Vienna sausages are delicious and whenever you cook some, you can be sure that the cats in the house come running. The question is can cats eat Vienna sausage?

Cats are obligate carnivores and like all other carnivores they need meat to survive. Sausages are also made of meat so they should be OK, right? Not quite. But can cats eat Vienna sausage? There are several things to consider before giving any meat to your cat such as how the meat is prepared, if it is processed or if there are any spices or seasonings in the meat, etc.

Is Vienna Sausage Toxic to Cats
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Can cats eat Vienna sausage?

The answer to the question “can cats eat Vienna sausage” is not that simple. The short answer is, NO, cats should not eat any Vienna sausage but they are not toxic either. Since there is no exact recipe for Vienna sausages, the amount that is harmful to cats may differ from sausage to sausage.

Vienna sausages are different in Europe from the ones in the U.S. In Europe Vienna sausages are made from spiced ham and they are more like the hot dogs in the U.S. In the U.S. they are made using pork paste and sometimes a combination of pork paste and other meats such as chicken and beef.

No matter what meat they are made from Vienna sausages always have some spices and seasonings in them. Naturally the U.S. Vienna sausages are different in taste, too. Also they are shorter.

Vienna Sausage Cats
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Although there is no specific recipe for Vienna sausages typically they include ingredients none of which is good for cats. These ingredients are generally meat (pork paste, meat, chicken or a combination of them), various spices, salt, sugar and (if you are having store bought sausages) various additives and preservatives such as Sodium Erythorbate and Sodium Nitrate.

None of these ingredients are individually good for feline consumption except for the meat itself. With this being said, the meat in Vienna sausages is processed meat which means it is not good for cats either. So nothing in these sausages can be eaten by cats let alone the combination of them.

What happens if my cat eats Vienna sausages?

The effects of eating Vienna sausage can vary from sausage to sausage. Although they are not toxic to cats, the amount of additives and preservatives, salt, spices or other ingredients are very important in determining how much Vienna sausages may harm your cat.

The harmful effects of Vienna sausages may be immediately visible or may show themselves sometime later. These effects may vary from a mild discomfort to vomiting and diarrhea to more serious symptoms.

Can Cats Have Vienna Sausage
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Can cats eat raw sausages?

Raw sausages or any kind of raw meat has the risk of carrying salmonella bacteria which is dangerous for cats. Therefore raw meat and sausages should not be fed to cats. Salmonella bacteria may be asymptomatic but it may also be serious and cause septicaemia and endotoxemia. Although rare, it may spread to other organs.

The symptoms of Salmonella infection include:

  • abdominal pain;
  • lack of appetite;
  • vomiting;
  • high fever;
  • and diarrhea.

If your cat has Salmonella disease or you suspect that it may have Salmonella, please contact your veterinarian.

Can Cat Eat Vienna Sausages – Conclusion

Is Vienna Sausage Safe For Cats
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After all these information, let’s ask it again. Can cats eat Vienna sausages? The answer is NO, cats should not eat Vienna sausages but if your cat eats a tiny bit of cooked Vienna sausage, don’t be alarmed. Observe your cat and see if there are any unusual behaviors.

Sometimes when a cat is not used to a certain food, it may cause discomfort in the digestive system of the kitty. In any case, eating only a few tiny bits of Vienna sausage most probably will not be harmful to your cat but since there are healthier and better alternatives such as cucumbers or lettuce, giving Vienna sausages to your cat is really unnecessary.

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