Long eared cat breeds may look different than the other cats but you can be sure that they are as sweet and loving as other cats and that’s what matters.

Some people may call long eared cat breeds ugly but I beg to differ. If you had a cat that looked different than other cats even once in your life, you know that what people call ugly becomes what you love most about your little friend. We picked the most amazing 5 long eared cat breeds for you.

1 – Havana Brown

Long Eared Cat Breeds Havana Brown
5 Amazing Long Eared Cat Breeds 7

Although Havana Brown is bred by the English breeders and has no relation to the capital of Cuba at all, it is a mix of shorthair black cats and Siamese cats. With long ears and a slick body Havana Brown is a beautiful cat.

It is sad to think that these kitties were on the brink of extinction during late 1990s but luckily they bounced back and they were saved however they are still rare.

Havana Brown is a very loving and affectionate breed that follows its humans around the house all day long. They are so loving that they greet your visitors at the door and may even put its paw in your visitor’s thigh and meow to introduce itself. So we can easily sat that these are intelligent and social cats.

2 – Russian Blue

Long Eared Cat Breeds Russian Blue
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Russian Blue is a very intelligent breed of cat that can open doors, remember where its human hides its favorite toys, take its human to the place toys are hidden to request them and can remember people even when it doesn’t see them for a long time.

Russian Blue is very affectionate towards its own family but might be a little shy towards strangers at first. After they are familiar with the stranger, they may even greet that person at the door.

Remember that these are very energetic and playful kitties with a high prey drive so provide them with lots of toys. As they age, they become calmer but don’t lose anything from their loving nature.

3 – Savannah

Long Eared Cat Breeds Savannah Cat
5 Amazing Long Eared Cat Breeds 9

Savannah cat is a mixture of African Serval and and domestic cats so as one of the African house cat breeds with a wild ancestry it is only natural that Savannah is one of the long eared cat breeds. But don’t let its wild ancestry and looks fool you, Savannah is an affectionate and outgoing cat.

Savannah may not be a lap cat but it has its own way of showing its love to its humans. It frequently headbutts its humans, greets them at the door, follows them wherever they go and love to play with them interactive games such as fetch.

It is also a very active and intelligent kitty that can easily be trained to walk on a leash which really helps with such a high energy cat.

4 – Abyssinian

Long Eared Cat Breeds Abyssinian
5 Amazing Long Eared Cat Breeds 10

Abyssinian is one of the oldest domestic cat breeds in the world. There are even mummified cats found during the archeological expeditions in Egypt and those mummified cats are similar to modern Abyssinian cat breed standards.

Did you know that Abyssinian is also one of the most popular 5 breeds of the world and it is also in the list of most popular cat breeds in the U.S.? There is a reason behind this popularity. Abyssinians are called “the clowns of the cat world” because they are so much fun and are not shy to show whatever tricks they can do.

These playful, intelligent and dog-like kitties follow their humans from room to room because they are very affectionate and love being with their humans.

5 – Devon Rex

Long Eared Cat Breeds Devon Rex
5 Amazing Long Eared Cat Breeds 11

Devon Rex is not only one of the long eared cat breeds but as the name suggests it is also one of the cat breeds with curly hair. Whenever you see the word “Rex” in the name of a cat breed, know that the curly hair is a breed standard.

Devon Rex was first seen during 1950s in England and quickly became famous due to its curly hair and big ears. But that is not all Devon Rex is about. This is a highly intelligent cat breed that can learn even the most complex tricks however it can be hard to motivate these kitties so you need to be patient with them.

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