I care more about the character of cats but this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the good looks. Long legged cat breeds are among my favorite kitties.

Long legged cat breeds are generally a handful and they are faster compared to short legged cats. Most of the time you can find a genetic connection between long legged cat breeds and wild cats which need to be faster in order to hunt better.

Cat Breeds With Long Legs
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These kitties are active and love playing, running, jumping and chasing. However, not all cats are the same so there will always be some exceptions. Most of the domestic cats with long legs were bred for specific purposes over centuries. When people needed a cat for, let’s say, a fast rodent, they tried breeding faster cats.

In the end, they are not all about looks. Their bodies are the way they are because it serves a purpose. But don’t let the wild heritage they carry fool you. These are loving and affectionate cats who are intelligent and loyal to their humans.

1 – Abyssinian Cat

Long Legged Cats Abyssinian
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Abyssinian is one of the oldest domestic cat breeds that we know of. The genetic studies show that Abyssinian cat and the mummified cats from ancient Egypt are closely related. There are even some experts claiming they are in fact the same cat except for some minor changes.

Although Abyssinian is a medium sized cat, its long legs relative to its size make it look bigger than it acutally is. It is a strong, very playful nad intelligent kitty that also gets on well with kids.

Since it has a short coat, it is easy to groom and won’t give you much trouble with the shedding. Among the long legged cat breeds, Abyssinian might be the most low maintenance of all.

2 – Arabian Mau

Long Legged Cats Arabian Mau
5 Amazing Long Legged Cat Breeds 10

Arabian Mau is a natural breed which means that there is no human intervention in its genetics. It has been around for more than a thousand years and is native to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and United Arabian Emirates. This kitty is well adapted to hot climates and thanks to its wild roots can hunt even in the desert.

It still uses the advantage of its long legs to run faster and pounce on its prey however it is not as wild as you may think. Arabian Maus are great with children and other pets if introduced properly. It is considered an independent breed but it also seeks attention from its humans and is a loving cat.

If you are considering of adopting an Arabian Mau, you may find an Arabic cat name and its meaning from our list of Arabic cat names.

3 – Turkish Van Cat

Long Legged Cats Turkish Van Cat
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No it is not a vehicle cat. Van is a city in Eastern Turkey and this ancient kitty (can be traced back 5000 years) is native to the area. It is known to have a fascination with water and even likes to have a swim every now and then which is historically linked to Van Lake that is in its native living grounds.

Although it is considered to be muscular and have a large body, it is an elegant cat that wlaks gracefully. These kitties are affectionate and very very intelligent. You may teach it to play fetch or to walk on a leash which is very good considering it is a playful and energetic breed.

These cats are so amazing to look at with their odd colored eyes that they are considered a national treasure in Turkey and protected by the state so their exports to the U.S. and other countries is tightly regulated.

4 – Oriental Shorthair

Long Legged Cats Oriental Shorthair
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One of the most obvious long legged cat breeds is the Oriental Shorthair. This kitty has a long body, long face, long neck, long tail, big ears, and of course, long legs. It has a very distinctive and elegant look and that is why it is highly sought after and expensive.

Oriental shorthairs are very loving and affectionate cats and need attention. Since they are vocal cats, if you are not ready to give it the attention they seek you may get tired of its chattering. Also, they are intelligent cats and can learn many tricks and even walking on a leash however it is hard to make them anything they don’t want to do.

Not all long legged cat breeds need a special diet but you need to be careful with what oriental shorthair eats because its legs are not built to support heavy weights.

5 – Savannah Cat

Long Legged Cats Savannah Cat
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Savannah cat is a relatively new breed having been around since 1980s but TICA accepted it for registration only in 2001. It is a cross of a domestic cat and a Serval which is a wild cat native to Africa and that’s where it gets its wild looks and spots on its coat. It is a medium sized kitty but it also holds the world’s tallest domestic cat title.

Savannah cats are just full of energy and love to run, play, jump, climb, exercise and spend the energy they have in any way they can. So try to keep up with them. Although they have a wild look, these are very loving and loyal cats that love to follow their humans around the house.

Savannah cats are very social, too. They are very friendly with other animals and even the new people. However, if they are not properly socialized while they are kittens, they may be shy. Be careful though, these kitties are very intelligent and can learn to open doors and cupboards just by watching you do it.

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