There are so many tastes of spices and herbs from sweet to bitter to sour, it is not hard to find a name that suits a cat’s character using herb names for cats.

Herb names for cats and spice names for cats are just like herbs and spices themselves; they are so varied that they can be great when used right. If you want to name your kitty with a name that suits its character or its physical traits such as its color, these names are just perfect.

Did you know that although 80,000 out of 350,000 plant species are edible, we actively cultivate only about 150 species for human consumption and as animal feed? On top of that only 30 of those 150 species constitute 95% of our calories and proteins. Shocking, right?

Spice Names For Cats
160 Tasty Spice & Herb Names For Cats 6

We are using so little of what nature has to offer us but still we are trying increase our yields with chemicals killing the soil and the animals. But this is not the issue here. (As a farmer I can’t hold myself whenever I see a plant name. Sorry not sorry.)

In my opinion categorizing herb names for cats or spice names for cats is not logical. While some plants indeed have genders or flowers or parts with genders such as juniper shrub which has male and female plants, the name juniper includes both so a gender distinction with the plant names does not make sense at all. Therefore I did not categorize spice and herb names for cats.

Without further ado, here is an amazing list that surely includes a name that suits your new friend.

Spice & Herb Names For Cats

When we talk about spice and herb names in general, we can not miss Indian herbs and spices so I included some Indian herb and spice names in the list. Without spices and herbs meals are not tasty and without cats, life is not tasty 😹 If you have a new kitty, congratulations because you just added an amazing aroma to your life!

Herb & Spice Names For Cats
160 Tasty Spice & Herb Names For Cats 7
  1. Saffron
  2. Licorice
  3. Cilantro
  4. Peppermint
  5. Garcinia
  6. Black Pepper
  7. Amchoor
  8. Sabola
  9. Basil
  10. Parsley
  11. Kachri
  12. Oregano
  13. Pepper
  14. St. John
  15. Chamomile
  16. Rhubarb
  17. Dagad Phool
  18. Verbena
  19. Loomi
  20. Catnip
  21. Curry
  22. Wasabi
  23. Charoli
  24. Anise
  25. Elderflower
  26. Dill
  27. Cumin
  28. Nettle
  29. Merken
  30. Garam
  31. Allium
  32. Cassia
  33. Garlic
  34. Eyebright
  35. Stevia
  36. Panax
  37. Sorrel
  38. Calamint
  39. Berbere
  40. Canella
  1. Masala
  2. Zest
  3. Cicely
  4. Sesame
  5. Caraway
  6. Foxglove
  7. Annatto
  8. Celery
  9. Cacao
  10. Khurasani
  11. Lemon Balm
  12. Pippali
  13. Hyssop
  14. Chive
  15. Capsicum
  16. Galangal
  17. Sassafras
  18. Carom
  19. Rose
  20. Teppal
  21. Star
  22. Panch Phoron
  23. Kale
  24. Myrtle
  25. Violet
  26. Borage
  27. Herb
  28. White Pepper
  29. Dukkah
  30. Costmary
  31. Inknut
  32. Coriander
  33. Lavender
  34. Paprika
  35. Primrose
  36. Betony
  37. Mugwort
  38. Tamarind
  39. Savory
  40. Tarragon
Herb Names For Kittens
160 Tasty Spice & Herb Names For Cats 8
  1. Safflower
  2. Aroma
  3. Jakhya
  4. Mentha
  5. Ajwain
  6. Raamtill
  7. Adobo
  8. Clove
  9. Rumex
  10. Lemon Grass
  11. Rishi
  12. Black Mustard
  13. Mahlab
  14. Filé
  15. Cinnamon
  16. Nagkesar
  17. Alkanet
  18. Cayenne
  19. Lovage
  20. Kaffir
  21. Turmeric
  22. Yerba
  23. Valerian
  24. Ginseng
  25. Piperita
  26. Chili
  27. Habanero
  28. Piper
  29. Rosemary
  30. Asafoetida
  31. Chicory
  32. Sumac
  33. Kokum
  34. Kalonji
  35. Marathi Moggu
  36. Kola
  37. Jimbu
  38. Caper
  39. Myra
  40. Bumbu
  1. Nutmeg
  2. Ginger
  3. Bergamot
  4. Laurel
  5. Tirphal
  6. Hops
  7. Dandelion
  8. Rue
  9. Pimento
  10. Arnica
  11. Spearmint
  12. Minty
  13. Allspice
  14. Burnet
  15. Vanilla
  16. Sage
  17. Golpar
  18. Marjoram
  19. Poppy
  20. Fenugreek
  21. Mustard
  22. Thyme
  23. Horehound
  24. Nigella
  25. Mace
  26. Bay Leaf
  27. Chervil
  28. Kalpasi
  29. Jasmine
  30. Cubeb
  31. Yarrow
  32. Ilex
  33. Spicy
  34. Linden
  35. Radhuni
  36. Horseradish
  37. Fennel
  38. Cardamom
  39. Angelica
  40. Juniper


Spice & Herb Names For Cats
160 Tasty Spice & Herb Names For Cats 9

Probably your cat will sometimes drive you mad but for the vast majority of time it is a blessing that will take away all the stress you bring home after a hard day. Just like the feeling good meal gives you when you are starving, your kitty will make you enjoy life by just being there. You will hear it purr, you will sense it follow your moves and be there for you for the good and bad days.

Just don’t forget to take it to a vet regularly to prevent any health issue that can be taken care of before it is too late, groom it in accordance with its needs, keep its bowls clean to prevent cat acne issues and give it at least its basic needs but the most important thing is give it the love it deserves!

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