I have always found the looks of cat breeds with pointy ears fascinating. In the end cats are not Tolkien’s elves but pointy ears make them look super cool.

I haven’t encountered any scientific articles if cat breeds with pointy ears can hear better or not or if there is any functionality behind the pointy ears and I have to admit that I don’t really care how my cat kiddo looks as long as we have that special relationship. Nevertheless, cats with pointy ears look really great.

Cats With Pointy Ears
6 Beautiful Cat Breeds With Pointy Ears 10

There are a lot of cat breeds with pointy ears and this list does not cover them all because that would be a very long post and even then there is the breed recognition issue. While some cat associations evaluate some cat breeds as one breed, others open two separate categories for the same cats.

Therefore I picked 6 of my all time favorite cat breeds with pointy ears. Let’s take a look at these amazing breeds and their character traits.

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1 – Abyssinian

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Abyssinian is one of the oldest cat breeds alive. The cat portraits found in the archeological digs in Egypt are just like the modern Abyssinian we know today. The name Abyssinian comes from their homeland which is Abyssinia (modern day Ethiopia) but the genetic studies made on Abyssinian shows that the first Abyssinian arrived in Europe in 1868.

Abyssinian is one of the most popular cat breeds in the U.S. and for good reason. These kitties are called “clowns of the cat world”! If there is an Abyssinian in a room, fun is guaranteed. Abyssinian cats are affectionate, playful, intelligent, highly social and show dog-like behaviors. What more can you want from a cat?

2 – Maine Coon

Maine Coon
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Behold the official state cat of the state of Maine! Really! Maine Coon is the official state cat of the state of Maine. Although it is regarded as a native of the state of Maine, its roots lay elsewhere. Some theories even link it to the Vikings which might be the reason behind Maine Coon’s unending fascination with water.

This is a very large kitty with a heart as soft as a melting marshmellow hence the nickname “gentle giant”. Although a little shy towards strangers at first, Maine Coon can get along with almost any living being from dogs to your visitors to kids at home. But being affectionate is not all. These kitties are very intelligent and easy to trainwith dog-like behavior.

3 – Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair
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Don’t let the name fool you, Oriental Shorthair was first bred in UK in 1950s. So basically it is a British cat. The intention of the first breeders of the Oriental Shorthair (a.k.a. Foreign Shorthair) was to create a Siamese cat without the traditional markings. Nature does not always work as we humans expect, does it?

These accidental but amazing kitties are very curious and interested in whatever is going on in their environment. They are also very active cats that don’t want to miss playtime. Oriental Shorthair is very social and love to be around other pets as well as people.

Be careful though, they are very talkative and love to command humans. You can not own an Oriental Shorthair, Oriental Shorthair owns you! Not your typical cat; even among these amazing cat breeds with pointy ears.

4 – Balinese Cat

Balinese Cat
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Balinese cat is actually purebred long-haired Siamese cat with a medium length silky coat and a plumed tail however since these are natural mutations, Balinese is generally considered a separate breed. Balinese cats share most of the personality traits of Siamese cats but there are some small differences, too.

Balinese cats are as talkative and persistent as Siamese cats however they have a lower volume which might be desirable for some people. These kitties are playful, extremely curious, very social and affectionate. They are rumored to be the most intelligent long haired cat breed so don’t try anything funny around a Balinese… It knows…

5 – Ocicat

6 Beautiful Cat Breeds With Pointy Ears 15

Ocicat might be the most deceptive of all cat breeds with pointy ears because it has spot markings just like a wild cat however it has no wild DNA in its gene pool. Ocicat is bred using Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair.

Actually the original Ocicat did not have American Shorthair genes but due to an error by CFA while recording the breed, new breeders used American Shorthair, too which made the breed larger and added silver to its colors.

These cats are very friendly and sociable. They even greet the guests at the door. Most of the time they are considered “dogs in cats’ bodies” because they act more like dogs than cats. They can learn dog style tricks such as fetch, understand commands like “lie”, “come”, “speak”, “sit”, etc. and walk on leash. They are also as playful as dogs.

6 – Russian Blue

Russian Blue
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Russian Blue has one of the most distinctive coats among the cat world. Its short and dense coat can not be mistaken with any other breed thanks to its colors varying from light silver to slate gray. Russian Blue has been around for centuries however it wasn’t until 1800s that they appeared in Europe.

Russian Blues are known for their intelligence. They can learn many tricks just by watching their humans. They are known to open doors, remember where you hide their favorite toys and take you to them when they want to play, they even remember guests after long periods of time. These are very emotional cats but also very playful and affectionate.

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