There are only 3 cat breeds starting with J: Japanese Bobtail, Javanese Cat or Colorpoint Longhair and Jaguarundi Curl (not Jaguarundi).

As I said above; there aren’t many cat breeds starting with J but the ones are truly amazing. “J cat trio”, if I may, consists of three amazing cats. While Japanese Bobtail is an ancient cat that even has myths about all over far east, Javanese Cat and Jaguarundi Curl are bred intentionally. But be careful not to mistake Jaguarundi Curl with the wild Jaguarundi. These cats do not share a genetic connection so Jaguarundi Curl is not bred using Jaguarundi. Having an actual Jaguarundi is illegal in many states in and countries around the world.

1 – Japanese Bobtail

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Although the exact history of the Japanese Bobtail is unknown, a theory suggests that it arrived Japan more than 1,000 years ago. These amazing and ancient cats found their places all over Japan’s history, art and belief system. They are believed to bring good fortune to their owners and even their statues known as Maneki Neko is believed to draw good people.

Japanese Bobtails are good family cats due to their affectionate and very human-oriented nature. These kitties are also playful, loyal and energetic. They are so full of energy that if they are not talking to you with their chirping voices and not around for some time, you can be sure that they are up to a mischief. But don’t let this misguide you, if they spend their energy as they should, they are very very peaceful kitties.

Japanese Bobtails are very smart, too. They can be relatively easily thought tricks and plays such as walking on a leash or playing fetch. An interesting thing about this breed is their love for water. You may find your Japanese Bobtail playing with its drinking water if it can not enter the bath tub for some reason.

2 – Javanese Cat

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Next in our list of cat breeds starting with J is the Javanese Cat which is an offshoot of Balinese Cat. Although its name is derived from Java which is an island in South East Asia. Javanese Cat is actually bred by Americans in U.S. It was given full championship status by the CFA in 1986 but then it was merged back with Balinese under Javanese division in 2008.

Javanese cat is a very intelligent kitty with a tendency to vocalize for no apparent reason (just like my great aunt who just likes to talk) 😹 These are playful felines and social that may get depressed if left on their own for long times. They like being involved in whatever their humans do and also like the company of other pets.

3 – Jaguarundi Curl

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Definitely the rarest cat in this list of cat breeds starting with J is the Jaguarundi Curl. Often confused with Jaguarundi which is a wild cat whose habitat is South America, Jaguarundi Curl does not have any genetic connection with Jaguarundi the wild cat. It is only named after Jaguarundi because it looks like Jaguarundi. Other than that, there is no connection whatsoever.

Jaguarundi Curl was actually bred first in U.S. outcrossing Highland Lynx cats to Munchkins or other short-legged domestic cats. The most distinguishing features of Jaguarundi Curl are the ears, the coat and the tail. It has curled ears that are set wide apart with tufts on their tips. Although it may come in any color or pattern except for particolor, the preferred one is the ticked just like a Jaguarundi wild cat. Unlike its Highland Lynx ancestor, Jaguarundi Curl has a long tail like a Jaguarundi wild cat.

These kitties may have the characteristics of their Highland Lynx or Munchkin parents so you may expect them to be  human-oriented, friendly and playful cats.

Also, Jaguarundi Curl is registered to Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR).

Registry: Breed Jaguarundi Curl – Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (

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