Cats are drawn to many foods that are harmful to them and rosemary is a widely used ingredient in human foods. The question is: is rosemary safe for cats?

Nowadays a lot of people grow herbs such as rosemary, mint, basil, oregano, etc. on windowsills which is an amazing thing to do in my opinion. Being self sufficient even in one item is better than nothing. The risk is sometimes our cats may munch on those herbs on windowsills, rosemary being one of them. So, is rosemary safe for cats?

Is Rosemary Harmful to Cats
Can Cats Eat Rosemary? Is Rosemary Safe For Cats? 4

Can Cats Eat Rosemary?

Is rosemary safe for cats? The short answer is YES. Rosemary is safe for your cat and it can eat it as long as it doesn’t have any allergies to rosemary. However, if consumed in large amounts, the volatile oil it includes may upset its stomach.

Since rosemary has a very strong flavor your kitty will not want to take more than a few bites so it is highly unlikely for your cat to consume the amount of rosemary that is necessary to make it sick. However, if you see any kind of adverse reactions such as vomiting, etc. consult with your veterinarian as your cat might be allergic to rosemary.

Is Rosemary Toxic to Cats?

Is Rosemary Safe For Cats
Can Cats Eat Rosemary? Is Rosemary Safe For Cats? 5

American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports rosemary as non-toxic to cats. In addition to being non-toxic for cats, rosemary is not the first choice of many animals that want to munch on something green. Most farmers try to defend their vegetables and herbs against the deer but not rosemary because even the deer is not drawn to it.

Also the scent of rosemary repels insects and many other animals so having a rosemary in a pot on your windowsill is a good idea for many reasons.

Is Rosemary Oil Safe For Cats?

Like many other volatile oils, rosemary oil is should not be taken orally by humans, cats or any other animal. It can be toxic if ingested. If your cat licked or drank some rosemary oil, consult with your veterinarian without losing time.

Is Rosemary Good For Cats?

In some specific circumstances rosemary is given to cats with digestion issues. It includes a good amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folate and calcium however use it in small amounts since cats are obligate carnivores and their main dietary requirement is animal protein and not herbs and plants.
If you are looking for a healthy green snack for your kitty, you may want to try lettuce or broccoli.

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