Ever wanted to live with a cheetah or a tiger? Well, it is not ethic or possible but the domestic cat breeds that look wild may hold the answer for you.

People who are familiar with the old documentaries of the National Geographic Channel would know that our little feline friends have more in common with their bigger cousins than we think. Further increasing the common traits, there are some deliberately bred domestic cat breeds that look wild like the miniature versions of the big wild cats. Be warned though, most of these breeds are hard to find.

1 – Toyger

Wild Looking Toyger
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The first cat in our list of domestic cat breeds that look wild is Toyger. As the name suggests, Toyger is like a miniature tiger with a calm, friendly, social and sweet personality. This designer breed is hard to find as it is a new breed of cat and there not many breeders of Toygers.

Toyger is an intelligent, playful and affectionate breed that likes water unlike many other cat breeds so watch out for the cat in the sink. Its intelligence and playful nature shows in playtime as Toyger likes to play fetch and can learn tricks easily and walking on a leash. Toyger is an energetic cat and loves human interaction. It gets attached to the family members easily and loves cuddling. Sometimes Toyger might look a bit needy and when it is ignored, it doesn’t hesitate to vocalize its desire for attention.

2 – Ocicat

Wild Looking Ocicat
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Ocicat looks just like a small cheetah but it has no wild blood in its veins. It is bred using Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair cats. It is an active, social, confident and loyal breed that is well-suited for a family environment. This talkative kitty loves to get involved in family activities and is not shy around strangers either.

Ocicat is playful and energetic and combined with its love for human interaction, it needs attention and interaction from its humans especially in playtimes. They are also agile, gentle and curious cats so they have everything you may want from an active cat but be warned: Ocicats are known to be prone to kidney, liver and heart problems.

3 – Chausie

Wild Looking Chausie
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Chausie looks like a mountain lion or a puma and has some wild blood in its veins. Chausie is bred using jungle cat (felis chaus) which is existent from South Asia to all the way to the Nile Valley. Although it has some wild blood Chausie is a domestic cat with an outgoing, affectionate and playful nature. It is recognized by TICA (The International Cat Association) as a domestic breed since 1995.

Chausie is described as a loyal and affectionate cat that is very people-oriented and has lots of love to give. Chausies are very intelligent and talkative cats that can easily be taught tricks and trained to play fetch and walk on a leash. Considering they are highly active cats that is generally described as having an energy level of 11 out of 10, playtime and walks are extremely important.

4 – Savannah Cat

Wild Looking Savannah Cat
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Cheetah looking Savannah is not just one if the domestic cat breeds that look wild but is also forbidden to keep in some states as it may have up to 50% wild blood from its African Serval ancestor. So make your research well before obtaining a Savannah.

It is a highly active and very intelligent cat with a strong body that can weigh up to 25 lbs. (11 kg) so providing it lots of sturdy toys and plenty of playtime is a good idea otherwise you may discover how much damage such a strong, agile and active cat can do.

Savannah is also described as a dog-like breed that likes playing with water, walking on a leash and playing fetch. They are also loyal cats that bond strongly to their families and get on well with children and other pets as long as they are raised with them.

5 – Bengal Cat

Bengal on a Leash
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There can not be a list of domestic cat breeds that look wild without the famous Bengal. This little leopard looking kitties are bred using Asian Leopard cats and domestic shorthairs. They don’t shed much and do most of their grooming by themselves so when we talk about grooming it is a very low-maintenance cat but it is also a very active and athletic cat that needs lots of playtime so you need to spend time with your Bengal more than an average cat.

Bengals are highly intelligent and curious cats that can learn new tricks and walking on a leash. They are also very affectionate cats and can even become lap cats if they choose to. They get along just fine with other people and animals, too including dogs.

Due to their high energy Bengals should not be left alone for long periods of time as it may lead to mischief or aggressive behaviors.

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