There are some cat breeds we call “dog-like cats” which actually act a lot like dogs. Most of these dog-like cats are the cat breeds you can walk on a leash.

Perhaps you or your partner is a dog person who likes a nice morning walk with your little friend so you are a little distant to the idea of adopting a cat. Well, I say there is a cat for everyone! Did you know that there are cat breeds you can walk on a leash? Now, you know and maybe it is time for you to adopt a cat!

Best Cat Breeds For Leash Training
5 Best Cat Breeds You Can Walk On A Leash 8

The cat breeds you can walk on a leash or the best cat breeds for leash training are also capable of learning tricks such as playing fetch or obeying verbal commands like sit or roll. I know these are the behaviors you are used to from dogs but an intelligent cat is an intelligent cat.

The difference between walking a cat and walking a dog is that a dog needs to be walked because it eventually needs to do its duty, right? Well, cat breeds you can walk on a leash walks with you just for fun and sometimes to check on the neighborhood to make sure everything is cool in their territory. So you don’t have to walk them but you just can.

Let’s have a look at the best cat breeds for hiking or walking.

1 – Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat on A Leash
5 Best Cat Breeds You Can Walk On A Leash 9

Bengal cats are as smart as they are charismatic. They can be easily trained to walk on a leash and can also learn tricks such as playing fetch on their own. They may be wild looking but actually they are very affectionate, friendly and funny. You can never get bored when there is a Bengal cat around.

Bengal cats are also very energetic and you need to give them something to spend this extra energy in addition to stimulating them mentally. Otherwise, they will just meet their own needs which can be a little annoying for us humans such as turning light switches on/off or plucking CDs/DVDs from the DVD player.

2 – Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian on A Leash
5 Best Cat Breeds You Can Walk On A Leash 10

Abyssinian is one of the oldest domestic cat breeds that we know of. Mummified cats in ancient Egyptian tombs and modern Abyssinian are genetically similar and it is no wonder that such an old friend of humans is one of the top 5 most popular cat breeds in the world.

Abyssinians are called “the clowns of the cat world” so there is no boring times around them. They are affectionate and loving kitties that are very interested in their humans that they not only can walk on a leash outside but also follow their humans from room to room inside the house.

3 – Maine Coon

Maine Coon on A Leash
5 Best Cat Breeds You Can Walk On A Leash 11

Maine Coon is the only cat which is the official cat breed of a state. As its name suggests it is from Maine, US but studies suggest that it is also closely related to Norwegian Forest Cat, too. These large cats are also among the most popular cat breeds in America.

Although Maine Coon is a large (almost beast-like) cat, it has a heart that is as soft as a marshmallow. This kitty is a loving, intelligent, playful friend that can get along with everybody in the house from children to other pets, hence the nickname “the gentle giant”.

4 – American Curl

American Curl on A Leash
5 Best Cat Breeds You Can Walk On A Leash 12

American Curl is a unique cat breed that has curled back ears. This loving kitty was first bred in Lakewood, California as a result of a spontaneous genetic mutation. Its ears might draw your attention and may invoke a the need to touch them but rough handling might damage the cartilage so a gentle approach is the best way.

Due to its large genetic pool, it is generally a healthy cat with an amazing personality. It can get along with anyone from children to other pets and due to its active nature it is playful, too. American Curl is so smart that it can open door knobs and get what it wants from cabinets. So it is advisable to be careful what you put in the cabinets it can reach.

5 – Manx Cat

Manx Cat on A Leash
5 Best Cat Breeds You Can Walk On A Leash 13

In addition to being one of the best cat breeds you can walk on a leash, Manx cat is the only tailless cat in the world. It does not have a bobtail, it just doesn’t have a tail at all. However, not all Manx cats are tailless. The genetic mutation that provide the taillessness trait is recessive which means that in the same litter of kittens, there will be kittens with varying tail sizes and kittens with no tail.

Manx cats are among protective cat breeds when it comes to their family and territory. They have no fear and there are a lot of examples where Manx cats attack even large dogs just for violating their territory. But they are also among the best cat breeds for kids because of their gentle, loyal, devoted and playful characters.

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