Who can resist a cat with big eyes? As we saw with “Puss in Boots” from Shrek, nobody has such a power. These cute cat breeds with big eyes can melt your heart.

It is right that sometimes they look like they are about to implement their evil plans to take over the world and turn all our beaches into giant litter boxes but I have talked with some big shot cats and I can assure you that’s not their intention. So you can adopt one of these cute cat breeds with big eyes with your mind at peace. There are so many things with cats that make them cute and their eyes are just one of the factors.

1 – Sphynx

Sphynx With Big Eyes
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One of the most famous cats in the world and definitely one of those with a serious killer gaze but rest assured that Sphynx is actually a very fun-loving and social cat. It is just how it looks. Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) describes the eyes of the Sphynx in their breed standards as lemon shaped.

Although Sphynx may have many different eye colors, the most soul piercing colors are icy blue, aqua, and green. These kitties look bald but they may as well be covered in some peach fuzz which gives their already big eyes an even bigger look. Some Sphynx may even have odd eye colors meaning they may have one blue and the other is green, brown or yellow. This rare condition is called heterochromia.

2 – Ocicat

Ocicat With Big Eyes
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Ocicat is a wild looking domestic breed with no wild cat blood in their veins. Their leopard-like looks and large almond-shaped eyes compliment each other creating an amazing cat you can’t stop watching. They may have all the eye colors except for blue which is very rare for an Ocicat so it is not accepted by the associations and federations. They are highly intelligent and have high energy levels which means that they should not be left alone for long periods of time.

Unlike many other cat breeds, Ocicat likes water so don’t be scared if your Ocicat wants to visit you in the shower. They are also very friendly cats who are happy to greet even the strangers and play with them.

3 – Tonkinese

Tonkinese With Big Eyes
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Tonkinese is developed using Burmese and Siamese cats so it has amazing eye colors such as aqua, sky blue, violet, and gold. It has large, rounded eyes that will catch your attention with just one look. These kitties are so playful that they don’t lose their appetite for a nice playtime even when they are adults. They run, play fetch, answer the door so you can easily say that they don’t like being alone.

Tonkinese is so friendly and affectionate that it wants to be involved in everything its humans do and it demands attention and affection. If you don’t show the Tonkinese the attention it needs, it may become mischievous and with such an intelligent cat mischief is the last thing you want. So if you have a Tonkinese living with you, don’t leave it alone for long hours.

4 – British Shorthair

British Shorthair With Big Eyes
5 Cute Cat Breeds With Big Eyes 10

British Shorthair is another celebrity among cute cat breeds with big eyes. They are one of those all-round cats with almost all parts of their bodies are round including their eyes. They may have many different eye-colors but the most famous one is gold color due its striking tone.

They are highly intelligent cats who are happy to stay inside and play with their toys and humans. Although they require daily grooming, they are not very demanding cats. They are very friendly cats and with a gentle and loving nature. The British Shorthair loves a peaceful life with an extreme loyalty towards it humans.

5 – Singapura

Singapura With Big Eyes
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Singapura is the smallest cat breed that is registered to The International Cat Association (TICA). Having such a small body makes its already large eyes look even larger. It has rounded and expressive eyes that may be hazel, green, or yellow. According to CFA breed standards small eyes are a defect for this breed.

Singapura is an affectionate and playful cat. Its friendly and curious nature makes it impossible to get mad at them even though they are known for their mischiefs. They get along well with other pets and people. Their blunt tails are also note worthy as having a curly tails is not very common among cat breeds.

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