Lilac Burmese cats are very special in a lot of ways and they deserve special Lilac Burmese cat names but don’t worry about it. Wise Kitten got you covered.

Since the first Burmese cats which were brown, a lot of colors have been introduced to Burmese breed but Lilac Burmese is my favorite and that’s why I have compiled a list of Lilac Burmese cat names. Considering you are looking for a name for a lilac Burmese cat, I can say that some really amazing days are ahead of you.

Lilac Burmese Male Cat Names
142 Lilac Burmese Cat Names That Are Just Great 8

These kitties are extremely intelligent, playful and one of the most affectionate cat breeds of all. They are perfect entertainers but they are also lap cats that just thrive if you give them the attention they seek. Just don’t leave them alone for long hours becaue they are also highly social.

Before we hit on our list of lilac Burmese cat names, I have a few suggestions for you that will make it easier to name your new friend.

  1. I strongly suggest to note the names you like to a piece of paper or your phone as you advance in the list. This way when you finish reading the list, you will have a list of your own with only the names that you like. Then you can pick a favorite.
  2. If more than one person will decide the name, prepare your separate lists. When everybody finishes preparing their lists, compare all lists to see if there is any common names in the lists. Since the lists consist of only the favorite names, everybody will be happy with the result.
Lilac Burmese Cat Names Female
142 Lilac Burmese Cat Names That Are Just Great 9
  1. Try reading the names out loud to see if it sounds good. Sometimes a name may look bad but when you hear it, it may become your favorite.
  2. Try to find a name that suits the characteristics of your kitty whether it is physical traits or personality. Such names tend to be just perfect matches.

One last thing before you start the list. I have divided the names into 3 categories. I recommend that you take a look at all 3 categories:

  • Gender Neutral Lilac Burmese Cat Names
  • Female Lilac Burmese Cat Names
  • Male Lilac Burmese Cat Names

Gender Neutral Lilac Burmese Cat Names

Lilac Burmese Cat Names Male
142 Lilac Burmese Cat Names That Are Just Great 10

Since its color is the determining factor for your kitty, there are a lot of lilac color related names in this list and they not just in English. I have picked some interesting names from all around the world Hebrew to Portuguese, Japanese to Italian.

  1. Calfuray (Mapuche)
  2. Angel
  3. Chalky
  4. Usha
  5. Bagel
  6. Grayling
  7. Maple
  8. Dysmas
  9. Magenta (Italian)
  10. Eos
  11. Poppy
  12. Toast
  13. Sumire (Japanese)
  14. Fialova (Czech)
  15. Macduff
  16. Bingo
  17. Roxa (Portuguese)
  18. Burger
  19. Rolo
  20. Coconut
  21. Star
  22. Sky
  23. Latte
  24. Indigo
  25. Beans
  26. Ayk
  27. Ai (Japanese)
  28. Mittens
  29. Jasmine
  30. Cloud
  1. Sushi
  2. Silver
  3. Cho
  4. Nuada
  5. Java
  6. Truffle
  7. Violaceous
  8. Wren
  9. Sigal (Hebrew)
  10. Boss
  11. Monty
  12. Momo
  13. Arctic
  14. Mahogany
  15. Arlington
  16. Bombshell
  17. Zeya
  18. Suren (Scandinavian)
  19. Oscar
  20. Alchemy
  21. Peanut
  22. Blossom
  23. Jilly
  24. Dakota
  25. Oeric
  26. Velvet
  27. Sassy
  28. Bond
  29. Zarya
  30. Chit
  31. Percy
  32. Avalanche

Female Lilac Burmese Cat Names

Lilac Burmese Female Cat Names
142 Lilac Burmese Cat Names That Are Just Great 11

Both the flower and the color lilac are associated with femininity so finding some really great female Burmese cat names was not hard but I have to adimit that choosing the best lilac Burmese cat names was hard considering I compiled the list from several languages.

  1. Lavender
  2. Athena
  3. Flora
  4. Trixie
  5. Nala
  6. Elsa
  7. Lilac
  8. Temenuzhka (Bulgarian)
  9. Ivy
  10. Amethyst
  11. Lila (German/Swedish)
  12. Bella
  13. Violetine (Lithuanian)
  14. Sophie
  15. River
  16. Fuchsia (German)
  17. Jade
  18. Agatha
  19. Ione (Greek)
  20. Sonja
  1. Elestren (Cornish)
  2. Shadow
  3. Princess
  4. Iolanthe (Greek)
  5. Duchess
  6. Trinity
  7. Yolanda (Greek)
  8. Malva (Spanish)
  9. Fialova (Slovak)
  10. Pansy
  11. Mona
  12. Wisteria
  13. Venus
  14. Cleopatra
  15. Diva
  16. Violet
  17. Ziggy
  18. Mauve
  19. Skittles
  20. Robin

Male Lilac Burmese Cat Names

Lilac Burmese Names
142 Lilac Burmese Cat Names That Are Just Great 12

I will be honest with you, this one was hard. For a cat that is recognized by a lot of cat organizations from CFA to FIFe to TICA, male names are unusually rare. However, I managed to compile a list that doesn’t just consist of common names such as Michael or Tom.

  1. Dhumra (Sanskrit)
  2. Slate
  3. Plum
  4. Trapper
  5. Tyrian (Phoenician)
  6. Kovidar (Sanskrit)
  7. Buffalo Bill
  8. Gentius (Albanian)
  9. Stan
  10. Vulcan
  11. Gentian (Albanian)
  12. Theo
  13. Otto
  14. Odin
  15. Hamlet
  16. Nyx
  17. Thomas
  18. Corcran (Irish)
  19. Triton
  20. Pistol
Names For Lilac Burmese Cat
142 Lilac Burmese Cat Names That Are Just Great 13
  1. Morado (Spanish/Portuguese)
  2. Bora (Korean)
  3. Fella
  4. Ezra
  5. Murasakino (Japanese)
  6. Teddy
  7. Zora
  8. Nigel
  9. Porkchop
  10. Tiger
  11. Porfirio (Spanish/Italian)
  12. Ajax
  13. Viorel (Romanian)
  14. Dickens
  15. Yukon
  16. Hansel
  17. Churchill
  18. Osiris
  19. Tug
  20. Ulysses
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