survive.

Although there are studies published by National Library of Medicine showing healthy cats consuming more salt than recommended intake do not show any adverse effects, according to US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health there are many other studies showing the adverse effects of excessive salt intake. So the jury is still out there on salt intake issue.

Is bologna safe for cats?

In addition to seasonings, salt and myrtle berries, none of which are good for cats, bologna includes processed meat just like regular sausage or Vienna sausage. Processed meat is not good for feline consumption and can cause serious health issues in the long run such as obesity which causes all kinds of serious issues like diabetes, hearth condition, etc.

The type of meat in bologna is generally the scraps of meat which could not be used in other meat products. These scraps from pork, beef and chicken are mixed and processed on order to obtain the product we know as bologna. What is unhealthy here for cats is not the types of meat in the mixture but the process of how these meats are prepared.

How much bologna can my cat eat?

As long as there is no other health condition such as food allergies, a tiny bit of bologna that is the size of the tip of your finger does not cause immediate harm to your cat.

The key points here are the size of the bologna the cat eats, the health condition of the cat and the frequency the cat eats it. If a tiny bit of bologna is given once in a month, it is not really worrisome.

However, you should always consult your veterinarian before introducing a new food to your cats diet.

Can Cats Eat Bologna – Conclusion

After all these information let’s ask it one more time. Can cats eat bologna? Cats can eat a tiny bit of bologna maybe once a month but it is not healthy for cats so they really shouldn’t eat it at all. If you really wish to add some extra meat to your cat’s diet you may try cooked, plain chicken meat which is way healthier than bologna.

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