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Foldex Cat

Foldex Cat is a fairly new cross breed between Scottish Fold and Exotic Shorthair and has championship status given by Canadian Cat Association.

With its rounded head, folded ears, and short legs Foldex cats are just adorable. It is a medium sized cat that has well-rounded and wide open eyes. Its breed defining ears are small with smooth edged tips. We can safely say that Foldex cat got the best character traits of its Scottish Fold and Exotic Shorthair ancestors.


Foldex Kitten
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The first appearance of Foldex cat was in 1993 when Betty-Ann Yaxley a kitten to Canadian Cat Association (CCA) in a Quebec show hall. That day Foldex turned many heads around and one of those heads belonged to Jeanne Barrette whose admirable dedication to Foldex lead to recognition of the breed as an Experimental Breed in 1998 and as a New Breed in 2006. In 2010 it acquired full Championship Breed status from CCA.

Currently Foldex is only recognized by CCA and being bred mainly in Canada. Although there are Foldex in Europe and USA, it is a rare cat breed.

Physical Traits

According to CCA standards Foldex has a medium sized and compact body with a well-developed musculature and medium to heavy boning. It has short but strong legs as well as a thick but flexible tail. All in all Foldex cat has a well-rounded body.

The shape of its head is completely round no matter which angle you look at it. Its neck is short and has a good muscle tone. Their nose is longer than Exotic Shorthair but longer than Scottish Fold. They have large and round eyes giving them a sweet somewhat owlish look. The colors of the eyes correspond to their coat color.

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The most distinctive aspect of a Foldex cat is the ears. They have small and rounded tips. The ears of Scottish Fold and Foldex may resemble each other but are not the same at all. The difference between the ears of a Scottish Fold and a Foldex is that Foldex has a single crease that fold forward in a downward direction while Scottish Fold have multiple creases which causes the ears to lay flat.

Foldex can be long, medium or shorthaired which are all dense. The shorthair version has silky, soft and plush hairs while medium and longhairs are soft and glossy. They may come in all colors and patterns.

Although the defining physical trait is the folded ears, only half of the newborn Foldex bears the folded-ears gene and the other half has straight ears just like other cat breeds. The straight eared Foldex is appropriately called “Straights”.

Character Traits

Foldex cat is an affectionate breed but not too demanding. They love cuddling and being petted in addition to being amazing lap cats with charming personalities. They don’t hesitate to approach strangers to show their friendly nature but they are also very loyal to their humans. Their friendliness doesn’t stop there either. Foldex can be easily friends with children and other pets which makes them perfect family cats.

It is also an intelligent breed that likes playing with toys and puzzles. This intelligence is accompanied by a high curiosity level so expect every single inch of your home to be inspected by this cute feline. It is also a great choice for apartment dwellers because it is not one those vocal breeds and is quite.

Health & Care

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Foldex is considered an overall healthy breed but due to their ancestors’ genes they have a risk of polycystic kidney disease where cats develop cysts within the kidneys at older ages. It is advisable to have older Foldexes screened for kidney cysts periodically.

Although Foldex cats generally do not inherit the genetic diseases their ancestors have, they are inclined to have congenital osteodystrophy, bone abnormalities, and respiratory challenges due to their Scottish Fold heritage.

They are known to live twelve to fifteen years.

Foldex doesn’t require any special care and it can be looked after like any other cat breed. Shorthair versions can be brushed once a week while longhair versions need more frequent grooming in order to prevent matting.

Since obesity is a big issue nowadays, it is highly recommended to keep a tight eating schedule.

Foldex cat is an active breed so having lots of space for them to explore in the house and lots of toys to keep them physically and mentally active are important.

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