You have a new ginger cutie at home waiting to be named? Orange cats have their own charisma and they deserve one of the good orange cat name!

Orange cat names are generally very well received just like orange cats themselves. Is it their color? Is it something about their character? Do they hypnotize us using the ginger cat charm they have? Maybe the orange cats have a mind control ability that control our behaviors… 😸

Whatever the reason may be, one thing is certain: orange cats are so adorable that it is impossible to resist them especially when they are kittens. Therefore all orange cats need a proper name from our orange cat names list.

Since ancient times orange cats have been important companions to humans from all walks of life. Still, in this modern times, orange cats defend their popular position among people. As one of the most sought after cats in history, there are thousands of names to choose from. Since it is hard to find a proper orange boy cat name or orange female cat name, we categorized and listed the some of the most amazing cat names for orange cats.

Best Ginger Cat Names
180 Categorized Orange Cat Names: The Ginger Cat Names to Love 7

Remember, it is always good to use a system when you are picking a name. What I recommend is reading out the name loud so you can hear how it sounds and noting the names you like so you can pick one among then after you finish with the list.

Orange Cat Names Male

Did you know that although they are pretty popular, ginger cats are not that common contrary to popular belief? Just like humans, the coloring in their fur genetically comes from their parents. The orange color is passed down from parents via X chromosome which means 80% of the orange cats are male! So it is highly likely that you will need one of the names below 😸 Have a look at our cat names for orange male cats list.

  1. Archie
  2. Cheetah
  3. Flame
  4. Fox
  5. Ginger
  6. Marmalade
  7. Nacho
  8. Rusty
  9. Sunny
  10. Tang
  11. Coral
  12. Curry
  13. Poppy
  14. Garfield
  15. Pele
  16. Topaz
  17. Mango
  18. Maple
  19. Nemo
  20. Orangina
  21. Saffy
  22. Scarlet
  23. Sherbet
  24. Tangerine
  25. Tango
  26. Cayenne
  27. Butters
  28. Vermilion
  29. Viceroy
  30. Blaze

Orange Female Cat Names

Orange Cat Names Unique
180 Categorized Orange Cat Names: The Ginger Cat Names to Love 8

As previously said, only 20% of the orange cats are females but it doesn’t mean that we leave the female cat owners alone when picking the right name for your little girl. Good girl cat names for orange cats are hard to come by but we got you covered. We hope you pick one of the girl kitten names for orange cats for your kitten or cat, or at least inspire you to find or create the name that suits your cat best.

  1. Lucy
  2. Clementine
  3. Angel
  4. Madeline
  5. Strawberry
  6. Giselle
  7. Daphne
  8. Rosie
  9. Tigress
  10. Ginger
  11. Firefly
  12. Lily
  13. Sahara
  14. Ruby
  15. Sandy
  16. Paprika
  17. Nevada
  18. Penny
  19. Peaches
  20. Foxy
  21. Autumn
  22. Red
  23. Ember
  24. Goldie
  25. Magenta
  26. Mimosa
  27. October
  28. Treasure
  29. Persimmon
  30. Sweet Potato

Cute Orange Cat Names

In my opinion there is no cat that is not cute, therefore you need a cute name. Some really good names for orange cats are listed below. I hope you like our cute ginger cat names list and pick one of them for your new family member. Don’t forget to pick a name that is easy to say for you and more importantly easy for your cat to understand.

Funny Orange Cat Names
180 Categorized Orange Cat Names: The Ginger Cat Names to Love 9
  1. Mai Tai
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Sunshine
  4. Goldfish
  5. Blossom
  6. Butterscotch
  7. Pumpkin Pie
  8. Honey
  9. Angel
  10. Gingersnap
  11. Fanta
  12. Fiona
  13. Cheddar
  14. Apricot
  15. Bell Pepper
  16. Reba
  17. Chai
  18. Venus
  19. Orla
  20. Quartz
  21. Sorbet
  22. Sunkissed
  23. Copper
  24. Dawn
  25. Lia
  26. Amaretto
  27. Marigold
  28. Nutmeg
  29. Nectar
  30. Carrot

Ginger Cat Names Inspired by Fictional Characters

There are a lot of fictional characters from movies, books or comics that have ginger or orange hair. We picked some of them for you along with some red cat names. Let’s see if you can remember them all. We are certain that you will have at least one name suitable for your cat.

Orange Tabby Cat Names Male
180 Categorized Orange Cat Names: The Ginger Cat Names to Love 10
  1. Tigger
  2. Simba
  3. Heathcliff
  4. Shere Khan
  5. Ron Weasley
  6. Fancy Nancy
  7. Tintin
  8.  Glinda (The Wizard of Oz)
  9. Jessie (Toy Story)
  10. Hercules
  11. Mario
  12. Yosemite Sam
  13. Quasimodo
  14. Peter Pan
  15. Wilma Flinstone
  16. Elmo
  17. Kyle Broflovski
  18. Jessica Rabbit
  19. Pippi Longstocking
  20. Crookshanks (Harry Potter)
  21. Sunset Shimmer (My Little Pony)
  22. April O’Neil
  23. Jean Grey
  24. Flash
  25. M.J. (Shor for Mary Jane – Spider Man)
  26. Daredevil
  27. Peggy Bundy
  28. Gimli
  29. Scully (X-Files)
  30. (Amy) Pond (Doctor Who)

Cool & Badass Orange Cat Names

Some cats just have an attitude or they are just cool who doesn’t care much about anything. An orange cat is already cool and you can make it cooler by giving it a cool or badass name. Check the list below for some suggestions.

  1. Conan
  2. Poison Ivy
  3. Aslan
  4. Hobbes
  5. Blaze
  6. Brick
  7. Chuck Norris
  8. Clay
  9. Copperfield
  10. Coral
  11. Crimson
  12. Desert
  13. Fire
  14. Fireball
  15. Flame
  16. Fox
  17. Fuego
  18. Garnet
  19. Ginger Spice
  20. Inferno
  21. Merida
  22. Monarch
  23. Phoenix
  24. Saffron
  25. Scorch
  26. Tiger
  27. Pepps
  28. Sansa Stark
  29. Black Widow
  30. Brick

Cat Names Inspired by Fur Color

Boy Cat Names Orange
180 Categorized Orange Cat Names: The Ginger Cat Names to Love 11

An orange tabby cat deserves a name from one of the orange tabby cat names and a black and orange cat deserves a name from one of the black and orange cat names. This is a matter of principle 😸 Here are some amazing color related names for various orange cats including light orange cats, light orange cats, pale orange cats and white cats with orange spots.

  1. Honey
  2. Mai Tai
  3. Tabasco
  4. Curry
  5. Cayenne
  6. Sherbert
  7. Cheetah
  8. Coral
  9. Macaroni
  10. Firecracker
  11. Kumquat
  12. Amber
  13. Nacho
  14. Inferno
  15. Chili
  16. Fuego
  17. Auburn
  18. Citrus
  19. Sangria
  20. Apricat
  21. Caramel
  22. Amarillo
  23. Chestnut
  24. Sparks
  25. Nectarine
  26. Scorch
  27. Tangerine
  28. Paella
  29. Goldfish
  30. OJ (short for orange juice)

Do you have ideas for the best orange cat names? Please share your name ideas for orange cats so other people can use them, too.

Have a purrderful day!!!

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