It is always amazing to accept a new member to your family. But this comes with its arguments. The first is the name. Here are some cat names that start with C.

When you have a new cat or kitten, everybody in the household suggests a different idea as to what the name should be. A good way to resolve any conflicts is to prepare a list of names that everybody likes and then choose among them. We listed and categorized some cat names that start with C letter in order to make things easier for you.

Remember to read the names out loud so you can hear how it sounds like and note the names you like to choose among them after you are done reading.

Male Cat Names Beginning with C

Male Cat Names Beginning with C
Male Cat Names Beginning with C

There are so many names to choose from for male cats. You may want to give your cat a unique name or one of the classics but no matter what you want to do, it is always recommended to give a name that fits its character or physical attributes. Sometimes you pick a name, look at your cat and say “this face can only be a “Charlie”.

  1. Chester
  2. Cooper
  3. Chandler
  4. Chuck
  5. Carlos
  6. Chip
  7. Cornelius
  8. Cafu
  9. Castiel
  10. Captain Crunch
  11. Capone
  12. Cherokee
  13. Charming
  14. Cowboy
  15. Colonel
  16. Coach
  17. Chopper
  18. Champ
  19. Casanova
  20. Chico

Female Cat Names Beginning with C

I don’t know if it’s just me or just like people do cats also act like their names after a while? You may want a Chloe or a Chelsea in your life but hey, if life gives you lemons… Hmm, lemons is actually a good name but that’s for another post. Now we are listing the female cat names that start with C 😸

  1. Charlotte
  2. Claire
  3. California
  4. Cat-rina
  5. Cheeks
  6. Chantel
  7. Celebrity
  8. Chi-Chi
  9. Chills
  10. Chitchat
  11. Clawdia
  12. Cougar
  13. Cactus
  14. Cathy
  15. Camilla
  16. Cha-Cha
  17. Chardonnay
  18. Crystal
  19. Celestial
  20. Cocoon

Real People Inspired Cat Names That Start with C

Real People Inspired Cat Names That Start with C
Real People Inspired Cat Names That Start with C

Do you want your cat to be funny? Maybe you want it to be cool or charismatic. How about naming it after a real person, a historical figure perhaps. We prepared a list for you with cat names that are inspired by real people. This list might give you ideas so you can think of a famous person or generate a name from a real person.

  1. Chaplin
  2. Cleocatra
  3. Crowley
  4. Calamity Jane
  5. Catwin Klein
  6. Copernicus
  7. Clint Eastwood
  8. Cher
  9. Chris Mewsworth
  10. Cindy Clawford
  11. Chuck Norris
  12. Che
  13. Charlie Sheen
  14. Christian Pale
  15. Cat Blanchett
  16. Chewy Chase
  17. Cash
  18. Coco (Chanel)
  19. Celcius
  20. Curie

Food Inspired Cat Names That Start with C

Some of the best cat names are inspired by food. How can it not be? Don’t you just want to eat their little kitten paws? The color, the smell, the looks or sometimes a sleeping pose of your little furry friend may remind you a food name. Be careful, once you start naming your cats after foods, there is no turning back! I am a living example for that matter!

  1. Choco
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Cookie
  4. Chilly
  5. Caramel
  6. Cumin
  7. Coconut
  8. Chai
  9. Candy
  10. Champagne
  11. Cheetos
  12. Cheddar
  13. Cannabis
  14. Cashew
  15. Creampuff
  16. Carrots
  17. Chardonnay
  18. Cannoli
  19. Chestnut
  20. Cornflakes

Cool & Badass Cat Names That Start with C

Cool & Badass Cat Names That Start with C
Cool & Badass Cat Names That Start with C

There is an archetype of cats that are just cool or badass. You understand it from the way they look at you. They just don’t care what you are doing as long as you don’t disturb them. With a name that suits your cool or badass cat, it will be complete. It is also amazing to see the faces of your friends when they first learn your cat’s name if it has such a name.

  1. Captain
  2. Chaos
  3. Crash
  4. Colt
  5. Chainsaw (it purrs)
  6. Chieftain
  7. Cerberus
  8. Chrome
  9. Claws
  10. Claymore
  11. Chakra
  12. Cosmos
  13. Czar
  14. Chronos
  15. Click
  16. Countess
  17. Cyclopes
  18. Conscience
  19. Caesar
  20. Cain

Cute & Funny Cat Names That Start with C

What is better than a chubby cat with the name Chubby? Almost everybody loves a cute or funny cat name. Have some fun in your life, have a cat with a funny name because we have to admit; cats might be one of the funniest and cutest pets.

  1. Cupcake
  2. Chairman Meow
  3. Cuddles
  4. Chubby
  5. Cupid
  6. Cartoon
  7. Cat-Man-Doo
  8. Catnip
  9. Charcoal
  10. Cherry Pie
  11. Chunky
  12. Circles
  13. Cocaine
  14. Cotton Ball
  15. Crackers
  16. Cheesecake
  17. Custard
  18. Cranberry
  19. Charger
  20. Coral

Fiction Inspired Cat Names Beginning with C

Fiction Inspired Cat Names Beginning with C
Fiction Inspired Cat Names Beginning with C

Movies, comics, cartoons, books and many other fiction may inspire you for a good cat or kitten name. In addition to being some of the best names you can give to your cat, they are easy to remember for other people. Who doesn’t like a furry cuteness that is named Chewbacca or may be Chewie?

  1. Casper
  2. Chucky
  3. Catzilla
  4. Cedric
  5. Cinderella
  6. Cookie Monster
  7. Caprica
  8. Clementine
  9. Charlie Brown
  10. Captain America
  11. Christian Grey
  12. Charmender
  13. Count Dracula
  14. Clark Kent
  15. Candy Man
  16. Columbo
  17. Conan
  18. Calliou
  19. C-3PO
  20. Cathulhu

Do you have any name suggestions? We would love to see some puns, too if you have any original. Share your cat’s name with us in the comments if it starts with the letter C.

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