Funny cat breeds really bring laughter and joy to your home. These kitties enjoy being the center of attention and making you laugh. So, expect lots of fun!

You see a lot of similar cat breeds in funny cat videos and this is not just a coincidence. Some cat breeds are just funny and they are certainly aware of it. These funny cat breeds are not silly, goofy or funny looking kind of cats, they are intelligent and most of the time they understand your reactions to certain things they do. Well, some individuals might be goofy but in general they are capable of learning a lot of stuff by just watching and they use what they learn when the time comes.

If you have one of these kitties, you can be sure that there will be lots of moments when you wish your camera was on. It is in their nature and they can’t help being funny therefore always keep your phone close if you want lots of memories with your little friend.

1 – Turkish Van

Funny Turkish Van
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As the name suggests, Turkish Van is from Turkey and it is a natural breed that goes back at least 5,000 years. You may also know Turkish Van as “the swimming cat” because of its fascination towards water and its love for swimming. These are highly intelligent, playful and energetic kitties that are muscular and athletic. As you may imagine, with such traits, they are great hunters. They also love to be involved in everything their humans do and they can be easily trained to play fetch or walk on a leash.

Regarded as a national treasure in its homeland and are rare, Turkish Van is protected by the state and imports are tightly regulated therefore the Turkish Vans in Europe and U.S. are slightly different than the Turkish Vans in their natural habitat which is around Lake Van in Eastern Turkey. The original Turkish Van cats that were used to breed it in Europe were not around Van Lake area and this is why recently there is a debate to separate the breed as Turkish Van and Van Cat (or Turkish Vankedisi).

2 – Bengal

Funny Bengal Cat
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Bengal cats the wildest looking cats of the funny cat breeds. They are smart, energetic and playful and sometimes can learn to play fetch on their own, retrieving items to their humans. These kitties also love playing with water but not as much as Turkish Van.

These kitties were bred using Asian leopard cats which are wild cats and domestic cats. Despite their wild looks and the wild blood in their veins these are quite affectionate and friendly cats. Since they are very intelligent and have high levels of energy they may adopt some unusual tastes of fun if they get bored such as turning light switches on/off or plucking CDs/DVDs from the DVD player.

3 – Japanese Bobtail

Funny Japanese Bobtail.
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Japanese Bobtails are known for their playfulness and of course their short tails. They love to be the center of attention and have outgoing personalities. They are very loyal and get along well with anybody from pets to children. Their intelligence and playful nature push them towards mischief if they can not spend their extra energy.

Maybe what makes them funny is their tendency towards mischief but even then these kitties are just adorable. They are demanding and intelligent cats. When these traits are combined with their authoritarian nature, you see a cat that sometimes may over-involved in its humans life and demand attention (and playtime) whenever it sees fit.

4 – Abyssinian

Funny Abyssinian
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Being one of the African house cat breeds, Abyssinians are one of the oldest cat breeds on earth. Curious, high-spirited and brave, these kitties don’t like to be picked up and cuddled. However, this doesn’t mean Abyssinians are aloof. They are actually very loving, affectionate and devoted cats that follow their humans from room to room.

Abyssinian are called “the Clowns of the Cat Kingdom” and for good reason. They like to entertain their humans showing various tricks they learned or created themselves but mostly they perch on their humans’ shoulders, dash towards some imaginary fly all of a sudden or crawl under sheets and covers. These athletic and energetic kitties need to have an active life.

5 – Cornish Rex

Funny Cornish Rex
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Most cat breeds have three layers of coat:

  • Outer fur or guard hair
  • Middle layer or awn hair
  • Undercoat or down hair

Cornish Rex only has down hair which is about 0.4 inches (1 cm) and it is curly! These are active, curious, outgoing kitties that love to play. Anything can be a game for a Cornish Rex. Just like other funny cat breeds, it is intelligent and can be thought to play fetch or other tricks.

Cornish Rex has an outstanding agility and a love for climbing, leaping and running so be careful with your valuables and don’t place them on top of shelves. These adventurous cats also keep their kitten-like characters well into adulthood. Some of them even do acrobatic jumps just to have fun and play

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