You have new cat or you are thinking of getting one and you need a name. Are there any better names than cat names with Mr for male kitties? We don’t think so.

Some of the best cat names for male cats are the cat names with Mr. They can describe your cat’s character, are funny, fun to say out loud and easy to remember for strangers so you don’t have to repeat your cat’s name to them when you are bragging about how clever your feline friend is.

Cat names that start with Mr can include the names derived from famous people such as historical characters or movie stars. They can also be the words that you or the popular culture make up such as “Mr. Purrfect”. Maybe you would prefer a name from your favorite movie like “Mr. Anderson” from Matrix or “Mr. Bean”. You may also want to check our list of cat names that start with M for some additional Mr cat names.

Cat Names Starting With Mr
126 Cat Names With Mr 5

Cat Names Starting With Mr

No matter which name you choose, we have some suggestions for you during the process. Always read the names out loud so you can hear how it sounds to your ear. It may sound silly but this is scientifically proven. Sounds you hear are perceived differently by your brain even when it is your own voice.

Another suggestion is to note the names you like. After you finish reading the name list, take a look at your noted names and try to choose among them rather than trying to find the best one from a 101 name list.

  1. Mr. Furbody
  2. Mr. Bill
  3. Mr. Chips
  4. Mr. Kitty to You
  5. Mr. Lucky
  6. Mr. Bubbles
  7. Mr. Winston
  8. Mr. Goodkitty
  9. Mr. Scarfies
  10. Mr. Lurch
  11. Mr. McFluffer
  12. Mr. Jelly Bean
  13. Mr. Goober
  14. Mr. Jones
  15. Mr. Fuzzy Nose
  16. Mr. Woo
  17. Mr. Happy
  18. Mr. Bigglesworth
  19. Mr. Sassy Boots
  20. Mr. Bojangles
  21. Mr. Puddy
  22. Mr. Kitty
  23. Mr. Krinkle
  24. Mr. Whiskers
  25. Mr. LittleHead
  26. Mr. Cat
  27. Mr. O’Mally
  28. Mr. Mealy
  29. Mr. Katt
  30. Mr. Magoo
  31. Mr. Big
  32. Mr. Bunny
  33. Mr. Brings
Cat Names That Start With Mr
126 Cat Names With Mr 6
  1. Mr. Cotton
  2. Mr. Bentley
  3. Mr. Hudson
  4. Mr. Boots
  5. Mr. Beast
  6. Mr. Jenkins
  7. Mr. Bean
  8. Mr. Underfoot
  9. Mr. Neo
  10. Mr. Topplemeyer
  11. Mr. Biggles
  12. Mr. Gingipuss
  13. Mr. Jinx
  14. Mr. Sandman
  15. Mr. Slippers
  16. Mr. Fluff
  17. Mr. MacGeezer
  18. Mr. Lucy
  19. Mr. Darcy
  20. Mr. PoPo
  21. Mr. Pawfect
  22. Mr. Moe
  23. Mr. Clovis Grimm
  24. Mr. Purrbody
  25. Mr. A. Gray
  26. Mr. Furball Frenzy
  27. Mr. Choo
  28. Mr. Pi
  29. Mr. Fuzz Butt
  30. Mr. Catmare
  31. Mr. Dogfood
  32. Mr. Dainty Paws
  33. Mr. Bigshot
  1. Mr. Sleepy
  2. Mr. Nibblesworth
  3. Mr. Cold Paws
  4. Mr. Anderson
  5. Mr. Mir
  6. Mr. Meow-Wise
  7. Mr Monster
  8. Mr. Mistoffolees
  9. Mr. Moustache
  10. Mr. Bonkers
  11. Mr. Fish Love
  12. Mr. Tilly
  13. Mr. Krabbs
  14. Mr. Wooten
  15. Mr. Flatley
  16. Mr. McClaw
  17. Mr. Bowles
  18. Mr. Tickle Bum
  19. Mr. Squashface
  20. Mr. Snuggle Bum
  21. Mr. Cuddly Buns
  22. Mr. Fuzzybuns
  23. Mr. Pussy
  24. Mr. Alfred
  25. Mr. Taz Man
  26. Mr. President
  27. Mr. Purrfect
  28. Mr. Roosevelt
  29. Mr. Apricot
  30. Mr. Brown
  31. Mr. Gotti
  32. Mr. Spaz
  33. Mr. Tibbs
  34. Mr. Mister
  35. Mr. Sour Puss

Best Cat Names With Mr

Mr Cat Names
126 Cat Names With Mr 7

This bonus section is for only the best cat names that start with Mr. Some of these names are popular references to different people both fictional and real. But we warn you! If your cat somehow escapes home and you start running after him shouting “Mr. President” in the middle of the street, you may draw some attention.

  1. Mr. Anderson
  2. Mr. Bean
  3. Mr. Brown
  4. Mr. Smith
  5. Mr. Nobody
  6. Mr. Freeze
  7. Mr. Hyde
  8. Mr. Belvedere
  9. Mr. Magoo
  10. Mr. Incredible
  11. Mr. Sinister
  12. Mr. Clean
  13. Mr. Fantastic
  14. Mr. Peanut
  15. Mr. Spock
  16. Mr. Potato Head
  17. Mr. T
  18. Mr. Chicken
  19. Mr. Fixit
  20. Mr. Burns
  21. Mr. Robot
  22. Mr. Big
  23. Mr. Bill
  24. Mr. Muscles
  25. Mr. Potter

No matter what name you choose for little Mr. all he needs is your love and you can be sure that he will give back the love ten fold. Just make sure to meet his basic needs and you will have an amazing friend for a very long time.

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  • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar
    Glenda Launders

    How about Mr Blue for a Blue Point Siamese. My boy loves his name

    • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar
      Yusuf Can Ekinci Post author

      Thank you for the suggestion. This is a very good name and it might be a reference to Mr. Blue from the famous movie Reservoir Dogs by Tarantino, too. 😻

  • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar

    We’ve been going through a list for the past few cats we’ve had. We started with Mrs. Bigglez, then it was Mr. Wigglez and now we have Mr. Jigglez. I’m not sure what name will be next…

    • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar
      Yusuf Can Ekinci Post author

      No matter what name you will choose, I am sure that the little fella will be loved and lucky to be living with you 😻

  • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar
    the cheese man

    I have a tuxedo cant thats a boy and i have no idea what to name him.

  • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar
    Mr Nibble Bottom

    I think this name sounds like a proud cat or good at taking risks.

  • Wise Kitten Random Cat Avatar

    i have a cat name Mr.Wiskers