The most popular cat breeds in the US might be a good place to start your search for a kitty because these cats are not popular for nothing.

The list for the most popular cat breeds in the US is determined every year by Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) calculating the number of cats registered between January 1 and December 31. In other words they are also the most common cat breeds in the US.

Of course there are millions of cats out there that are not registered at all but considering 95% of the domestic cats in US are Domestic Shorthairs (a.k.a. house cat, alley cat or non-pedigree cat) this popularity ranking disregards the most obvious and focuses on the only data available to CFA.

Common Cat Breeds in America
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 12

Now to the top 10 cat breeds in the US starting with the 10th most popular cat breed of America!

10. Sphynx

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the US Sphynx
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 13

Sphynx happens to be in the most popular cat breeds in Canada, too. However, this is not really surprising considering it is a Canadian cat no matter how hard some people advertise it as Egyptian. These hairless kitties are extroverts. They are energetic, curious, intelligent, loving and very affectionate towards their humans. They have dog-like characters and are very friendly towards strangers. The Sphynx even greet the visitors at the door.

9. Scottish Fold

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the US Scottish Fold
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 14

The popularity of Scottish Fold mostly comes from its folded ears however Scottish Fold is not just looks, it has a sweet and affectionate character, too. But why am I saying that the popularity of this breed is due to its folded ears?

Because although both CFA and TICA accepts Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight as two separate breeds, the only difference between them is the shape of their ears. They are even born to the same litter of kittens but you don’t see Scottish Straight in any popularity lists.

8. American Shorthair

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the US American Shothair
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 15

American Shorthair can get along with anyone from kids to seniors so it is a great cat for any house. These kitties are also amazing working cats with strong hunting instincts and that’s why they were used by the first European settlers to keep the pests under control.

As one of the most popular cat breeds in the US, American Shorthair is a well-balanced, strong and resilient cat that is medium in size, build, type, and temperament.

7. Abyssinian

Top 10 Cat Breeds in the US Abyssinian
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 16

Abyssinian is one of the oldest cat breeds in existence. Genetic studies and the mummified cats found in ancient Egyptian tombs has shown that the modern Abyssinian and that ancient cat breed are similar. Abyssinian is not just among the most popular cat breeds in the US, either. It is actually among the 5 most popular cat breeds in the world.

These cats are called “clowns of the cat world” so expect fun times if you are living with one. They are playful and affectionate kitties with dog-like characters that follow their humans from room to room. Living with an Abyssinian is as joyful as it can get.

6. Devon Rex

Common Cat Breeds in the US Devon Rex
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 17

Devon Rex first appeared in England during the late 1950s and they quickly gained fame due to their wavy coats and big ears. This is a very intelligent breed that can learn even complex tricks but it is also hard to motivate so patience is the key to training Devon Rex.

These kitties are often describes as a cross between a cat, a dog and a monkey due to their playfulness, love for high places and their devotion to their humans, particularly one human in the family.

5. British Shorthair

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the US British Shorthair
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 18

British Shorthair is one of the most ancient cat breeds in the world and is the most popular cat breed in U.K. with 25% of all the pedigreed cats registered with the UK’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) being British Shorthairs. This breed has been in literature, movies, commercials and anywhere you may think of. You may remember it from the illustration of Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

This cat breed is easy-going, quite and vigilant with a sweet nature. They are also devoted to their humans and very tolerant to kids’ physical interactions.

4. Persian

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the US Persian
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 19

Although the first Persian cats appeared in Europe in 1620 were from Persia, after so many years of selective breeding current Persian cats are more closely related to West Europe rather than Near East therefore a distinction between the modern Persian and traditional Persian is made by some cat associations.

These are quite and gentle kitties who like peaceful environments and people who treat them gently. They like to be around their humans but also doesn’t mind spending time alone. They get along with even kids as long as the kids treat them with respect.

3. Maine Coon

Number 3 in the most popular cat breeds in the US is the official state cat of the state of Maine, the Maine Coon. This kitty is large but it is also has a sweet and gentle character and that’s why is has the nickname “the gentle giant”. Intelligent, playful and dog-like Maine Coon, is relatively easy to train and independent .

They are also very vocal cats that frequently yowl, howl, trill, chirp and make other sounds. They can get along with other pets and children but can be cautious towards strangers. Maybe the most attention drawing characteristic of Maine Coon is its fascination with water.

2. Exotic

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the US Exotic
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 20

The second place in the list of most popular cat breeds in the US belongs to the Exotic which was developed as a short haired version of the Persian cat. In many ways Exotic and Persian are similar including their temperaments and the way their faces look.

These are calm and gentle cats but more energetic than their Persian ancestors. They can get along with almost anyone from other pets to children. They are affectionate and very loyal kitties who don’t like being left alone and look for the presence of their humans.

1. Ragdoll

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the US Ragdoll
10+1 Most Popular Cat Breeds In The US 21

Number one cat among the most popular cat breeds in the US is Ragdoll! Ragdoll is best known for its tendency to go limp or relaxed when picked up. These are affectionate, docile and dog-like cats that follow their humans around. They are also very tolerant of pain which wrongfully led some people to believing they don’t feel pain.

They get along well with other pets, kids, seniors and anyone you can think of making them ideal family pets for any house.

Bonus – Domestic Shorthair

Domestic Shorthair is the non-pedigree cat that has mixed ancestry. As I mentioned before 95% of the cats in the US are Domestic Shorthairs which are your regular house cats and alley cats. The sheer number of Domestic Shorthairs make it the most popular cat breed in the US.

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