Some cat breeds are famous with being mean and it is in their genes but they are also misunderstood. Let’s take a closer look to these supposedly meanest cat breeds.

As human beings we are “a little” detached from the nature and try to understand animals and plants from our own perspective. This is also true with our pets including cats. We tend to expect human behaviors from them and be happy when they meet this expectation. However, we also tend to forget they have their own perspectives and their own behavioral patterns that are in line with their natures. So when we say meanest cat breeds, we actually mean cat breeds that we(!) consider mean but from a cat’s perspective, they might even be polite.

As will be explained in the breeds below, what we consider mean can just be a sign of love or a simple gesture saying “look at me” on your cat’s part or it might just be an instinct telling the little feline to protect its territory or even loved ones such as its human which is you. Although, your cat is as adorable as it may be, it is still a carnivorous mammal which is (in my opinion) another way of saying a predator that needs to hunt other animals. The playtimes that might just get out of hand sometimes are their hunting exercises.

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You may think that cats have been domesticated millenniums ago but science tells us that we actually did not domesticate them. They simply wanted to live with us because it was easier to live with human beings than hunting in their natural environment and we offered better protection. Just like human beings carrying instincts rooted even to the caveman era, cats carry their genetic heritage of their own. Since it is impossible for them to understand the reasons behind our behaviors, it is our job to understand the reasons behind theirs and act accordingly.

If you have one of these breeds, you may want to choose a sassy name that suits its character. This being said, let’s take a look at 10 meanest cat breeds we chose for you.

1 – Siamese

Are Siamese Cats Mean
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Siamese cats are definitely one of the most popular cat breeds around the world and for good reason. They are elegant, beautiful and smart. These kitties tend to bond with one person in the family and be very loving and friendly with that one person but can be overprotective of that person, too. They are quite needy and if they think that they don’t get the attention they need from that individual, they can be quite badass cats.

They can develop aggressive behaviors towards the other members of the family or the people they are not familiar with. And if they think that their human is paying more attention to someone or something else, they can get quite jealous. Trust me, you don’t want to make your Siamese jealous. So, they are not mean, they are just a little over-loving.

They are also among the most vocal cat breeds and that is a fact!

2 – Sphynx

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The Sphynx might be the most famous Canadian after Seth Rogen, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and of course Keanu Reeves. They are known for being cuddly, getting along with almost everyone and seeking attention from everyone they meet. (The Sphynx, not the celebrities. The celebrities have their own characters.) 😸 If they don’t get the attention they want, they may irritate you in a number of ways. They may get quite vocal and if they could yell at you they would.

They are also hyperactive cats with an amazing intelligence. This means that if you don’t have enough time to play with a Sphynx to let it spend the extra energy. It is clever enough to let you know. The lack of attention and the extra energy coupled with high intelligence can quickly lead to aggressive behaviors. So, this one is also not one of the meanest house cat breeds at all.

3 – Bombay

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The panther-like Bombay cat is actually a loving breed that develop strong bonds with family members and are quite affectionate towards its people. They are generally good with children and other pets but just like Siamese or Sphynx cats, Bombay cats crave for attention and are quite needy. If they don’t get the attention they want, they can turn to the dark side.

Another reason why Bombay cats are in the meanest cat breeds list is their intolerance towards noise. Bombay cats love peaceful environments and loud sounds and noises can irritate them and cause aggressive behaviors. That is why if your children are loud, Bombay cats would ignore them at best. Look it this way; what would you do if someone woke you up with a loud noise?

4 – Bengal

Are Bengal Cats Mean
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Actually Bengal’s fur tells what you need to know. The Bengal is a mix of Asian Leopard cat (which is a wild cat) and domestic cats such as Egyptian Mau. They are intelligent, curious and full of energy. They like to climb, run, play, hide things, open drawers and be active all the time. There is no boring moment with a Bengal.

Although Bengals are known for their friendly behaviors, they may get aggressive if they don’t get their basic needs met. Their wild genes are still hot and due to their needy nature and when you don’t pay the attention they need, their aggressiveness can be quite harsh. Otherwise they are amazing companions to live with. So, show some love and spare some time for your little friend and you can remove your Bengal from meanest cat breeds.

5 – Scottish Fold

Are Scottish Fold Cats Mean
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I am sorry but if you see anyone who does not find the Scottish Fold adorable, slowly walk away from that person because there must be something broken inside that individual. Under that cute little face, these cats tend to have a separate life and interact only with one or two people in the family. They don’t have close bonds with people other than those one or two people they choose. Some Scottish Folds even come close to the people they live with only when they need something.

When they don’t get the attention of their humans or when left alone for long hours, they are likely to get aggressive or create a mess in the house because they can open drawers, doors, cabinets, you name it… When proper love and attention is shown to a Scottish Fold, you get a kitty that is getting on just fine with children and other animals in the house. Once again, it is up to you to remove your cat from the meanest cat breeds list.


As you may have noticed, when we talk about meanest cat breeds, it is not actually the breed itself that is mean but our lack of attention and understanding towards the nature of that particular breed creates an issue where the cat is seen as mean. Always learn about the characteristics of your little friend’s breed and observe it to know about its individual character and needs. There are no mean cat breeds, there are only misunderstood cat breeds.

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