Colorpoint actually refers to a color pattern of a cat. A cat with a pale body with darker ears, paws, tail, and face can be one of the colorpoint cat breeds.

Although we classify this color pattern as one category, there are several colors and patterns under in it. While some colorpoint cat breeds have some specific colors or patterns, the patterns themselves can be in any color. For a better picture, let’s check what these colors and patterns are.

Coat Colors of Colorpoint Cat Breeds:

  • Chocolate Point
  • Blue Point
  • Lilac Point
  • Cream Point
  • Red Point (a.k.a. Flame Point)
  • Seal Point
  • Cinnamon Point
  • Fawn Point
Colorpoint Cats
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Coat Patterns of Colorpoint Cat Breeds

  • Solid Point (any of the above colors)
  • Tabby (Lynx) Point (any of the above colors)
  • Tortie Point (any of the above colors)
  • Torbie Point (any of the above colors)

I am sure that you have heard or seen some or all all of these cats somewhere in your life because being what they are, these kitties are some of the most popular cat breeds around the world.

1 – Siamese

Colorpoint Cat Breeds Siamese
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The first cat that comes into mind when we talk about colorpoint cats is the ever popular Siamese. While there are some differences between the modern Siamese and traditional Siamese which is also known as “Thai Cat”, “Old-style Siamese”, “Classic Siamese”, and “Applehead” they share the same ancestors. These differences, however, do not include the colors but their other physical traits such as the shape of their bodies, legs, tails and faces.

The difference between the modern Siamese and the traditional Siamese actually arose from cat contests in 1950s and 60s as the breeders and show judges began to favor Siamese cats with more slender looks so the selective breeding carried the looks of the breed to where it is today.

Modern Siamese is a very social and intelligent kitty with the nickname “Meezer” due to its never-ending talks with their humans. If the human counterpart in the dialogue does not respond, the Meezer is happy to continue with a monolog. These kitties keep their playful nature all along their lives. They can be defined as active, loving, entertaining, determined and curious. Also they hate being alone for long periods of time.

2 – Colorpoint Shorthair

Colorpoint Shorthair
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Colorpoint Shorthair is recognized only by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and the World Cat Federation. The other organizations simply categorize these kitties under Siamese or Oriental Shorthair breeds. Breeders in U.S. and U.K. have tried to create a Siamese style pointed cat in colors other than the traditional four colors of the Siamese since 1940s. Although many different breeds were used to achieve the goal, we can not say that the results are accepted without a doubt.

Colorpoint Shorthair is an intelligent, playful and people-friendly breed. They are so friendly and affectionate that they are often described as extroverts. However, when their constant need for human attention is not met, they tend to show aggressive behaviors towards other animals, strangers and sometimes their own humans. Just like Siamese cats, Colorpoint Shorthairs are also very vocal kitties. They can have over 100 vocal sounds which is much more than other cats so expect unusual sounds coming from your little friend.

Also, these cats like stability and do not respond well to changes in their environments. These changes may include anything from moving to a new home to a change of majority of the humans around them.

3 – Ragdoll

Colorpoint Cat Breeds Ragdoll
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Ragdoll may not be the first cat you think of when colorpoint cat breeds are mentioned because it has some other striking traits such as going limp like an actual ragdoll when picked up. Ragdoll was first bred in 1960s in California. The mother of the first ragdoll was a non-pedigreed, domestic longhaired cat named Josephine. Although the father(s) of the first litter of cats is not known, it is thought that a Birman or Burmese type of cat is responsible for the first Ragdoll kitten. After years of selective breeding, the Ragdoll as we know today emerged.

Ragdolls are very docile kitties with large bodies, calm and affectionate natures. They are so docile that even a myth about Ragdolls being unable to feel pain emerged at some point, which is of course not true. These intelligent and gentle kitties like to follow their humans from room to room and accepted as one of the dog-like cat breeds. They can be trained to play fetch or walk on a leash and keep their playful natures well until their senior years.

As I said, these cats are large but they prefer to be in their humans laps or in close contact with them if they don’t catch the chance to lay in a warm lap. They get on well with kids and other pets and they are not loud so they are considered to be one of the best family cats there is.

4 – Thai Cat

Colorpoint Cat Breeds Thai Cat
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Although the name Thai Cat is new, the breed itself is ancient and maybe the oldest of the colorpoint cat breeds. The breed that is known as the traditional Siamese was renamed to prevent any confusion between the Siamese cat and the Thai cat. Thai cat is the original breed of Siamese cat but with more moderate physical features compared to Siamese cat which shows more extreme features. The International Cat Association states “The Thai is the breed dedicated to preserving the native pointed cat of Thailand in as close to its original form as possible.”

Since Thai cat and the western Siamese cat share the same ancestry, their personalities are the same. They are outgoing, people-loving, vocal kitties with curious and inquisitive natures. The difference between Thai cat and Siamese cat is their looks. While Thai cat has a more elongated body than an average cat, it is not as elongated as the Siamese. Also their heads are apple shaped with a long flat forehead and a nose with no more than a slight concave curve at eye level. They have rounder bodies and shorter tails compared to the Siamese.

5 – Snowshoe

Colorpoint Cat Breeds Snowshoe
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Snowshoe originated in Philadelphia in 1960s. When breeder, Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty had three Siamese kittens with white feet, she understood that something special was happening and started a breeding program using these three kittens and bi-colored American Shorthairs and some other breeds. After some time Hinds-Daugherty left the breeding program and Vikki Olander began working with Snowshoes hiring some new breeders. Due to the difficulties in reproducing the markings, these are still rare breeds although they are bred for a long time now.

Snowshoes are affectionate, mellow and sweet-tempered kitties. They are friendly and affectionate cats that like human attention. They get on well with kids and other pets and even like their existence around them because they don’t like being left alone for long hours. Their docile and social personalities and their devotion to their humans make them such amazing companions that they are considered one of the best cat breeds for seniors and retirees. They are also vocal cats but not as loud as their Siamese ancestors.

Snowshoes, like other colorpoint cat breeds, are intelligent cats that can learn to open different kinds of doors or can be taught different tricks and playing fetch. These active kitties also love water and may occasionally swim but their love of water generally shows itself with running water.

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