Designer cat breeds are the breeds that are born by crossing two different breeds to achieve a new cat breed that combines specific traits from its parents.

The problem with the designer cat breeds is the result is not always what was intended in the beginning. Sometimes the resulting kittens can have hereditary disorders such as the common degenerative joint diseases that is widely seen in the famous Scottish fold.

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Some may see this unnatural process as unethical, and I must admit that I personally don’t support creating new breeds due to the pain those kitties have to go through due to their genetic disorders, but I also support the continuity of already created (generally) HEALTHY breeds such as Australian Mist.

Just like humans, all cats can inherit this or that disease from its parents. Even among the established breeds that are around for thousands of years such as Turkish Angora, genetic disorders or inherited diseases are common. This applies to all mammals from humans to cats to whales.

Us, humans have tests for certain disorders before a baby is born, but you can develop an inherited heart disease when you are 40, so nothing is guaranteed in nature. Now back to our subject! Let’s see some amazing designer cat breeds!

1 – Scottish Fold

Designer Cat Breeds Scottish Fold
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Starting with the obvious, the first kitty in our list of designer cat breeds is the Scottish fold. Scottish fold was not intentionally bred at first. During 1960’s, as a result of a rare genetic mutation the first Scottish fold was born as a farm cat. The owner of a neighbouring farm adopted one of the kittens and started breeding what we know now as Scottish fold breed.

It is a very controversial breed because it has serious genetic disorders such as osteodystrophy, and degenerative joint disease which is really painful for the kitty. Some claim that this disease is the reason behind the decrease in their activity levels as they age.

If you still think of adopting a Scottish fold, you may want to check some Scottish cat names.

2 – Savannah Cat

Designer Cat Breeds Savannah Cat
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Savannah cat was first bred using a domestic cat and a wild African serval in 1980’s. To this day the controversy around the Savannah cat continues. It still is not accepted by a lot of cat fancy organizations such as the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

Savannah cats are very rare and need home that can match their specific needs. Savannah cats are very inquisitive and can learn how to open doors and cupboards just by watching you do it. Combined with their ability to jump as much as 8 feet high and their extraordinary strength, the house needs to be designed according to the needs of the kitty.

3 – Chausie

Designer Cat Breeds Chausie
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The Chausie was first developed in Egypt in 1960’s by crossbreeding a variety of domestic shorthair cats with wild Felis Chaus cats from the jungles around. Although they have wild roots, Chausies are known for their affectionate nature. These are social kitties that want company (human or not) almost all the time.

These are intelligent, curious, active, athletic and outgoing cats especially after 4th generation which is one of the reasons why TICA accepts it as a fully domestic breed after 4th generation. They are good with almost anybody and anything including dogs, especially if they are raised with one.

A word of advice though; chausies like to wander around and may go long distances if they are left outside the house. So, if you don’t want your feline friend to wander off, it is best to keep it indoors.

4 – Dwelf

Designer Cat Breeds Dwelf
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Dwelf is a cross between Munchkin, American Curl, and Sphinx. Since they are dwarf cats with elf like ears, they are named dwelf. Designed to be hairless, small and curled eared, dwelf meets every expectation of its breeder but the cost is too much.

Dwelves are prone to Lordosis where the spine curves inwards. I wish that was all, but another common issue seen with Dwelves is Pectus Excavatum, that causes the chest of the kitty to get sunken in. They are also prone to the conditions of their ancestors such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy that is the thickening of heart muscles.

5 – Havana Brown

Designer Cat Breeds Havana Brown
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Don’t let its name fool you. Havana brown has nothing to do with the capital city of Cuba. It was bred by the English using black shorthair cats and Siamese cats. At some point during the 1990s Havana browns were on the brink of extinction, but somehow, they bounced back and are still with us although they are rare.

Since Havana browns don’t have a rich genetic diversity in their gene pools (just like most other designer cat breeds), they can be prone to certain genetic conditions such as;

  • cardiomyopathy,
  • arterial thromboembolism,
  • feline lower urinary tract diseases,
  • hemophilia,
  • kidney disease,
  • hyperthyroidism,
  • diabetes, and
  • skin allergies.
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