Cats are fierce and threatening. OK, they are not as fearsome as dinosaurs but when they are in attack mode, they prove that they deserve dinosaur cat names.

Did you know some dinosaur species evolved into birds? Although our beloved domestic cats did not exist at that time, isn’t it funny to think that our tabby house cat can hunt cousins of dinosaurs? This is only one reason why dinosaur cat names are perfect for our little friends. Cats also had their cousins in the age of dinosaurs. For instance, sabertooth (or saber-toothed cat) is one of the most famous cousins of cats and also one of the best dinosaur cat names. We can track the history of old domestic cats only a few thousand years back but giving a dinosaur name to your kitty may be the perfect combination of funny and badass.

Dinosaur Names For Kittens
130+ Roaring Dinosaur Cat Names 5

As usual, a few suggestions before you start reading the list… Note the dinosaur cat names you like as you go and compare them in the end to be able to see all of your favorites in one smaller list. This makes choosing the perfect name for your kitty easier.

If more than one person is going to name your new little friend, keep your separate lists and compare your lists with each other after you are done with the list to see if there is any common name you all like in order to prevent any disagreement.

Also, try to choose a name that suits your cat. This might be related to its personality or its looks. You may also choose a name that contradicts the cat’s traits. Wouldn’t a dwarf cat named Rex be cute?

Dinosaur Cat Names

The list includes fictional dinosaurs that we all know from T.V. or movies, real dinosaur names or terms related to dinosaurs such as claw or fossil. So this list of dinosaur cat names can help you find the perfect dinosaur cat name for your new friend.

Dinosaur Kitten Names
130+ Roaring Dinosaur Cat Names 6
  1. Jagger
  2. Albertosaurus
  3. Big Al
  4. Zeg
  5. Sharptooth
  6. Camarasaurus
  7. Crackers
  8. Sinoceratops
  9. Cute-a-saurus
  10. Denver
  11. Neera
  12. Arlo
  13. Kron
  14. Barosaurus
  15. Rex or Rexie
  16. Cat-a-saurus
  17. Compsognathus
  18. Chomp
  19. Mamenchisaurus
  20. General Scales
  21. Yoshi
  22. Horacio
  23. Sue
  24. Dorothy
  25. Sinclair
  26. Grimlock
  27. Haxx
  28. Fran
  29. Anatotitan
  30. Allosaurus
  31. Fluffasaur
  32. Triceratops
  33. Bowser
  34. Tyrone
  35. Roar
  36. Bronto or Brontosaurus
  37. Woog
  38. Edwina
  39. Parasaurolophus
  40. Max
  41. Cera
  42. Elvis
  43. Gertie
  44. Spinosaurus
  45. Gronk
  46. Steggie
  47. Raptor
  48. Claw
  49. Don
  50. Grumpy
  1. Brokenhorn
  2. Yonggary
  3. Spiny
  4. Elsa
  5. Bob
  6. Little Liz
  7. Zippo
  8. Baryonyx
  9. Velociraptor
  10. Maiasaura
  11. Hammer
  12. The King
  13. Alma
  14. Petrie
  15. Apatosaurus
  16. Bronty
  17. Fudgy
  18. Pterri
  19. Barry
  20. Blue
  21. Bix
  22. Frill
  23. Megalith
  24. Diplodocus
  25. Tricky
  26. Scar
  27. Paris-sauralophus
  28. Feathers
  29. Littlefoot
  30. Madonna
  31. Iguanadon
  32. Godzilla
  33. Dino Mighty
  34. Oviraptor
  35. Titano
  36. Earl
  37. Ace
  38. Pteranodon
  39. Galli
  40. Paula
  41. Iggie
  42. Barney
  43. Reptar
  44. Panthera Atrox
  45. Tinydon
  46. Baylene
  47. Gwangi
  48. Aladar
  49. Dino Lord
  50. Scales
Dinosaur Names For Cats
130+ Roaring Dinosaur Cat Names 7
  1. Diloph
  2. Protoceratops
  3. Eema
  4. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  5. Gigantosaurus
  6. Dino
  7. Dazzle
  8. Fossil
  9. Speedy
  10. Sweetiesaur
  11. Trike
  12. Dippy
  13. Riff
  14. Ducky
  15. Shung
  16. Chomper
  17. Spike
  18. Stego or Stegosaurus
  19. Diego
  20. Compy
  21. Indominus
  22. Pterodactyl
  23. Brachi or Brachiosaurus
  24. Snappy
  25. Xenosmilus
  26. Scimitar
  27. Machairodus Kabir
  28. Sabertooth
  29. Smilodon
  30. Simbakubwa

To finish our list of dinosaur names for cats, I want to show you a video of a cat that warms my heart. Whenever I see this video I become happy for seeing this cat in a loving environment because he probably wouldn’t survive the streets. If someone ever wants to shoot Jurassic Park with cats, the star of the movie will be this little kitty.

Final words: Whatever you name your cat, always remember that all it needs from you is your love. It may be a quite and calm cat or a mischievous one but even mischievous ones can behave better with love and correct approach. Remember to clean the litter everyday, don’t over or underfeed it, visit your veterinarian regularly, pay attention to its signals that show the need for attention or desire to be left alone and play with it so that it can spend its energy as all cats should… In the end you will have the perfect little furball of love.

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