If you don’t have the time to deal with a demanding cat or you have limitations to deal with such a cat, independent cat breeds are just right for you.

There is a cat for everyone from families with kids to singles who have active lives outside their homes or to seniors who want a peaceful house without little kids or kitties running around. Independent cat breeds don’t demand much from you. They mostly hang out on their own and don’t bother you for not being outside most of the day but you can be sure that they are as loving and affectionate as a cat that doesn’t stop demanding attention for a second.

Don’t get me wrong though! Independent cat breeds can also love to crawl by you while you are watching T.V. and want to pass time with you. In the end you are its human as much as it is your cat and it loves you as long as you are not a cruel psycho who tortures the little one.

Independent Cat Breeds For First Time Cat Parents

If you haven’t lived with a cat before, having an independent and docile cat can be better both for you and the kitty. Some hairless cat breeds such as Sphynx need regular baths and some others just want all your attention and even disrupt what you are doing to remind you that you can not have anything that is more important than them. Some even give you long cat speeches for leaving them alone all day long. These cat breeds though don’t mind staying alone and some of them even enjoy their alone time.

Let’s have a look at the best independent cat breeds who doesn’t request much of your time.

1 – Persian

Independent Persian Cat
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Persians definitely like the presence of their humans but they do quite well on their own, too. As long as you have their favorite spot on the sofa available to them, Persians are happy to wait for your return to home in the evening in order to show you their love and affection. They are also good with children as long as the children treat them with respect.

These are quite kitties who like peaceful environments where nothing changes quickly. If you treat Persian cats gently and with elegance, giving them the love they deserve, you can be sure that they will return what you give tenfold.

2 – Norwegian Forest Cat

Independent Norwegian Forest Cat
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Norwegian Forest Cat is a large breed reaching up to 20 pounds in weight but don’t let its big size fool you, it is a gentle and loving kitty that loves human attention but is not demanding about it. It rather prefers you to approach than coming to you for attention. These felines are very friendly, cuddly and family-oriented. They are also very intelligent and easy to train.

Since it is adapted to cold climates, it has long coat which is shiny and water-resistant and needs to be groomed regularly because it sheds especially when the time comes to get rid of its winter coat.

3 – Russian Blue

Independent Russian Blue
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Russian Blue is a highly intelligent cat can open doors, remember where its favorite toys are and direct its human to those toys when it wants to play and remember people even if it hasn’t seen the person for a long time. Although they are very affectionate towards family members and can get along with other pets in the house, they are generally very shy towards strangers but once they are familiar with them, their friendly nature shows up and they even greet them at the door the next time they come.

Since Russian Blue has a high prey drive, it is very energetic and playful therefore lots of toys are recommended. However, their playful nature gets calmer as they age and despite its love and affection towards humans and their love for games, they tolerate being alone really well.

4 – Maine Coon

Independent Maine Coon
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As the official state cat of the State of Maine, Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America. Nicknamed “the gentle giant”, these kitties are large and considered one of the biggest domestic cat breeds on earth and they are gentle indeed. They are loyal and affectionate to their families but can be cautious around strangers.

These kitties are playful their entire lives but are not clingy and stay independent. Once on the brink of extinction, Maine Coons rose to being the third most favorite cat in the U.S.A. in 2020 according to Cat Fanciers’ Association. They have an unusual fascination towards water and lucky for them and their humans, their coats are water-repellent.

5 – British Shorthair

Independent British Shorthair
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British Shorthair can be the face of the independent cat breeds as it is not a stranger to fame. The Cheshire Cat in the famous Alice in Wonderland is in fact a British Shorthair. It is the most popular pedigreed cat in U.K. consisting 25% of all the cats registered with Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) each year.

These kitties are not as active or playful as other cats but they are calm and dignified. They are very loyal and affectionate to their humans and since they can tolerate a fair amount of physical interaction, they get along well with children, too which makes them good family pets but they are not very fond of being picked up or carried either. They are also quite felines that doesn’t mind waiting alone for their humans to return home in the evening.

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