Most people want their cats to have unique names that no other cat has but it is difficult to find one. Well, how about dragon cat names for fierce cats?

You have a new cute little friend and you want to name it. Dragon cat names might just be the unique names you are looking for. Furthermore, what can be better than naming your cat after a dragon and self-appoint yourself as the “mother (or father) of dragons”?

We all know that cats’ characters are as diverse as our characters. Some cats are calm and cool, others are shy or aggressive… But there is one thing that certainly does not change: cats turn into dragons if you push them far enough. They have no fear, they make you think that they fly due to their fast attacks and agile bodies, they protect what they value with their lives and THEY LOVE SLEEPING! Well, some of them even resemble dragons. 😹

Dragon Names for Cats
Dragon Cat Names: Want a Unique Cat Name? 3

Here are some suggestions for you taken from mythology, literature, movies, animations and of course video games to help you find the dragon names for cats that you are looking for.

Unique Dragon Cat Names

  1. Alduin: a dragon from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  2. Aido-Hwedo: the Rainbow Serpent of Dahoney mythology
  3. Toothless: from How to Train Your Dragon
  4. Apsu: from Babylonian mythology
  5. Knucker: famous dragon from British legend; water drake from Sussex
  6. Abraxas: famous dragon from Persian mythology, symbolic of Gnosticism
  7. Y Ddraig Goch: famous dragon of British legend; symbol of Wales
  8. Akhekhu: from Egyptian mythology; a desert serpent
  9. Falkor: the luck dragon, in The Neverending Story by Michael Ende
  10. Brinsop: famous dragon from European legend
  11. Shou-Lao: From Iron Fist
  12. Ananta Boga: from Javanese mythology; ruler of the dead and king of dragons
  13. Tiamat: from Babylonian mythology
  14. Stoorworm: famous dragon from Celtic mythology; death created Orkney Islands
  15. Nithhogr: from Norse mythology; eats the dead
  16. Nidhogg (also Nidhoggr): (the ‘Dread Biter’)
  17. Eingana: from Australian mythology; goddess of creation and death
  18. Yofune-Nushi: from Japanese mythology; symbol of female sacrifice
  19. Vermithrax Pejorative: in Touchstone Pictures Dragonslayer
  20. Julunggul: from Australian mythology; symbol of rain and fertility
  21. Smerg: evil dragon, in The Neverending Story by Michael Ende
  22. Haku: in Miyazaki Hayao’s Spirited Away
  23. Bahamut: from Final Fantasy series
  24. Zu: famous dragon from Sumerian mythology; symbol of chaos
  25. Mayland Long: from Chinese mythology
  26. Sirrush: from Babylonian mythology; symbol of chaos
  27. Hatuibwari: famous dragon from Malay mythology
  28. Krayt Dragon: from Mandolorian
  29. Fafnir: famous dragon from Norse mythology
  30. Ladon: from Greek mythology; guarded Hera’s golden apples
  31. Shen Lung: from Chinese mythology; symbol of good luck
  32. Glaurung: the first of the dragons in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth
  33. Xiuhcoatl: serpent from Aztec mythology
  34. Smaug: in The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
  35. Manasa: from Hindu mythology; symbol of fertility
  36. Apep: famous dragon from Egyptian mythology; serpent that chases Ra
  37. Diaval: from Maleficent
  38. Smok Wawelski: (the Wawel Dragon) from Polish mythology
  39. Geldon: from South Park
  40. Apalala: water dragon converted to Buddist doctrine
  1. Akatosh: Dragon God of Time in Elder Scrolls
  2. Rahu: the “Dragon’s Head” in Indian mythology
  3. Balthromaw: from Rick and Morty
  4. Illuyankas: from Turkish mythology
  5. Amphiptere: famous dragon from North African mythology; winged serpent
  6. Ancalagon: the Black in The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien
  7. Charizard: flying, fire-breathing Pokemon
  8. Vasuki: famous dragon from Hindu mythology; symbolic of sea & oceans
  9. Whiro: from Polynesian mythology; symbol of death and evil
  10. Onaga: the dragon king from Mortal Combat
  11. Norbert: Hagrid’s baby dragon, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone from Harry Potter
  12. Apophis: famous dragon from Egyptian mythology; serpent that chases Ra
  13. Niner: from The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King
  14. Scatha: from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth
  15. Uwibami: from Japanese mythology
  16. Chrysophylax: in Farmer Giles of Ham by J. R. R. Tolkien
  17. Galeru: from Australian mythology; a giant rainbow serpent
  18. Drachenstein: from Norse mythology; killed by Hurnen Siftrit
  19. Tatsu: not an individual dragon but a generic term for Japanese dragons
  20. Ness: famous dragon from British legend; of Loch Ness
  21. Bonetail: from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  22. King Ghidorah: from Godzilla Series
  23. Yam-nahar: from Canaanite mythology
  24. Tarasque: tamed by Saint Martha
  25. Quetzalcoatl: from Aztec mythology has a dragon-like aspect
  26. Jormungandr: from Norse mythology; symbol of infinity and enemy of Thor
  27. Jabberwock: likely a dragon, in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass
  28. Ketu: the Dragon’s Tail in Indian mythology
  29. Alexstrasza: a powerful dragon in Warcraft universe
  30. Azhi Dahaki: from Persian mythology; three-headed
  31. Wyvern: generic name for a comon type of British dragon
  32. Griaule: gigantic dragon, paralyzed and moribund in stories by Lucius Shepard
  33. Gyrados: from Pokemon
  34. Naga: in India Nagas are a race of snake-humans
  35. Typhon: from Greek mythology; monstrous son of Tartarus and Gaia
  36. Kalseru: rainbow serpent goddess from aboriginal mythology
  37. Yong: generic name for Korean dragons
  38. Gleep: in the Myth series by Robert Asprin
  39. Scylla: famous dragon from Greek mythology; once a nymph
  40. Yoshi: Mario’s sidekick in Super Mario World

Do you have any name suggestions you used or thought of for your little dragon? Please share your ideas with us. Let’s spread our ideas.

Have a purrderful day!!!

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