This text serves the purpose of explaining and informing you about the “cookies” we use in order to provide you a more enjoyable service and improve your experience. Cookies are small data such as IP address, user name, etc. which are exchanged between your computer and our web server, and they are recorded on your web browser.  You may change the cookies settings on your browser from your browser settings whenever you wish and personalize your cookies preferences using different options.

Accepting the cookies are completely optional and uses these data only to improve your experience respecting your privacy. Your information is kept only for a limited time and when the time period ends, they are deleted.

The optional cookies on our website which we expect you accept are limited. We use cookies when you comment on a content, log in to our website, publish or edit a post. Except for the above mentioned, we only use temporary cookies which allows our website to understand if your browser settings allow the cookies or not. These temporary cookies do not record any of your information and get deleted when you close your browser. As explained in Terms & Conditions, may provide links to other websites or may include embedded contents such as videos, visuals, etc. The agreements you confirmed and the informative texts you read on do not apply to the linked websites in the event that you visit one with the provided links.  We recommend that you examine the legal texts on the websites you visit. On the other hand, the embedded contents that are placed on our website act as if out visitors browsed the related 3rd party website. In such a case, does not hold any responsibilities. In such a case, the legal texts and terms & conditions of the web site that owns the embedded content apply and the mentioned websites may gather, process and record your data in different ways.  If you visited the websites that own the embedded content before, allowed their cookies and shared your information, the process may act as if you are visiting the related website.

Which of Your Data Do We Collect? respects your privacy and personal data. We do not collect any of your personal data if you are just visiting our website.

We ask for your name and your e-mail address when you want to make a comment to a post on our website and providing those information is optional. These information are kept for one (1) year in order to improve your experience and save you from entering the information once more when you want to comment again.

3rd Party Applications

Some of the data you share during your browsing may be shared with 3rd party applications. The purpose of this is to provide you a better and personalized browsing experience as well as keeping statistics in order to provide you a better service. may share your data with Google Analytics, Google AdSense and OneSignal. Google Analytics analyzes your data with traffic. The data shared with Google AdSense are analyzed in order to show you the most relevant advertisements that are in your area of interest. OneSignal, getting your permission, allows us to send you notifications and let’s you know about content immediately. We use the mentioned 3rd party applications only to provide you a better user experience. You may take a look at the privacy policies of these applications and learn why they gather your data.

Your Rights on Your Data

You have the right to reach your data upon your request if you allowed our website to gather your data and shared your information with us. You may request a copy of your data or have all of the data we keep erased. This is a part of our respect to your privacy and personal data.

The data we are bound to keep due to governmental and legal obligations will not be erased even if you request them to be erased.