Some people like low maintenance cats that doesn’t shed and some people like the cats that shed the most. This post is for the second group.

Generally, cats that shed the most are long haired breeds however there are some exceptions. In the end not all breeds are the same. All breeds have different skin and coat properties so your cat may shed even if it is a shorthaired breed.

Shedding Cat Breeds
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Before we start our list of cats that shed the most, we need to say a few words about shedding. All cats have hair, even the ones that are called hairless cat breeds. Therefore, they all shed more or less and as a result there is no such thing as hypoallergenic cat but there are cats that trigger allergies less than other cats.

We always support adopting cats from shelters or from the street but if you have allergies and wish to be a cat parent anyway, you may want to stay away from the cats that shed the most.

1 – Ragdoll

Cats That Shed The Most Ragdoll
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Ragdoll takes its name from a very unique and specific behaviour. When you pick up a ragdoll, it just tends to go limp and relaxed. The bad thing is such a cat that likes to be picked up sheds a lot! If you are living with a ragdoll, be prepared to have whatever you are wearing covered in cat hair.

These calm and docile kitties were once thought to be pain resistant due to their extreme docility but then it was understood that they were just too kind to let their humans know that it hurt. This is an affectionate, intelligent and dog-like breed that is easy to train. They can even be taught to retrieve their toys.

2 – Maine Coon

Cats That Shed The Most Maine Coon
5 Cats That Shed The Most (Ready Your Big Brushes) 10

One of America’s most popular cats sadly sheds a lot. Maine coon is one of the oldest natural cat breeds of North America but is related to the Norwegian Forest Cat and just like its cousin it has the necessary physical adaptations to survive in harsh weather conditions.

As the official state cat of the state of Maine, these kitties are loyal to their families and are easy to train with an above-average intelligence. They are very relaxed around other animals and children and that’s why they deserve their nickname, “the gentle giant”.

3 – American Bobtail

Cats That Shed The Most American Bobtail
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American bobtail can be long or shorthaired, but even the shorthaired American bobtail is one of the shedding cat breeds. They can either have dense furs or long shaggy coats. As a naturally occurring breed it is unusual for American bobtails that they require 2-3 years to fully develop.

These are playful and moderately energetic kitties. They are highly adaptable and love travelling. Being social also helps in travels because they don’t want to run and hide when they see strangers. They are also intelligent enough to open room doors and secured cages so if you intend to travel with one, be extra careful.

4 – Persian Cat

What Cat Sheds The Most Fur Persian
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One of the oldest and most popular cat breeds around the world is also among the cats that shed the most. Persian is in no way a low-maintenance cat however they are extremely elegant. They are also very gentle and request to be treated with gentleness and respect.

These kitties are good with children that are respectful to them (no grabbing or such) and even gentle dogs and cats. Although they are loving and affectionate cats, they don’t mind being left alone for a few hours as long as they are in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

5 – Norwegian Forest Cat

Cats That Shed The Most Norwegian Forest Cat
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Norwegian forest cat is a naturally occurring, cold resistant cat with long hair. It is a big, strong and sturdy cat that is so good at climbing that you may be surprised to see such a big cat climbing even the tallest trees using its strong claws.

If you ask me what cat sheds the most fur, I can’t name a specific one, but Norwegian forest cat will definitely pop in my mind. This kitty also has a fascination with water, so it evolved to have a water-resistant coat which definitely helps considering the cold and harsh environment it lives in.

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