There are a lot of domestic medium hair cat breeds, but we picked only the breeds recognized by the major cat associations, so this is the ultimate list on this subject.

I was checking the domestic medium hair cat breeds lists on the web and I realized that most of the lists I encountered included shorthaired and longhaired breeds as well. Since I have an allergy for the wrong information especially when the subject is cats, I wanted to make a list of my own.

Medium Haired Cats
5 Recognized Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds 8

All the domestic medium hair cat breeds you will see in this list are recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) as well as other major cat associations. It is important for us to provide you correct information to the best of our knowledge.

Let’s check the domestic medium hair cat breeds list that includes only the medium hair cat breeds.

1 – Ragamuffin

Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds Ragamuffin
5 Recognized Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds 9

Ragamuffin has medium to medium-long hair. These are friendly and playful kitties that require 4 to 5 years to fully mature, so you can expect to live with a kitten-like character for a long time. This might be why it likes to be held like a baby. It can learn to walk on a leash, play fetch, and many other tricks.

This is an intelligent, very docile, friendly and dog-like cat that likes to greet you and your visitors at the door. It also follows its humans from room to room and doesn’t like to be alone for long hours, therefore if you are not at home for long hours everyday, consider adopting another breed.

2 – Birman

Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds Birman
5 Recognized Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds 10

Also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma”, it has medium-long to long hair. Birmans have a long history. The legend says that the priests in Northern Burma had Birmans with them as companions. The first Birmans were brought to France as early as 1920s and had ups and downs since then.

Birman is a sweet, gentle, friendly and social cat that can get along with anyone including children, other cats and dogs. Birmans hate being alone and are generally adopted as pairs. These playful and curious kitties also like to be involved in whatever you are doing so expect them to follow you around.

3 – American Wirehair

Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds American Wirehair
5 Recognized Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds 11

American Wirehair is an interesting breed. It is a well-known breed, but CFA announced it as the rarest of all 41 breeds it recognized back in 2017. American Wirehair is similar to American Shorthair with the exception of its wiry and springy coat just like a terrier dog. It is one of a kind even in domestic medium hair cat breeds.

These kitties like to stay indoors and have identical temperaments with American Shorthair. They are playful but they also like a good nap on its humans’ laps. Gentleness, quietness, playfulness and activeness are in balance which makes them amazing family cats.

4 – Turkish Van

Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds Van Cat
5 Recognized Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds 12

Turkish Van is described as having a semi-long hair cat because in winter it has longer hair and in summer it sheds its hairs for a shorter, lighter coat. It originates from Van area of modern-day Turkey, but it is an ancient, natural breed that has thousands of years of history.

Treated as a national treasure in Turkey, Van cats may have blue, amber or odd-coloured eyes. Although in the western world matching eye colours are much preferred, local people in Van area find this amusing. As a cat breed that lives near a lake, Van cats have an extreme fascination with water and a lot of them are fond of swimming.

5 – Egyptian Mau

Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds Egyptian Mau
5 Recognized Domestic Medium Hair Cat Breeds 13

As one of the African house cat breeds, Egyptian Mau has the spots of a wild cat which is makes it the only naturally spotted domestic cat. Although a lot of resources state that Egyptian Mau has short hair, CFA breed standards clearly states that the hair needs to be medium length in order for a cat to enter competition.

These are intelligent, loyal, and affectionate kitties that tend to bond closer with one human of its choice but are loving towards all family members. If they are socialized early in their lives, they can get along with almost anybody but can be a little overprotective towards their favourite toys.

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