Grey and white cats are just beautiful and also very common. They have something that draws people so we compiled the most beautiful grey and white cat breeds.

A lot of cat breeds have grey and white color combination and listing all of them here is simply not possible because that would just be a very long list of cat breed names which would be a boring post both to write and to read. Instead, we picked some of the most popular and famous grey and white cat breeds for you.

Gray and White Cat Breeds
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Cats with two colors are called bicolor and in case of grey and white cats they come in many color patterns including tuxedo, locket, standard, mask and mantle, cap and saddle, van, harlequin, piebald, chincilla etc. So there is no specific grey and white cat look.

Although there are many studies researching if there is a relation between the character and the color combination in cats, there is no conclusive study but it is generally believed that cat colors have an effect on cats’ characters.

In case of grey and white cats, they are considered friendly and affectionate but the specific breed’s general traits, the way the cat is raised and other factors also have roles to play in this issue. In my opinion just like humans all cats are different and have different characters.

1 – American Shorthair

Grey and White Cat Breeds American Shorthair
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American shorthairs come in a wide array of colors and patterns, gray and white being one of the most common. These kitties came to the continent with the first European settlers as working cats and found their place in the new world quickly because they were hard working mouse hunters. American shorthairs are now considered the pedigreed versions of the domestic shorthair cats and are on the top 10 most popular cat breeds in the U.S.

2 – Norwegian Forest Cat

Grey and White Cat Breeds Norwegian Forest Cat
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Norwegian Forest cat is a large cat breed but don’t let its size intimidate you. These kitties are very gentle and loving and can get along with everybody in the family including the kids and other animals. They don’t require a lot attention and they prefer to be the ones who decides when they are to be petted or when they will lay on their humans’ laps.

3 – Maine Coon

Grey and White Cat Breeds Maine Coon
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Maine Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds in the U.S. and is the official state cat of the state of Maine. These kitties are also genetically related to Norwegian Forest cats and there are even some experts claiming they evolved from the Norwegian Forest cats that were brought to America on ships. These are also large and gentle cats hence the nickname “the gentle giant”.

4 – Cornish Rex

Grey and White Cat Breeds Cornish Rex
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Cornish Rex is known for its wavy down coat. All cat breeds with the word “Rex” in their names have wavy or curly hairs. When you touch its fur Cornish Rex has a velvety or silky feeling. This is a an easygoing, friendly, outgoing and active cat breed and it gets on well with anybody from family members to kids to other animals of the house. Anything can be a game for a Cornish Rex so you can expect a lot of funny moments if you live with one.

5 – Egyptian Mau

Grey and White Cat Breeds Egyptian Mau
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Egyptian Mau is one of the African house cat breeds and is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. According to Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) Egyptian Mau is considered to be at least 3,000 years old and it is the only naturally spotted domestic cat breed.

These kitties are not really fond of strangers and are very possessive of their toys or food. Unlike most other cats they don’t runt and hide when they are scared, they tend to attack the human or the animal that scares it so you can even call it a protective cat breed.

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