Whiskers might be one of the most adorable parts of kitties, so we compiled a list of the most adorable cat breeds with long whiskers for you.

Cat whiskers are not just accessories, they have their purposes, even the ones on the backside of the front paws. I bet some of you didn’t even notice those, did you? Some cat breeds have short whiskers, and some have long, but this doesn’t change the whiskers’ purposes. In this post we will have a look at some cat breeds with long whiskers.

Cats With Long Whiskers
5 The Most Adorable Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers 8

The whiskers help cats navigate in darkness, calculate jumping distances, prevent them from getting stuck in narrow spaces by measuring how narrow the space is even before getting in there, etc. Therefore their length is directly related to how big the cat is.

All the cats below are bigger than your average cat, and now you know why.

1 – Norwegian Forest Cat

Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers Norwegian Forest Cat
5 The Most Adorable Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers 9

Being slightly smaller than Maine Coon, which is the world’s biggest domestic cat breed, the large size of the Norwegian Forest Cat requires long whiskers. The latest studies also show that the Norwegian Forest Cat might be the ancestor of the Maine Coon, which is no suprise considering the similarities in their looks.

Norwegian Forest Cat is an excellent mouse hunter and is also well-equiped for harsh winter conditions with their long, thick and water-resistant coats. In addition to being excellent hunters, they are loving and good looking. They come in many great colours and patterns including tuxedo and black smoke.

In addition to all their amazing qualities these kitties are very playful. It takes about 5 years for a Norwegian Forest Cat to fully mature so if you want an XXL kitten, you know what you are looking for 😻 But, be warned! Norwegian Forest Cats are rare even among the cat breeds with long whiskers.

2 – Ragdoll

Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers Ragdoll
5 The Most Adorable Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers 10

Ragdoll is an extremely laid-back kitty that tends to go limp when picked up. It is also very, very tolerant so much that some people think that it can’t feel pain which is of course, not true at all. This docility and its permanent relaxed state, combined with its extrovert and loyal nature, make it one of the most affectionate cats of all.

The male Ragdoll has a larger size than the female therefore the males have longer whiskers. When your cat is relaxed and content, its whiskers go straight to the sides. The calmness of the Ragdoll makes its whiskers look even longer than they actually are.

3 – Maine Coon

Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers Maine Coon
5 The Most Adorable Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers 11

The biggest of all domestic cats in the world! Justifiably nicknamed the “gentle giant”! The champion of the cat breeds with long whiskers! The official state cat of the state of Maine! I present you the Maine Coon! Maine Coon also happens to be one of the oldest natural cat breeds of North America!

According to Guinnes World Records, the longest whisker on a cat measured 7.5 inches long in Finland in 2005. The Maine Coon named Fullmoon’s Miss American Pie (a.k.a. Missy) was 4 years old by then. Since Maine Coons are the biggest domestic cat breeds, it is no surprise that a Maine Coon holds this record.

4 – Siberian Cat

Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers Siberian Cat
5 The Most Adorable Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers 12

Siberian cats can reach up to 26 lbs. This large size naturally requires long whiskers so that the kitty can measure where it can fit. As the name suggests, the natural habitat of the Siberian cat is the cold Siberia region of Russia and it perfectly adapted to the tough winter conditions there with its thick and long coat.

Siberians are great at mousing, so they were and still are preferred as farm cats especially in rural areas. These are very intelligent cats that can solve even complex problems to get what they want. They are also dog-like cats that greet you at the door and have a fascination with water. Expect to find its toys in its water bowl!

5 – Ragamuffin

Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers Ragamuffin
5 The Most Adorable Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers 13

Ragamuffin is actually produced using Ragdolls and just like them it takes 4 to 5 years for a Ragamuffin to completely mature. As affectionate as a Ragdoll, these kitties are great companions at home. They are also outgoing and really enjoys the company of humans.

With bunny-like soft coats, you can really get addicted to a Ragamuffin’s habit of sleeping on your lap. You can say that they have the softest coats among all cat breeds with long whiskers. They are also dog-like cats that love to follow their humans from room to room and greet them at the door when they arrive after a hard day at work.

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