Ukrainian Levkoy is a new breed that is a mixture of Scottish Fold males and Donskoy Females. It has inward folding ears and little to no hair.

Although Ukrainian Levkoy breed is not recognized by any associations in the west it was recognized in Ukraine by ICFA RUI (Rolandus Union International) and in Russia by ICFA WCA. It has a distinct appearance with flexible skin that looks wrinkled and a medium-sized long body with a muscular look.

Being almost hairless makes them perfect for people with allergies. They are also playful, affectionate animals who love to play with children. They are intelligent, playful in nature and have lots of energy to spend. Although they do well in small apartments, it is better for Ukrainian Levkoys to have a wide space to play and spend their excess energy.


Hairless Ukrainian Levkoy
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Ukrainian Levkoy is a man-made breed that was developed by Elena Vsevolodovna Birjukova in Ukraine in 2004. She used Scottish Fold males and for folded ears and Donskoy females for hairlessness. Also some non-pedigreed cats were used for their traits. As time passed other breeds such as Sphynx or Oriental Shorthair cats were also used by some breeders.

This rare breed gets its name from levkoy plant which has bent leaves.


Ukrainian Levkoys are loyal, affectionate and highly curious cats that love exploring their environment. They will probably take a look at every single inch of their immediate surroundings and keep exploring until their curiosity is satisfied.

It is also important that they have scratching posts or cat trees along with some smart interactive toys as they are very intelligent and they have a need to satisfy their their intelligence. Otherwise, they will find something to occupy their minds and what they find may be something valuable for you.

They are also very playful cats with lots of energy to spend so if you have children or other pets Levkoys would be a very nice addition to your family because they are very social animals who don’t like being left alone for long periods of time. In such an event, they get stressed and can become anxious. Another cat or dog would be a good company to Levkoys who demand a lot attention in return for their affection.

Speaking of affection, they love cuddling and prefer a more vocal communication especially when they are hungry.

Health and Wellbeing

Ukrainian Levkoy Kitten
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Ukrainian Levkoys are generally considered healthy cats but since they are a rare and new breed there isn’t much data on genetic issues.

Being a hairless breed, they are prone to cold, sunburn and skin irritation so keeping them indoors is important.

Although, they don’t require any grooming, just like other hairless breeds Levkoys, too require occasional bathing to prevent the excess oil build-up.

As with all folded-ear cats, Ukrainian Levkoys need some ear care which is removing any wax or dirt building up in their ears.

Levkoys typically don’t show any symptoms of illness until the illness becomes serious and hard to treat so regular veterinarian checks are recommended especially considering the disorders they might have inherited from their Scottish Fold and Donskoy heritage which might include polycystic kidney disease, cardiomyopathy, osteochondrodysplasia, ectodermal dysplasia, gum disease and tooth decay.

Physical Traits

Ukrainian Levkoy Folded Ears
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This breed has a well-proportioned, long, muscular looking but slender body.

The head is long with wrinkled skin between ears. The “stepped” face resembles a dog and the muzzle is short and somewhat rounded with a muzzle-break.

Their ears are typically inward-folded and fairly large but there are also straight-eared Levkoys. Although breeders may not want to use straight-eared Levkoys for breeding purposes, using two folded-eared cats may cause health issues, especially skeletal problems so one of the parents should always be straight-eared but must carry the rest of the traits of the breed.

Although they are generally hairless, very little hair might be encountered. They may come in all colors and patterns.

They typically have almond shaped, large eyes with any color.

Long and athletic legs with fine muscles are almost always the case. They have pointy tails that are long, whippy and slim but in proportion with their bodies.

They are usually between 12 to 15 pounds (5.5 to 7 kg) with a height of 8 to 10 inches (20-25 cm). Ukrainian Levkoy females are always noticeably smaller than males.

Their average life-span is estimated to be between 9 and 15 years but there are Levkoys who lived more.

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