Did you know that cat breeds that act like dogs have more than one special term that defines them? They are called “puppy cats” or “dog-like cats”.

These cat breeds that act like dogs like to follow their humans around the house, meet guests and their humans at the door, play fetch, walk on a leash and some even like swimming. Although each cat has its own character so they are all different, some breeds are more inclined to show dog-like behaviors that’s why we call them dog-like cat breeds

People tend to think that cats are distant creatures that are independent and generally mildly affectionate but some cats are racing with dogs even on the subjects that are attributed to dogs most such as loyalty. For example when I am out, my boy cat Ouzo waits for me sitting in front of the window and when he sees me entering our street, he gets so excited that he runs to the door to greet me. (Yeah, I am a proud father).

Dog-like Cat Breeds
5 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs 8

Let’s see some of those cat breeds that act like dogs for people who prefer an animal that is between a cat and a dog.

1 – American Bobtail

Dog-like Cat American Bobtail
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American Bobtails are large and powerful felines and as the name suggests they have bobbed tails. These wild looking cats are very friendly, loving and intelligent on the contrary to their looks. They are confident and emotionally bond to their families.

American Bobtail is not shy at all. When a guest comes over to the house, you can be sure that it is the first member of the family to greet the guest. They get on well with kids, other cats and cat-friendly dogs, too. If trained early, they can become really good travel companions. Be warned though, this is a rare breed that is hard to find.

2 – Abyssinian

Abyssinian on a Leash
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Abyssinian is elegant and athletic at the same time. It is a loyal, extremely smart, easily trained cat breed that follows its human everywhere. Abyssinians love water and playing fetch in addition to walking on a leash. So if you love taking a walk with your little friend and can spare time to this very playful kitty, Abyssinian can be a good choice for you.

Abyssinians are also well known for climbing upon their humans to lookout which is not a common behavior among other cat breeds. These felines are very sociable so they don’t like staying alone for long hours and can become depressed if they feel alone.

3 – Turkish Angora

Dog-like Cat Turkish Angora
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Another cat breed that loves water is the Turkish Angora which is famous with its swimming skills. It is a social, clever, devoted breed that is also playful and mischievous. Turkish Angora is very good with children and other pets so it fits perfectly to a family environment. They are also very loyal to their families and want to be involved in everything that their families do.

These cats greet visitors at the door and take car of them individually until they leave the house. They are also extremely adaptable and playful so expect a lot of fun when there is a Turkish Angora around.

4 – Maine Coon

Dog-like Cat Maine Coon
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Maine Coon is considered the largest domestic cat breed which is the size of a small dog. These large kitties have even bigger hearts that are full of love and affection. They are loyal, loving and playful towards their humans especially the children but due to their strong loyalty to the family, they tend to be cautious towards strangers.

Also like dogs, Maine Coon requires constant grooming to prevent matting. You may expect a lot of cat hair on your clothes because these large cats love to give hugs.

5 – Ragamuffin

Dog-like Cat Ragamuffin
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Ragamuffin is extremely adaptable to changes in routines unlike most cat breeds. They can also easily live in smaller spaces without any issues. Their loyalty to their humans are so high that they tail them wherever they go and greet them at the door when they arrive home.

As expected from a cat in a list of cat breeds that act like dogs, Ragamuffin loves attention from all members of the family and act a lot like lap dogs. It has a well deserved place in any list of cat breeds that act like dogs

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