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German Rex

German Rex

German Rex cat is a natural breed with curly hair. As the name suggests, the origin of the breed is Germany. Nowadays the breed is rare even in Germany.

Activity Level80
Affection Towards Owners90
Need for Attention80
Need for Grooming65
Health and Hardiness90
Friendship with Other Animals80
Friendship with Children80
Social Needs85

German Rex is identified with its curly hair but there much more about this cat that makes you want to adopt one. It is a medium sized cat that shows bigger due to its stance. German Rex stands high on its legs which makes it look bigger.

Due to the bone structure of the breed, it may look fragile and weak but in reality it is a strong, athletic and sturdy cat.

German Rex Cat
German Rex 4

When you see the term “Rex” in the name of a cat breed, this means it has wavy or curly hair. German Rex is no exception to this. Although it has shorthair and no guard hair, its coat is very silky and soft with natural curls. It may seem like no maintenance is required for these kind of cats but this can not be further from the truth. They are indeed low maintenance cats but this doesn’t mean you should ignore their coats. Rex breeds have their own coat and skin maintenance practices.


Although there are records of Rex type cats in Germany as early as 1930s, German Rex is not related to these cats and it has its own natural genetic mutation. German Rex was first discovered at the in 1951 when a doctor from in Berlin-Buch (Pankow borough), Dr. Rose Scheuer-Karpin found a black curly haired cat in the hospital garden. The hospital staff told the good doctor that they were familiar with the cat since 1947.

She named the cat Lämmchen which means “little lamb” in German. Although Lammchen gave birth to many straight haired kittens before, it wasn’t until 1957 that the first curly kittens were born and there were only two of them in the litter. After the first two, Lammchen had many other curly kittens until 1962 when she had the last of her kittens. According to some sources Lammchen died in 1964 and some other sources say it was 1967.

German Rex Cat Breed
German Rex 5

Crossbreeding the offspring of Lammchen with European Shorthair and mixed-breeds, the breeders in Germany succeeded in making sure that the breed survived to this day.

Physical Traits

German Rex is recognized by Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) and the breed standards are determined.

According to FIFe, German Rex is a medium sized cat with a strong and muscular body that is not coarse. Leg length of the breed is medium and it stands high on its legs making its strong and rounded chest more visible.

It has a rounded head with medium sized eyes and curly whiskers. Although the eyes are medium sized, their proportion to the head is somewhat big and they are well opened so it makes them look bigger. The color of the eyes are in harmony with the coat color. Its ears are medium to large with slightly rounded tips. The ears are well-covered with fine hair, however on the inside they are slightly covered.

Wavy hair of the German Rex can come in any color or pattern and its tail is also well-covered with fur. The density of the coat may vary from thin to a thick upper coat. German Rex doesn’t have guard hair which is one of the characteristics of the breed.

Character Traits

German Cats
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German Rex is a very friendly and loyal breed that bonds strongly to its humans. It wants to spend time with them everyday and loves being close to the members of the family including snuggling up to them on the couch or in bed. It also likes being picked up and handled. After all the love it gives, it expects the humans in the family to return the love and give the attention it seeks on a daily basis. Needless to say, they hate being alone for long hours.

This little friends are active and intelligent felines. They can learn to play fetch and love solving problems in return for some treats. Provided there is enough space for exercise at home, they can maintain their ideal weights. Due to their short coats, it is easy to see if the cat is overweight or not.

It also gets on really well with children and other pets as long as it socializes early.

Health & Care

German Rex is a healthy breed in general with no known breed specific health issues. As with all kitties, it is important to schedule regular visits to your veterinarian.

They are considered to have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Most German Rex cats are fine with a weekly brushing in order to prevent hairballs but generally wavy and curly haired cats need occasional baths. These occasional baths prevent German Rex from oily or greasy coats in addition to preventing skin irritations. Other than that there is no need for any extra grooming.

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