Congratulations on your new feline friend who happens to be cousins with lions. Now it is time to name it. Let’s pick one of the lion names for cats?

Naming your little lion or lioness with one of the lion names for cats is only appropriate because cats show in every opportunity that they are little lions or lioness and they are the bosses. Just like lions are the kings of the jungle cats are the kings or queens of the houses. We think that we have cats but in reality they have humans. They use us like servants don’t they? We even clean their litter boxes or feces to be exact. You don’t believe me? Try to command your cat… Trust me, it understands you but just doesn’t care.

Since there are so many amazing lion names for cats to choose from, I categorized them for your convenience. These cat names range from mythology to African names to famous lions and lioness on T.V. so be ready for some great lion cat names.

Lioness Names For Kittens
193 Unique and Categorized Lion Names For Cats 6

An advice before you start reading the list! Note the names you like as you go and compare the names after you finish the list to pick your favorite. Seeing your favorite names all in one list will help you decide whichever you like best. Also, if more than one person will decide what the name will be, keep your individual lists and compare the lists for common names in the end to reach a consensus rather than arguing what the name will be.

The categories for lion names for cats are:

  • Popular Lioness and Lion Names For Cats
  • Lion Names For Cats
  • Lioness Names For Cats
  • Gender-Neutral Names

Now, let’s find a name for your new housemate.

Popular Lioness and Lion Names For Cats

Lioness Names For Cats
193 Unique and Categorized Lion Names For Cats 7

Lions are one of the most popular wild species there is so there are a lot of movies, cartoons, animations, novels and stories about them. Who hasn’t seen The Lion King, right? What about Madagascar? This category includes fictional characters as well as the regular popular lion names for cats.

  1. Prince John
  2. Socrates
  3. Surabi
  4. Alex
  5. Zira
  6. Uru
  7. Parsley
  8. Sarafina
  9. Fred
  10. Lambert
  11. Mufasa
  12. Xerxes
  13. Bester
  14. Samson
  15. Makunga
  16. Lionel
  17. Kiara
  18. Bobby
  19. Gold
  20. Scar
  1. Lil’ Cubby
  2. Aslan
  3. Vitani
  4. Kula
  5. Ahadi
  6. Gregory
  7. Leo
  8. Ryan
  9. Chris
  10. Erma
  11. Larry
  12. Mohatu
  13. Bibi
  14. Kopa
  15. Simba
  16. King
  17. Kion
  18. Reginald
  19. Martin
  20. Cecil

Lion Names For Cats

Your little lion may not be as big as the original but you can be sure that it has the heart of a lion. You surely have seen the videos where fearless cats chase or fight animals way bigger than them like the video above. Make no mistake, they can be all soft and loving towards you but inside they have everything that deserve a lion name.

  1. Hercules
  2. Caesar
  3. Inesh
  4. Sampson
  5. Butch
  6. Apollo
  7. Haydar
  8. Thor
  9. Attila
  10. Hugo
  11. Sikara
  12. Maximus
  13. Leonardo
  14. Leonidas
  15. Akiva
  16. Unika
  17. Sebastian
  18. Goliath
  19. Duke
  20. Romeo
  21. Yukon
  22. Vega
  23. Brutus
  24. General
  25. Django
  26. Bubba
  27. Rocky
  28. Levent
  29. Maximillian
  30. Conan
  1. Tyson
  2. Hunter
  3. Rebel
  4. Wesley
  5. Beau
  6. Bruno
  7. Kong
  8. Mane
  9. Napoleon
  10. Ozzie
  11. Gus
  12. Theodore
  13. Scout
  14. Jumbo
  15. Montana
  16. Kazi
  17. Clifford
  18. Jabari
  19. Karoo
  20. Oliver
  21. Zeus
  22. Jake
  23. Winston
  24. Hulk
  25. Asad
  26. Kodjo
  27. Loki
  28. Tatu
  29. Benroy
  30. Lionheart

Lioness Names For Cats

Lion Names For Kittens
193 Unique and Categorized Lion Names For Cats 8

Did you know that although lions are famous with their king of the jungle attitude, it is the lioness that does most of the hunting and other works? Not very different than humans, is it? What can I say? If lion is the king, lioness is the queen. And a very badass queen, I must say. I bet, your little lioness is not very different, either.

  1. Medea
  2. Leonie
  3. Roary
  4. Amber
  5. Kya
  6. Elsa
  7. Nile
  8. Savannah
  9. Kamili
  10. Aurora
  11. Luna
  12. Lolita
  13. Queen
  14. Bathsheba
  15. Kali
  16. Kendi
  17. Zuba
  18. Athena
  19. Sikara
  20. Sahar
  21. Hafsah
  22. Kimba
  23. Neliah
  24. Kazi
  25. Fergie
  26. Amaris
  27. Amani
  28. Lexie
  29. Zuri
  30. Zarina
  1. Zalika
  2. Aaliyah
  3. Asia
  4. Nala
  5. Hera
  6. Leah
  7. Nova
  8. Jasmine
  9. Shera
  10. Huntress
  11. Duchess
  12. Loni
  13. Xena
  14. Gemini
  15. Sarabi
  16. Sheba
  17. Kesar
  18. Venus
  19. Olympia
  20. Sabrina
  21. Jabari
  22. Uma
  23. Mara
  24. Lioness
  25. Shiva
  26. Cleopatra
  27. Ariella
  28. Kaya
  29. Lelie
  30. Pandora

Gender-Neutral Names

Lion Cat Names
193 Unique and Categorized Lion Names For Cats 9

Some of the best names are gender-neutral names including cute cat names and names of the famous places in Africa. Don’t be hesitant, it is not like the bully stray cats of the neighborhood will make fun of your kitty because of its name. Also, some of the names in this list are really badass.

  1. Harley
  2. Fluffy
  3. Cupcake
  4. Morocco
  5. Sudan
  6. Whiskers
  7. Shandy
  8. Savannah
  9. Muffin
  10. Kalahari
  11. Paws
  12. Pumpkin
  13. Liberty
  14. Sahara
  15. Tatu
  16. Sabal
  17. Sprinkles
  18. Boots
  19. Karoo
  20. Armani
  21. Zambia
  22. Lippy
  23. Snickers
  24. Namib
  25. Kenya
  26. Namibia
  27. Jungle
  28. Fang
  29. Skip
  30. Scout
  31. Cubby
  32. Malibu
  33. Granite
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