Australia is considered to be a dangerous place when it comes to native wildlife, but cats are fierce and tough. So here is the cat breeds Australia embraces.

Australia may seem like a faraway land that is disconnected from most of the world, but this doesn’t mean anything to cats because there is nowhere on this planet that cats cannot go, and I am being conservative when I don’t say Solar system 😸. So, cat breeds Australia loves are also a proof of how far cats can go!

Black Cat Breeds Australia
Top 5+1 Cat Breeds Australia Loves 9

This list of cat breeds Australia loves is based on analysis of the Google searches Australian people made in 2021 so it is not about the most sold or adopted cats in Australia. It is just the cat breeds Australia loves most. Also, we wanted to pay our respects to one of the native cat breeds of Australia and that’s where +1 cat breed comes from.

Let’s not waste any more time and check the amazing kitties of Australia!

1. Maine Coon

Cat Breeds Australia Maine Coon
Top 5+1 Cat Breeds Australia Loves 10

Although Maine Coon is native to the U.S. and even the official state cat of the state of Maine, its popularity is beyond the borders of America. As one of the oldest natural cat breeds of the Nort America, this kitty was once on the brink of extinction but now it is the 3rd most popular cat breed around the world.

Maine Coon is adapted to cold weather so good that it even has a water-proof coat. All parts of Maine Coon from tail to paws to ears are evolved for harsh winter climate. These big and resilient kitties can look tough, but they might be among the most affectionate cat breeds Australia has ever seen hence the nickname “gentle giant”.

2. Bengal Cat

Affectionate Cat Breeds Australia Bengal
Top 5+1 Cat Breeds Australia Loves 11

Bengal cat looks wild, and it actually has a wild ancestry. The first Bengal cats were bred using wild Asian leopard cats and domestic cats such as Egyptian Mau. Although Bengal cat was first mentioned in 1889 in Our Cats and All About Them by Harrison Weir, it was not accepted as a registered breed by TICA until 1983.

Bengal is a very smart, energetic, playful and loving cat that acts more like a dog than a cat. Some Bengal cats even retrieve items without their humans teaching them such a trick. Their spectacular looks make them popular but be careful, only Bengal cats that are fifth generation and later are legal in Australia.

3. Ragdoll

Cat Breeds Australia Ragdoll
Top 5+1 Cat Breeds Australia Loves 12

Ragdolls are large kitties that are affectionate, gentle, calm, easy-to-handle and extremely docile. The extreme docility of the ragdoll cat lead to some people thinking that they don’t feel pain which is not true. They put up with even the naughtiest kids and other pets and this is not always in the best interest of the ragdoll.

They tend to go limp when they are picked up and that’s where they get their name. These are dog-like kitties that like to follow their humans from room to room and can be trained to play fetch which is really good because they keep their playful nature well into their senior years.

4. British Shorthair

Cat Breeds Australia British Shorthair
Top 5+1 Cat Breeds Australia Loves 13

British shorthair is not only a shorthaired cat that the U.K. is proud to call British, but it is also a celebrity in the literature world. The famous Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderland is in fact a British shorthair. Of course, this fame is only one of the reasons why it is by far the most popular pedigreed cat breed in its homeland.

British shorthair is described as a dignified breed that is not as playful as some other breeds. Its easy-going nature and devotion to its humans make them easily trainable. They get on well with other pets and children but they don’t really like being picked up.

5. Sphynx Cat

Cat Breeds Australia Sphynx
Top 5+1 Cat Breeds Australia Loves 14

Sphynx cat might be sound and look like an Egyptian cat to most people, but it is actually from Canada and is naturally among the most popular cat breeds in Canada. Like the Canadian people, the Sphynx is known with its extrovert character and gentleness. It is also so affectionate towards its humans that it doesn’t want to leave their side.

Although people think that as a hairless cat Sphynx is low maintenance, this is not true at all. Like all other hairless cats, Sphynx has special needs such as bathing which is not really what most other cat breeds like at all. However, a loving Sphynx that greets its humans at the door makes all the effort worthwhile.

6. Australian Mist (Spotted Mist)

Cat Breeds Australia Australian Mist
Top 5+1 Cat Breeds Australia Loves 15

Australian mist or spotted mist is a cross between Burmese cat, Abyssinian cat and Australian tabby cat. Australian mist was first developed in 1975 and is accepted for championship status by World Cat Federation and TICA. Some breeders also tried to have black cat breeds Australia would love using Australian mist, but this simply did not happen.

Australian mist a very tolerant breed that gets along well with other cats and dogs. It is also calm and playful but as it matures it becomes less playful. It is an intelligent breed that can be taught a lot of tricks including playing fetch and walking on a leash.

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