Tuxedo is a very common color pattern and a lot of people ask what breed their tuxedo cat is. So I listed most common cat breeds with tuxedo markings.

Tuxedo is not a breed but a bicolor pattern also known as piebald which resembles a tuxedo. Actually there are so many cat breeds with tuxedo markings that it is hard to list them all in one post therefore I listed the most common tuxedo cats to help you find what breed your cat is.

Unlike Tortoiseshell cats, Tuxedo cats can be male or female with equal chances. Also they can come in any coat length. So what makes tuxedo pattern unique is the elegant look and the charisma it adds to a cat’s character. Whenever I see a tuxedo cat, I can’t stop myself from thinking about what James Bond’s cat would look like if he had one 😹

Tuxedo Cats
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 14

If you don’t have a kitty yet and want to get a tuxedo cat, please adopt one from a shelter because a recent study by Priceonomics has shown that tuxedo cats have an unusually low adoption rate which is below 70%. Show some love to the James Bonds of the feline world and adopt a tuxedo cat.

1 – Exotic Shorthair

Tuxedo Exotic Shorthair
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 15

Properly nicknamed “lazy man’s Persian”, Exotic shorthair has the spectacular looks of a Persian cat but it doesn’t have the grooming needs of a Persian. It is generally a quite cat but it really as a musical voice which is very pleasant. It is also one of the best lap cat breeds although it is an energetic and playful kitty. Docile and gentle with a plush and soft coat, what more can you possibly want?

2 – American Shorthair

Tuxedo American Shorthair
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 16

American Shorthair is a laidback and easygoing breed which gets on well with kids, other pets and adults. They are sturdy and healthy cats with relatively long life spans and they are low-maintenance. No wonder it is one of the most popular cat breeds in U.S.

3 – Turkish Van

Tuxedo Turkish Van
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 17

Turkish Van cats are considered a national treasure in Turkey and their exportation is limited by law in order to protect the breed so it is rare. Turkish Van is one of the ancient breeds that is known to have lived in the area of Van in the Eastern Turkey for centuries. On rare occasions people still report some feral Van cats wandering around and swimming in Lake Van. These kitties are affectionate and very intelligent. They are very fond of swimming and water related activities and due to their water-proof coat, it is a pleasant activity for them.

4 – British Shorthair

Tuxedo British Shorthair
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 18

British Shorthair is believed to be the oldest cat breed in U.K. These are affectionate and easy-going felines and among the most popular cats in U.S., U.K. and Canada. It is a quite and reserved cat that is undemanding and independent. These qualities of the British Shorthair make it a really good cat for seniors, too.

5 – Norwegian Forest Cat

Tuxedo Norwegian Forest Cat
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 19

Norwegian Forest Cat is a natural breed that is very old and generally associated with Vikings. As you may expect from such a cat, it is very sturdy and well-adapted to cold weather. Don’t let the huge and muscular bodies of these kitties fool you, they are very loving towards their humans and fond of their families. They are also friendly and keep their playful and kitten-like nature for a long time because they reach full maturity at about 5 years.

6 – American Curl

Tuxedo American Curl
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 20

American Curl gets its name from its curled back ears. It is an affectionate and people-oriented breed. This purebred originated in Lakewood, California as a result of a spontaneous mutation. Its ears are the most distinguishing trait of the breed but must be handled carefully as rough handling may cause damage to the cartilage.

7 – Scottish Fold

Tuxedo Scottish Fold
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 21

Calm, affectionate and loving nature of the Scottish Fold accompanied with its unique looks increased the popularity of these cats really fast. They also have a high tolerance towards kids and other pets so they can be described as great family cats. Although they get on well with anyone they generally have one favorite person in the family whom they follow around all day long.

8 – Domestic Shorthair

Tuxedo Domestic Shorthair
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 22

Domestic shorthair is the mutt of the cat world so it has a mixed ancestry and consists of cats that don’t really belong to any specific breed. These kitties are generally very healthy because of their amazingly rich gene pool and come in a wide variety of physical traits. They are the most common cats in U.S., U.K. and Canada and referred to as house cats or alley cats. They are not to be confused with American Shorthair and British Shorthair which are different breeds with specific traits.

9 – Turkish Angora

Tuxedo Angora Cat
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 23

Another cat originating from Turkey is Turkish Angora that is also considered a national treasure by the Turkish state which established a breeding program specifically for these kitties. Having been brought to France in 1600s, Turkish Angora gained popularity among French royalty and became a part of the high society with its elegance.

Although a lot of sources state that Turkish Angora likes water, this is a misunderstanding arising from confusing Turkish Angora with Turkish Van cat.

10 – Manx

Tuxedo Manx Cat
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 24

Manx is a puppy-cat which means that it has a dog-like personality. It is gentle, playful, loyal and devoted. Seeing a Manx play fetch, bury its toys or other stuff along with its fascination with water makes you wonder if this tailless creature really a dog or a cat. These sweet, affectionate and even-tempered felines are good with kids, too.

11 – Maine Coon

Tuxedo Maine Coon
11 Most Common Cat Breeds With Tuxedo Markings 25

Often called “gentle giant” of the cat world, Maine Coon is shown by genetic studies to be related to Norwegian Forest Cat so the official cat of the state of Maine actually takes its roots from Europe. The huge body of Maine Coon may look intimidating at first but its loving and laid-back personality changes your mind really fast. Sometimes they seem to forget their huge size because they love the comfort of their humans’ laps.

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