I am not really a whipped cream guy but I eat it occasionally so my cats have access to it every once in a while. But can cats eat whipped cream?

Cats are curious creatures and they generally want to taste or at least smell whatever you are eating. Since they don’t consider what is good or bad for them, it is us, humans who need to think it for them and whipped cream is no exception. So the question is “can cats eat whipped cream?”

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Can cats eat whipped cream?

The short answer is yes, cats can eat whipped cream because there is nothing toxic to cats in the whipped cream. However, being nontoxic doesn’t mean it is good for them. Cats should not eat whipped cream for a few reasons.

We have all seen the cliche scene of cat drinking milk from a bowl in cartoons and some movies which is alright only in cartoons because the cats in cartoons don’t get diarrhea. However, in real life dairy products are not really beneficial for our little friends.

Almost all cats are lactose intolerant. They drink milk from their mothers when they are kittens and then gradually their body stops producing the enzimes that are needed to digest lactose. In the absence of such lactose digesting enzimes, milk and other dairy products cause gastro-intestinal issues for felines.

These gastro-intestinal issues include diarrhea, excessive gas, upset stomach, vomiting, bloating, etc. This may not seem serious to you but these issues might quickly become extremely important if left untreated.

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Is whipped cream bad for cats?

Whipped cream is bad for cats. It doesn’t immediately harm them provided that the consumed amount is not excessive but the lactose, sugar, calories and additives in most whipped creams are health hazards for kitties.

It is true that if a cat is healthy, it can tolerate small amounts of whipped cream every once in a while but it is definitely harmful to it. Just like lactose, sugar in the whipped cream causes nausea and vomiting and also high amounts of sugar or regular consumption of it can cause obesity, diabetes and other serious health issues.

In addition to lactose and sugar, whipped cream has a lot of fat in it which is also bad for cats. Lots of calories and no health benefit at all!

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On top of all the health risks and harms it does, whipped cream does not taste the same to cats like it tastes to us. Cats don’t have the taste buds on their tongues to experience sweetness so for them whipped cream is just a soft dairy product.

What happens if my cat eats whipped cream?

There is no need to panick if your cat eats a few licks of whipped cream however you should observe your cat for any allergic reactions expecially if it is the first time it tries whipped cream. If you observe any adverse reactions or unusual behaviors, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Best case scenario if your cat eats whipped cream is the excess calories it includes can make your little friend gain weight because a spoonful of whipped cream includes 51 calories and your cat needs only 20 calories per pound of its weight so 51 calories is a lot considering your cat will also eat its regular cat food.

Always keep in mind that being overweight shortens your cat’s life considerably and is the first step of obesity which is the cause of a lot of health risks including diabetes, heart disease, many types of cancer and hypertension.

Conclusion – Can Cats Eat Whipped Cream?

The short answer to can cats eat whipped cream is yes but they shouldn’t because whipped cream does not have any health benefit to felines but it has many health hazards.

Lactose, sugar, fat, extra calories, the chemicals in the canned whipped cream are all bad for cats and should be avoided whenever it can be.

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Only a few licks of whipped cream does not create an immediate danger but try to avoid it when you can.

If you wish to give some healthy snacks to your cat, you may try cucumbers, lettuce or blackberries.

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