You may have never heard of it but cat chin acne is more common than you may think. What is it? How to treat it? Here is all you need to know about chin acne.

Most people have not even heard of cat chin acne. Well, most people don’t even know the cats can also have acnes however it is a very common condition and it has a treatment that is different than the treatment given to human beings.

I also had not heard of cat chin acne until one of my cats had it a few years ago. At first I just thought it was dirt under his chin. When I tried to wipe his chin with a wet wipe to clean it, I realized that it was not just dirt and wipe had black spots that looked like dried blood.

How to Treat Cat Chin Acne
How to Treat Cat Chin Acne

I thought he got it from one of his hustles with my other cat but then there was no scratch mark or any other sign that there was a bleeding. After some research I found the chin acne and asked our veterinarian about the issue with some photos attached. Our veterinarian confirmed that it was chin acne and assured me that almost all cats had it at some point in their lives and since my cat’s issue was a mild one, there was nothing to worry about.

What is Cat Chin Acne?

Although acne can form anywhere on a cat’s body, the most common areas for acne formation are the chin and around the mouth hence the name chin acne. It occurs when a cat’s skin overproduces keratin which is a protein located in the outer layer of skin. The excess keratin does not shed away and clog the hair follicles which then turns into blackheads or comedones which are also called cat acne black spots or cat acne blackheads.

These comedones may get infected with bacteria and turn into pimples. Although the formation mechanism of the cat acne under chin is similar to that in humans, those pimples should NEVER be popped as it might spread the infection and cause discomfort and pain for your cat. For more information on cat acne or feline acne you may want to read our post here.

Cat Acne Under Chin
Cat Acne Under Chin

What Causes Cat Acne on Chin?

Although, there are many theories for and some proven correlations between the causes and the chin acne, the exact causes of the extra keratin production is still a mystery. Isn’t it strange when you know how to fix a health issue but don’t know what causes it? The most common causes for cat acne are;

  • Usage of plastic water and food bowls which harbor bacteria and generally has scratched surfaces that irritate cat’s skin,
  • Allergies or trauma that causes your cat to rub its face to surfaces like furniture, doors or floor which cause further damage to the skin or fur,
  • Poor grooming habits,
  • Stress,
  • Viral or fungal infections,
  • Immunosuppression,
  • Localized skin defects

How to Prevent Chin Acne?

First things first! Acne on cat’s chin is a condition that might be a lifelong issue for your cat but your cat may not even feel any kind of discomfort because of it. Sometimes it is just impossible to prevent it as it is caused by the overproduction of a protein that is naturally and necessarily produced by your cat’s skin. But this doesn’t mean that you should overlook it.

The measures you can take are as simple as;

  • Switching to ceramic or stainless steel bowls if you are using plastic ones,
  • Improve the hygiene conditions for your cat such as washing its bowls daily or brushing it,
  • Observing your cat’s reactions to allergens if it has allergies and making sure it stays away from them,
  • Improving your cat’s diet with a more suitable food which includes Omega-3 fatty acids.
Cat Chin Acne Treatment
Cat Chin Acne Treatment

How to Treat Cat Chin Acne?

Most of the time cats have mild acnes and they don’t feel them. On such occasions, cat chin acne treatment is very simple and you can find everything you need at home. On some other occasions it gets severe where a medical intervention becomes necessary. It is always best to consult with your veterinarian before you start treating your cat’s acne problem.

Some basic treatments include;

  • Soothing the affected area with warm compress
  • Applying green or black tea, witch hazel, or aloe (be careful your cat might have allergies),
  • Cleaning the area with cottons or cotton swabs soaked in soapy water and then cleaning it with clean water,
  • Adding Omega-3 fatty acids to your cats diet.

If the acne is severe than your veterinarian might suggest some special preparations, washes/shampoos, ointments or oral antibiotics/anti-inflammatory medication.

Dou you have your own cat chin acne cure? Why not share it for some others to use it as well if they ever need it?

Have a purrderful day!

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