Cat owners get worried over their cats losing whiskers. Is it something to be worried about or natural? Here are the reasons and treatments.

A cat losing whiskers shows you some important issues about itself. Cat whiskers are vital for a cat because the whiskers are not just some cosmetic hair for cuteness but important and functional hairs that make the nature of a cat. If you want to learn more about the functions of the whiskers you may want to head here first.

Do Cats Whiskers Fall Out?

Cat owners often complain about cat whiskers falling out and get worried about their little friends. One of the most common questions we get is “Do cats shed whiskers?” When we see a cat shedding whiskers, the first thing to do is finding the reason behind losing whiskers. Although cats naturally shed their whiskers, it is also possible that the issue is caused by a medical condition or some other external factor.

While the frequency of natural shedding depends on different factors such as fur type, breed, nutrition and season; you may want to take a closer look on the issue and observe your cat if it loses its whiskers too frequently.

Why Do Cats Lose Whiskers?

1) Natural Shedding

Generally a cat shedding whiskers lose one or two whiskers at a time and then regrow them. Most of the time you don’t even realize that it sheds whiskers unless you stumble upon a whisker on the floor or on your couch. Growing, shedding and regrowing whiskers is a natural process for cats and there is nothing to worry about. To learn more about whisker growth you may want to read Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back?

2) Other Causes

Cats don’t just lose their whiskers to the natural causes. There are also preventable and treatable causes that make your cat lose its whiskers. We have listed the most common ones for you so that your little friend does not suffer from losing its whiskers.

a) Feline Acne

Surprisingly, feline acne is as common as humans suffering from acne. Generally it starts on their chins and if not treated properly, it may spread to cheeks and cause your cat to lose its whiskers.

Why do cats whiskers fall out
Why do cats whiskers fall out

The most common reason for a cat to have acne is plastic bowls that are not washed frequently as it causes bacteria to build up and make their way from the bowl to your cat’s face.

In order to prevent feline acne, you may want to use metallic or ceramic bowls and wash them regularly. It is that easy to prevent feline acne. To learn more about feline acne and how to treat it yo may want to visit here.

b) Infections

Fungal and bacterial infections can also cause your cat to lose its whiskers by damaging their skin. If your cat loses its whiskers due to an infection, please take it to a veterinary so that it can be treated with proper medication. The most common infection in this area is ringworm which is a fungal infection and not a worm. Although it is more common in kittens, it is not uncommon for adult cats, either.

c) Fights and Physical Traumas

Do cats lose their whiskers
Do cats lose their whiskers

Cats might end up in fights if there is a new pet/animal in the house or in the neighborhood. Sometimes they lose their whiskers in fights or their wounds may get infected and cause their whiskers to fall.

On such occasions you may want to limit your cat’s outdoor times to when you can supervise them on order to prevent a wild animal attack or if the parties are both living under the same roof, you may increase the resources they share such as food, water, litter boxes, toys, cat furniture, etc. because the cause of the fight might just be their natural instinct to guard those available resources. Decreasing the stress level in the house might just be the key to end the war.

d) Allergies

Just like humans cats can have allergies to certain things as common as pollens or parasites like ticks or fleas. They can even have food allergies. Allergies effecting the cat skin cause itching or it may turn red in one or more areas. It may also cause hair loss in one or more areas or small scars due to severe itching if it is frequent. If the allergic reactions happens near the cat’s whiskers, the whiskers can fall.

Is it normal for cats to lose whiskers
Is it normal for cats to lose whiskers

e) Broken or Split Whiskers

If your cat is very active and playful, it may break its own whiskers while playing. This is normal and almost all cats do it at some point in their lives.

Also cats give importance to cleaning themselves and may damage their whiskers due to a harsh licking and paw movement. They remove the low quality fur and dead skin while they lick themselves

The damaged whiskers are shed in time and regrow. Nothing to worry about.

f) Malnutrition

A cat’s diet plays a very important part in having healthy fur, skin and whiskers. They need protein and vitamins to have healthy fur and whiskers. A good diet helps increasing the quality of their fur and whiskers as much as 40%.

If your cat does not have enough proteins, minerals and vitamins from the food it consumes, it might lose its whiskers. Especially vitamin A deficiency causes skin issues and fur or whisker loss

What about your cat? Please share your thoughts and any issues your cat might have had on the subject. Leave a comment below for the other owners to learn about your solutions to losing whiskers.

Have a purrderful day!

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